It’s always Ashley, Ashley, Ashley

By Jen Hunt
Written: July 23, 2006

Imagine what life for the past year has been like for Kristal. She placed fourth in the 2005 Diva Search – which Ashley won. She had the spotlight as one of Smackdown’s top Divas – until Ashley came over from RAW. And she lost her tag team match on SmackDown Friday Night – to Ashley.

Lately it seems like Kristal is suffering from a bit of Jan Brady Syndrome, because everywhere she turns, it’s always Ashley, Ashley, Ashley! Unfortunately for the overshadowed Diva, The Great American Bash was no different as she was the first Diva to be stripped down to nothing but her frilly white undies courtesy of none other than Ashley.

Kristal immediately pounced on her nemesis when the match began and ripped her top off, just like her top was ripped off Friday on SmackDown. It was clear both sides were working through a lot of pent up aggression. As Michael Cole put it, Kristal and Ashley beat the “holy hell” out of each other throughout the match, while Michelle McCool and Jillian went after each other.

But in the end, when the hair had settled, it was Ashley who, once again, outshined Kristal, adding another bruise to Kristal’s already black and blue ego. Ashley and Jillian celebrated the win by stripping each other down to proudly showoff their titillating skivvies. How much more can Kristal take before she completely snaps on Ashley?

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