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1st Armoured Car Regiment (New Zealand Scottish) 1948-1999
1st Armoured Regiment (Waikato) 1944-1962
1st (Canterbury) Regiment 1911-1921
1st Mounted Rifles (Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry) 1911-1921
2nd Armoured Regiment  1944-1956
2nd Divisional Cavalry Regiment 1939-1947
2nd Queen Alexandra's (Wellington West Coast) Mounted Rifles 1911-1944
2nd (South Canterbury) Regiment 1911-1921
3rd Armoured Regiment  1944-1956
3rd (Auckland) Mounted Rifles 1911-1921
3rd (Auckland) Regiment (Countess of Ranfurly's Own) 1911-1921
3rd New Zealand Division Tank Squadron 1943-1944
4th Armoured Regiment (City of Hastings's Own) 1953-1962
4th New Zealand Contingent
4th (Otago Rifles) Regiment 1911-1921
4th (Waikato) Mounted Rifles 1911-1921
5th Mounted Rifles (Otago Hussars) 1911-1921
5th (Wellington Rifles) Regiment 1911-1921
6th (Hauraki) Regiment 1911-1921
6th (Manawatu) Mounted Rifles 1911-1921
7th (Southland) Mounted Rifles 1911-1921
7th (Wellington West Coast) Regiment 1911-1921
8th (South Canterbury) Mounted Rifles 1911-1921
8th (Southland Rifles) Regiment 1911-1921
9th (Wellington East Coast) Mounted Rifles 1911-1921
9th (Wellington East Coast Rifles) Regiment 1911-1921
10th (Nelson) Mounted Rifles 1911-1921
10th (North Otago Rifles) Regiment 1911-1921
11th (North Auckland) Mounted Rifles 1911-1921
11th (Taranaki Rifles) Regiment 1911-1921
12th (Nelson and Marlborough) Regiment 1911-1921
12th (Otago) Mounted Rifles 1911-1921
13th (North Canterbury and Westland) Regiment 1911-1921
14th (South Otago Rifles) Regiment 1911-1921
15th (North Auckland) Regiment 1911-1921
16th (Waikato) Regiment 1911-1921
17th (Ruahine) Regiment 1911-1921
18th Armoured Regiment, 2nd NZEF  
18th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
19th Armoured Regiment, 2nd NZEF  
19th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
20th Armoured Regiment, 2nd NZEF  
20th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
21st Battalion, 2nd NZEF
22nd (Wellington) Infantry Battalion, 2nd NZEF 1940-1948?
24th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
25th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
26th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
27th (MG) Battalion, 2nd NZEF
28th (Maori) Battalion, 2nd NZEF
30th Battalion, 2nd NZEF  
31st Battalion, 2nd NZEF  
32nd Battalion, 2nd NZEF  
33rd Battalion, 2nd NZEF  
34th Battalion, 2nd NZEF  
35th Battalion, 2nd NZEF  
36th Battalion, 2nd NZEF  
37th Battalion, 2nd NZEF