MOvember News

26th-November-2007 : Mosquerade Ball - THURSDAY-D6-8pm

Mo Bros and Mo Sistas the BIG FINALE is almost upon us... this THURSDAY, the 29th - D6, 8pm - the Mosquerade Ball kicks off with a bang... and I mean that literally - CML Offshore Recruitment has generously donated a $1,000 bar tab... doors open at 8pm so be on time to share in their generosity! MINX will be spinning some wild tunes, and all your fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sistas will be dressed up and fired up!

Judging will be circulating from the kick-off to judge the finest Mo's in our 6 Categories - Trucker; Magnum PI; u12; Sexiest; Open & of course... The Ging.

One of the winners will be award the coveted Golden Comb as the Man of Movember. In addition to the title, LUXE Life has generously donated some amazing gifts, as has Digicel, Deckers, Island Companies and a whole lot more...

The Man of Movember 2006, Andrew Cousins, has thrown down the gauntlett and is determined to defend his title... so get dressed up, and come on down. Costume counts, so make it awesome!

Don't forget this is also about raising money to support the Cayman Cancer Society, so the Most Sponsorship will also be announced, as will Mo Sista of the Movember... the lovely lady who raises the most, and/or is dressed the best on the night!

There is stiff competition as at least two Mo Bros have taken the ultimate sacrifice and shaved ALL their locks (except their Mo!) to double their sponsorship... so make sure you collect those sponsors and bring it all down on Thursday to be counted.

As always, Cayman Distributors is on board with Drink Specials, plus your final opportunity to get your Movember T-Shirts! Kruz & Sian will be there competing for the title of u12 and Mo Sista respectively, as will the Board of the Cancer Society!


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2nd-November-2007 : WHAT A START!

Movember kicked off in amazing style last night with over 100 guys registering, and more than twice that turning up to CaliMo’s to listen to Minx spin some sweet tunes, and sample Chef Mo’s shrimp bbq courtesy of Deckers.

We knew it would be bigger and better than last year, but who could imagine more than the entire number of participants last year turning up in one night and blowing through the record…

Between J-Kruz from X107.1 throwing down the U12 gauntlet, Mr Movember 2006 assessing his competition… and the Mo Sista’s out in force to support the Mo Bro’s it was a huge night. We are already looking forward to Coconut Moes on the 15th to continue this huge effort. We sold all the Mo-Sista t-shirts, and only have a few Mo-Bro t-shirts remaining, so contact us quickly to get your hands on one of these little beauties…

Yours in Mo….

The Movember 2007 Crew

31st-October-2007 : MOVEMBER 2007 - It's On!

Facial hair set to become a trend

Movember, the month formerly known as November, is upon us and facial hair on men, or perhaps in some cases fuzz, is set to become a new fashion statement in the Cayman Islands. Movember is a month long event during which time men are sponsored to grow and groom moustaches with all proceeds benefitting the Cayman Islands Cancer Society. Specifically, proceeds are dedicated to increasing awareness of men’s cancer issues and assisting with treatment related expenses of men with prostate cancer.

The organizers have created a page on Facebook (Movember Cayman) and registration and sponsorship forms are available from that site. Additionally, they are available from the Cayman Islands Cancer Society office on Maple Road. Registration costs $25 and participants are then encouraged to seek sponsorship and support from their friends, foes and colleagues!

There are a series of events during the month kicking off with the Mopening Ceremony on Movember 1st at Calico Jacks. Head starts on moustaches are not allowed and all participants must be clean-shaven on Movember 1st! This can be arranged at the Mopening Ceremony as there will be a master shaver on hand to shear your locks. Official clean-shaven “before” photographs will also be taken at this time. The month will end with the Mosquerade Ball at District 6 on Movember 29th. Prizes will be awarded for the best moustache in five categories – Trucker, Magnum PI, Sexiest Mo, U12 and Open. The winners of each category will be finalists in the ultimate competition Man of Movember.

Additionally, prizes will be awarded in two other categories, one recognizing the female support and earning one lucky lady the title of MO SISTA of the month and the second to recognize the MO BRO or MO SISTA who is the most successful fundraiser of Movember.

Other events during the month include Mid-Month Movember Madness at Coconut Joes on Movember 15th. This will provide MO BROS with an opportunity to compare growth patterns and rates and MO SISTAS will be able to share support tips!

