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Two Needle Slippers

These slippers have been around in one form or another for decades, and there is a reason why - they are fast (takes an hour per slipper!), use little yarn (less than a skein!), worked on 2 straight needles (no double points needed), and they fit any size foot (even my hubby's!)

There are a bizzilion and one patterns out there for these slippers, and here's our take (because you can never have enough free patterns!)

This pattern is free, but we would really love it if you would visit Merrill's Fund, our site about service dogs for Autistic children, and consider donating just one dollar.

About 150 yards of Worsted or Aran yarn
Size 5 needles for kids, size 6 needles for adults

Directions are for Children, with Adult sizing in parenthesis - ( and )

Notes - SSP is a slip as if to knit, slip as if to knit, purl the two slipped stitches together decrease. If this is too much for you, simply purl these two together through the back loops, without twisting or slipping.

Cast on 76 (86)
Knit 14 rows of garter stitch.

Decrease row 1 - K 35 (40), K2tog, P2, SSK, K 35 (40)
Decrease row 2 - P 34 (39), SSP, K2, P2tog, P 34 (39)

Continue working these two decrease rows, keeping the decreases on either side of the center 2 stitches, until there are 40 (50) stitches left.

Work 7 rows of garter stitch. For a fold down cuff, work additional rows. Bind off with a size 8 or 9 needle (keeps the cuff from being too tight) and seam back and sole.


Wonderful pattern! So easy to understand. I am a beginning knitter and I am already excited to start on this project for my grandson, Jason, who is 17 months old.

Knit-neat idea!

I've just started making these slippers. I'm getting a gap on the right side of the center stitches when looking at the right side of the work. I think it has to do with the switch from purl to knit stitches, and knit to purl. I hope to find a solution.

O.K. I finished the first slipper, and all is well. The gap seems to have worked itself out. No problem. I'll make these slippers again. Thanks for the pattern!

I saw this slipper at a consignment shop here in Connecticut recently and wanted to study them so I could make them at home. Thank you for listing them for me. Will get right to making some. Margie

Can I use size 8 needles for these slippers? I'm making them for a man.


Dagny notes - Of course! You may want to use heavier yarn, or double the yarn for the soles.

I want to use double strands of yarn, do I need to change the needle size?

Dagny notes - Depends on what weight yarn you use. The beauty of this pattern is that you really can use just about any yarn, doubled or single strand, and just knit up a little test swatch to see if you like how it feels on that size needle. You can even knit these and felt them down to the size you want!

i sure hope that you can help. how do i keep the decreases on the center two stiches? do i have to move the marker each time..
thank you zip

Dagny notes - You don't decrease the center two stiches, you decrease on either side of them. This makes a solid line with those two stitches all the way up.

I wear a women's size 7 1/2, will the adult size fit. I don't want them to be too big.

Dagny notes - The slippers do streach quite a bit, so it would depend on if you wanted them looser or tighter. You can also go down one needle size to make them a bit snugger.

Hey, I'm wondering, is your needle size in UK size or US size? Or even better, could you give me the needle size in metric size? Thanks alot. I think this pattern is great! :D

Dagny notes - US sizes, so it would be a 3.75 to a 4.25 mm size.

I like the look of these. I'll give them a go. Let you know how they turn out.
Jude - Australia


Decrease Row 1 says K35
Decrease Row 2 says P34

Does that mean?

Decrease Row 3 would be K33
Decrease Row 4 would be P32 and so on???

I am truly a beginner...

Thanks in advance!

Dagny notes - You got it!

I was wondering if anyone puts something on the bottom so kids don't slip and fall. My grandchildren's house as alot of hardwood and tile flooring. What could I use? Thanks for any ideas.

Dagny notes - Believe it or not, I don't bother, but then again my house is old and I have cruddy old floors :) If your floors are nicer, plain old Puffy Paint will work like a charm, and if it falls off in the wash you can add more (a little goes a looooong way!)

If I am making these for a man who wears about a size twelve, will these slippers fit, or do I need alter the pattern so they are bigger?

I made these slippers as ice skating boot covers. I left most of the bottom open and used a velcro strap under the blades. They were a hit at the arena, lots of girls asked their mothers to make them a pair, as well. I used a matching yarn to their skating dresses and put a cable up the center front. Two little girls in knitted ice skating dresses, another topic, for another time. I still like this pattern.

These are great slippers, but I would love to use this pattern and felt them. They are for a 7 year old boy with big feet! lol I am thinking I should double strand my wool and possibly just go with a 7 needle using your adult size pattern and felt them? I have felted several projects, but always to a felted pattern. I have been told they shrink 30% or thereabouts when felted. If you have an opinion I would highly value it. I guess I will just have to give it a go and see what happens!

Thank you for the neat pattern! I am a little beyond a beginner knitter and these are great to knit because they only require the straight needles. Right now I'm on my third set of slippers for the family! ;-)

I am going to try the pattern today, but I need to know what I can put on the bottom of the slippers to make sure my grandchildren don't fall and that can be washed in the washing machine.

Dagny notes - Any yarn can go in the washer... you just need to make sure you wash it the right way. The folks at your local yarn shop can help you there :) I don't put anything on the bottom of our slippers, but puffy or fabric paint can be used if you wish.

I was searching for a slipper pattern for my grandson and came across yours. How timely! My grandson has Asperger's. It was meant to be! Good luck with your program!

Do you have directions to make this into a TODDLER slipper??? I'm thinking the pattern could be altered just decreasing the amount of stitches cast on in increments of 10? I tried casting on 56 stitches but when I came to the part of the upper ribbing I would be reduced to 20 stitches which doesn't seem big enough for a toddler foot. Also, should I also reduce the amount of garter stitch at the bottom since a toddler foot is so much narrower than a child? And, should a smaller needle set be used? I'm trying this on a set of 6's since it is what I have.... Thank you.

Dagny notes - Once you make these once, you can see how they are shaped, and it's easy to add and subtract stitches. I would NOT change the garter on the sole though, babies have very wide feet :) And you can stop decreasing at the top and just work a few rows of stockinette stitch instead.

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