Name of association

Name in Finnish

The official name of the association in Finnish is Seksialan Liitto SALLI.

Seksi means sex.

Ala means line or branch of a certain industry, trade, business or activity.

Liitto is union.

Salli can be a woman's name. Salli is also Finnish verb in imperative form meaning allow. SALLI is also abbreviation of words Seksialan Liitto.

Direct translation in English could be something like "Union of Sex Business, SALLI".

Some explanations

Salli is an organisation for persons who earn their living in sexual or erotic labour. Despite of this was Salli not given name "Sex Workers of Finland" or "Sex Workers' Union". The reason for this is that Salli is not a traditional workers' union for employees only.

Salli is workers' organisation in a wider meaning, because Salli is also for private entrepreneurs in sex business. Salli is for all who are using their own sexual knowledge, sexual imagination or sexual skills in their work or business.

Traditionally "worker" means same as employee, but most of the sex workers in Finland are actually private entrepreneurs. Because of this the word "worker" was not included in the name of the association.

Salli in English

Salli has chosen to use the English name
SALLI - United Sex Professionals of Finland.

This is an unofficial translation. The only official name is the Finnish name Seksialan Liitto SALLI.

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