Movember originally started in Australia and has spread around the world. This will be the third year that residents of the Cayman Islands will have the opportunity to participate in their own Movember event. The event is organized by MO BROS Joe Margison and Tim Rossiter, with assistance from the Cancer Society’s MO BROS and MO SISTAS.

Cayman Distributors is an official Movember Sponsor and all Movember events will feature drink specials courtesy of Cayman Distributors and Blackbeards.

For additional information please contact the Cayman Islands Cancer Society at 949-7618 or email You may also email

The Cayman Islands Cancer Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing the development of cancer through its education programs and screening initiatives as well as to providing financial assistance to cancer patients and their families with treatment related expenses. The Society also offers counseling and support to cancer patients and their families. The Society funds its programs through donations and fundraising events.

20th-December-2006 : And that's Movember 2006!


It is with great pleasure that we can finally announce, that Movember 2006
has officially raised a GRAND total of $28,000KYD for the Cayman Islands
Cancer Society. This money will be used to help with Prostate & Testicular
screening and help to provide financial aid to men who suffer from Prostate
& Testicular cancer, here in the Cayman Islands.

Thank you again for all your effort and for the money that has been raised.
We have made a huge impact on the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, who are
most grateful for one of the largest donations presented to them this year!

Men, please do remember to get yourselves screened for prostate cancer
annually & do a monthly check for testicular cancer, just a 10 minute check,
can help to save your life!

From us on the Movember committee, we thank you for the best Movember ever
and wish you the very best for the festive season, may you be safe, healthy
and happy!

Until next Movember......

Belinda, Tim & Joe - the Movember Committee 2006 and the Cayman Islands
Cancer Society

12th-December-2006 : WOW! What a fantastic MOvember!

The Movember committee are still absolutely blown away with the turn out
last Thursday night for the Mosquerade Ball, not to mention the effort
everyone made throughout the month to make the event so memorable!! As at
last Thursday night, we were running at a total of over $20,000 in
donations!!!! This amount far exceeded any of our expectations and is truly
an absolutely amazing amount of cash for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society!

We are still trying to collect sponsorship monies, so if you have any you
still need to collect and donate, please contact the Movember committee or
call the Cayman Islands Cancer Society on 949 7618, to coordinate drop off.
We hope to have all monies finalized by the end of next week, so we can hold
the official check giving ceremony, so your assistance is greatly

Big thank you goes out to all our sponsors and the businesses that donated
prizes for the event, we were ever so grateful for the $2,000 worth of
donated prizes that were so kindly given to us.

Congratulations goes again to Mr Andrew Cousins, who now holds the 2006 Man
of Movember title!

Don't forget to check out the Movember website in the coming days for
official pictures of the night; and the Caymanian Compass.

Thanks again for everyones participation and efforts, without each and every
one of you, we couldn't have done so well!

MOvember Committee
MOvember hotline: 345 321 2730

29th-November-2006 : DONATIONS! Do not forget to bring to the MOsquerade Ball

The Mo Bro who raises the most for Movember will be recognised at the MOsquerade Ball... who will be the one? We need to count it to count you, so bring your proceeds in early to be a chance.

See you there... have you got your character sorted?

28th-November-2006 : The Grand Finale MOsquerade Ball, D6 Nightclub, Thursday, 30th MOvember

The MOment you’ve been waiting for – The Grand Finale MOsquerade Ball, D6 Nightclub, Thursday, 30th MOvember

The MOment has come!

All MO Bros & MO Sistas are called to attend the Grand Finale ‘MOsquerade’ ball at District 6 Nightclub, this Thursday, 30th Movember, to see who will be crowned the 2006 Man of MOvember!

Men, to be included in the competition, you need to be a registered Movember participant and must check in at District 6 between 8:30 and 9:30pm. Remember to don your best outfit and style that tache, to be in the running to win some FANTASTIC prizes and to be a contender for the 2006 Man of MOvember title! (if you know of a man who has been growing a tache, yet still hasn’t registered, please contact the Movember committee ASAP).

As it is a MOsquerade ball, we’re encouraging everyone to wear a moustache, yes even the ladies. Let your MO Sista’s know that they can draw on, tape on or hold their tache on a stick in true MOsquerade style, to be allowed entry into this MOmentous event. MO’s on sticks will be available on the door for $2 each.

