Abnaa elBalad - Sons of the Land

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Harakat Abnaa elBalad (Sons of the Land Movement) is a Palestinian Progressive Patriotic movement active within the areas that are occupied by Israel since 1948. The movement started in 1969 as part of the rising of palestinian resistance. After the mass strike and demonstrations of The Day of the Land (30.3.76) it converged from local cultural clubs and students' groups to a country-wide political movement.

We call for the return of all palestinian refugees, and end to the Israeli occupation and the Zionizt appartheid, and the establishment of a democratic secular Palestine.

As against Zionist racism we pose the democratic principles of citizenship, which is the only way for the Jews in Palestine to stop being a military advanced post for US imperialism against the Arab people.

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• 9/2/2004: Update on the arrest of Abnaa elBalad’s general secretary and other comrades

• 10/2/2004: Together we will confront the detention of Abnaa elBalad comrades and our mass leaders - Stop fascist attacks on our Arab Palestinian masses in the 1948 territories

• 15/2/2004: The Racist Israeli Regime continues Persecution of Abnaa elBalad

• 4/3/2004: The detention of the general secretary of Abnaa el Balad (Sons of the Land) and his comrades: Political Persecution!

• 4/3/04: Adalah: The GSS and the Police Violated the Detainees' Basic Rights during Interrogation

• The political prisoners from Abnaa ElBallad ("Sons of the Land") have declared a hunger strike to protest against the detention conditions of the Jalame prison

• No to repression - international solidarity with Abnaa elBalad movement

• No to Repression: In Solidarity with the imprissoned Activists of the Anti Imeprialist Camp in Italy - 4/4/2004

13/5/2004:The Israeli courts decrees the continuing detention of Abnaa elBalad leaders till the end of “legal” proceedings

• For a Free Democratic Palestine - paper submitted to the Anti-imperialist Camp Assisi 2004

• Colonialism and Racism are the Underpinning Foundations of the Zionist-Settler Project in PalestinePaper presented at the Anti Imperialist Camp, Assise, Italy (August 1 - 6, 2004)

• 29/8/04: Comrade Rawia Shanti Banned from entering Jordan

• 10/10/2004: Comrade Mohamad Kana'aneh - Abu As'ad, General secretary of Abnaa elBalad Movement sentenced to 30 month of incarceration

• 24/10/04: Comrade Jamil Saffouri Condemned to 3 Days of House Arrest

• 11/2004: Abna elBalad movement from Palestine demands The immediate release of PO Comrade Traverso

• 31/12/2004: Comrade Rawia Shanti, an inspection Committee member,Banned from entering West Bank & Gaza