Opal Baby Set

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MATERIALS: 2 skeins Opal Brazil [or color of choice] Straight Needles & set of dpns Size 2,5/3,0mm (U.S. Size 1) 5 little buttons - 2 Stitch holders

SIZE: for 3, 6 and 9 months Measurements: Cardigan: chest width 64 (68, 72 cm), length 24 (27, 30 cm) Hat: head width 40 (42, 44) cm, length 13 (14, 15) cm.

GAUGE: 28 sts. is 10 cm in stockinette stitch.

NOTE: cardigan is knitted from sleeve to sleeve.

FIRST SLEEVE: front and back: Cast on 40 (42, 44) sts for the first sleeve and knit garter st. for 5 rows. Increase 1 st at each side of the sleeve in every 4th row until 62 (68, 74) sts. Continue until sleeve measures 12 (16, 20) cm in height. Don't break the yarn and cast on an additional 36 (42, 48) sts for the front. Knit the sts of the front, then the sts of the sleeve, and (again with the same thread!) make another 36 (42, 48) sts for the back (134, 152, 170 sts). Knit the first and last 5 sts in garter stitch all the way. This will form the waistband. Continue until a total height of 22,5 (27, 31,5) cm.

LEFT FRONT: Now the work will be divided in two and the front neck will be formed. Knit the first 67 (76, 87) sts and put them on a stitch holder. This will become the back eventually. Continue for the left front and decrease 1 stitch at the beginning of the row. Repeat this decrease in every 2nd row 12 x until 55 (64, 75) sts are left. Continue until left front measures 16 (17, 18) cm. The total height of your work should be 27 (32, 37) cm. now. Knit another 2 cm. in garter st. for the button band. Cast off loosely. Put the piece aside until needed.

RIGHT FRONT: Cast on 55 (64, 75) sts for the second front. Work 2 cm in garter stitch for the band and knit 5 little buttonholes evenly divided after 1 cm. Continue to work the right front as given for the left front, but in reverse. Put the 67 (76, 87) stitches on a stitch holder until needed.

BACK: Put the sts for the back on the needle again and work until back measures 21,5 (23, 24,5) cm in hight. Total height of your work should be 33,5 (39, 44,5) cm.

BACK AND RIGHT FRONT: Put the right front on the needle again and knit back and front until back measures 32 (34, 36) cm in height. Total height of your work should be 44 (50, 56) cm. Cast off 36 (42, 48) sts at beginning of next 2 rows. Only the sts. for the second sleeve are left on your needle now. There should be 62, (68, 72) sts remaining.

SECOND SLEEVE: Knit the sleeve as given for the first sleeve, but in reverse. So decrease 1 stitch at each side of the row in every 4th row until 40 (42, 44) sts and finish with knitting 5 rows in garter stitch at a height of 12 (16, 20) cm. Total height of your work from wrist to wrist should be 56 (66, 76) cm.

COLLAR AND FINISHING: From the wrong side, pick up and knit 64 (68, 72) stitches between buttonhole bands for the neck. Work 6 cm in garter stitch. Cast off loosely. Join sleeve and side seams. Sew on 5 buttons.

HAT: Use dpn needles and cast on 112 (118, 124) sts. Work 2 cm ribbing 2/2. Continue in st.st. until 9 (10, 11) cm. Now decrease in every 4th row by knitting every 6th and 7th stitch together. Continue to do so until 14 sts remain. Finish the hat any way you please. For instance: keep on decreasing until no sts. remain. Or continue knitting the 14 sts for a while. Bind off. Or make a long I-Cord tube with the 14 st. and put a knot in it. Use your imagination and enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE:This pattern was graciously donated to us by the Opal Yarn Distributor in The Netherlands. It is free for the taking. We just ask that you please respect the copyright and give credit where credit is due. Thank you. _____________________________________

Every effort was made to insure accuracy of these instructions. If, however, an error is discovered, please bring it to our attention.