The Cayman Islands Cancer Society has kindly volunteered to take your sponsorship monies on the night. So please bring along your sponsorship form & cash in a sealed envelope, to also go in the running for the ‘Highest Fundraiser Award’. If you can’t bring your sponsorship money on the night, please contact the Movember Committee hotline or reply to this email, to make alternative arrangements.

As usual, there will be delicious drink specials on the night from Cayman Distributors, MOgaritas, Absolute MOdka & Red Bull, StrongMOs and many other tantalizing treats, just itching for your lip hair to soak up.

Don’t let this big MOment pass you by! Join us as we make Caymanian history and support a fantastic cause! Pass the word around! We want to see your MO on Thursday night!

Will you be the 2006 Man of MOvember?


MOvember Committee
MOvember hotline: 345 321 2730

21st-November-2006 : We need your Sponsorship MOney & Style at MO Show 3 - HamMOheads, Thur 23rd MOv.

Men of MOvember

You're alMOst there!! It's coming ever closer to the end of a great MOnth and even though you may have thought about it, please DON'T shave that MO!!!
Remember your pledge and hold on just that little bit longer!!!

To stay focussed, consider now the time for you to intensely start grooming & styling your Tache. To be in the running for the Man of MOvember crowning and fantastic prizes, the MOvember committee will be looking for styles that fall in the following categories;

Magnum PI - for the hairier man
Trucker - born to ride a rig
U12's - for the less hairy/hairless man
Sexiest - for the man that uses his tache to impress the ladies Open Category - for the individual male who doesn't like to conform

Our last MO Show before the Grand Finale MOsquerade Ball, will be held this Thursday, 23rd MOvember, at HamMOheads, from 7:30pm onwards.

This week, we'd really like you to drop off your sponsorship monies. In light of the fact there are soo many Men of MOvember, the committee will need a wee bit of time to get all funds in prior to the 30th, so your assistance will be greatly appreciated. If you can't make it down to this Thursday's MO Show, please contact the committee either via email at this address or via the MOvember hotline: 321 2730 and we'll organise to collect your sponsorship funds in the next two weeks.

Of course there will be fantastic drink specials at HamMOheads, provided by Cayman Distributors, brands such as Bud, Stella & Miller, not to mention, Red bull, Absolute Vodka & Strongbow (or StrongMO) will be on available for you.

We still have Tshirts for sale at $15kyd, both men and women's styles! All funds raised from the sales of the Tshirts are being donated to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, so if you haven't got one yet, make sure you snap one up before we sell out!

Our website is now running smoothly, so to check out your mug, go to

We look forward to seeing you at MO Show 3 at HamMOheads this Thursday! Stay along for the ride.....we're alMOst there!

MOvember Committee
Movember hotline: 321 2730

19th-November-2006 : PEBCAK Resolved... it turns out it was my firewall, not a PEBCAK! Nonetheless, we apologise for the late arrival of these fine mugs. Click on photos to see yourself Movember 1st, and at the first two Mo Shows!!

16th-November-2006 : I did it for the MOney!

Ok, so we understand that it's getting to that stage in the game, where you're feeling just a little obnoxious, dirty, porn-star-ish, out of the game....your tache is a little out of hand, people are starting to look at you a little strangely and you're just not sure who that man IS when you look into the mirror.........You are not alone! Amongst the 90 plus men who are currently participating in MOvember 2006, here in the Cayman Islands, many have experienced the same emotions and connundrums....

NEVER FEAR! We have the solution!

MO Show 2! This Thursday, 16th MOvember at CaliMO Jacks, 7:30pm onwards.

This week promises to be a little extra special for you.....Cachet Salon & Day Spa will be back down again, with some useful tips and ideas on how you can maintain & style that tache, so you can still look great for the ladies and keep your respect out there on the street!!!!

We will also be launching the magnificent "MOvember 2006 T-shirt!" Guy's you've just GOT to be seen wearing this slick T in and around the place. Not only does the Tshirt help support a good cause, it will give you an opportunity to hold your head high, puff out your chest and let the sun shine brightly upon your upper lip hair and show that you are proud of your MO! Men & women's styles will be available for a low $15kyd, with part proceeds being donated to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

As per usual, there will be great drink specials available for you. Buy any Bud, Stella or Miller brand beer and Cayman Distributors will very kindly donate part of the sales to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society!!! Also enjoy other Cayman Distributor beverages such as Absolute Vodka, Red Bull & Strongbow, get your MO onto it!

So, Men of MOvember, we want to see your top lip this Thursday! Ladies, we want you to come along and give these guys a good tache tickle on their halfway road to victory!

We hope to see you down at CaliMO Jacks this Thursday night, so come along for the ride & support a great cause!!!!

MOvember Committee
MOvember hotline: 321 2730

8th-November-2006 : Technical Difficulties

Due to some technical issues (PEBCAK) the photos are currently unavailable. In the meantime you can view your cleanshaven mug at the following link:

Apologies for the inconvenience

The Movember Committee

7th-November-2006 : MOmentum is growing!

Congratulations to all those who have registered as MOvember participants, you are now part of a very unique Gentleman’s club here in the Cayman Islands – that is currently 78 member’s strong and growing every day!

We still want more MOvember participants so if you have any mates/colleagues/brothers you know are interested or that could be persuaded to grow a ‘tache’ for charity, it’s not too late!!! Please contact us at: ASAP and we’ll organize to register them.

On the sponsorship side of things, feedback is fantastic, we have at least one MO Bro who has already raised $1,000KYD alone! Please continue to try to raise as much sponsorship cash as possible, ask around the workplace, house mates, ladies at the bar, supermarket, gas station…..We recommend you suggest sponsorship of $1KYD per day (so $30KYD for the entire month) per sponsor, however still feel free to accept any kind of donation, big or small, it’s all for a good cause.

Our website is now up and running, check out to see your mug and catch up on the latest MO news! We will be updating the site each week with progressive photos of your growing efforts. If you can’t make it down to a MO Show to have your piccy taken, feel free to email us a picture of yourself and we will include it. Please make it less than 100k in size so we can get as many Mo Bros on there as possible.

Remember this week’s MO Show will be down at Coconut MOes this Thursday, 9th MOvember, from 7:30pm onwards. Come down to enjoy some great drink specials, win prizes, learn about men’s health and encourage (have a good laugh at) each other’s growing capabilities.

We look forward to seeing you at this week’s MO Show, let’s keep the MOmentum growing!



MOvember Committee
Cayman Islands Cancer Society

MOvember hotline: 321 2730
MOvember email:

7th-November-2006 : Sign Ups NOT CLOSED

Think you have missed the boat? Don't worry, MOvember is still open for anyone keen to come for the ride...

We will be at Coconut Moes accepting registrations this Thursday, alternatively you can email us at with your photos, and arrange a place to drop off your registration fees.

6th-November-2006 : Moseph journeys to land of the Long Horn

Movember Godfather, and the original Man of Movember, travelled to Texas this past weekend to sample local delights, attend a Long Horn football game, and generally bring Movember to the deep south.

Interviewed during his promotional tour, he remarked that his Mo was well received, and that he had undertaken to make it an annual event as in his words "Texas is loving my Mo... aaaalllriiigght"

One of his new "Mo Sistas" was also interviewed and was effusive in her praise: "I love his work, I want to come along for a ride every year"

Great work Moseph. Continue encouraging people to come along for the ride!

3rd-November-2006 : Mat urges mates to say mo the merrier

WALLABIES rugby star Mat Rogers knows all too well how important it is for men to talk about depression.

Rogers has been committed to raising awareness about the debilitating disease, which affects one in six men, since the death of his father Steve in January.

He has signed on to be an ambassador for Movember, an initiative that encourages men to grow a moustache during November to raise funds for research into depression and prostate cancer.

Rogers's Wallabies teammates have agreed to join in and will be leaving their razors behind during the coming tour of Europe.

"The whole Wallaby squad will be having a go this Movember - the rules are no shaving or cutting of hair for the whole November tour - so there may be some funny facial hair and hairstyles on the field," Rogers said.

His league legend father battled depression for three years and, while suicide was initially suspected, Steve's death after taking alcohol and prescription drugs was ruled an accident.

Mat has said he fears inheriting a propensity for the mental illness, which affects 1 million Australians. He has made a pact with brother Don always to be honest about their feelings. He encouraged men to talk to family, doctors or mates.

"Men don't like to be or appear weak or talk about what's bothering them but it's so important to talk to someone," Rogers said.

The charity, which began in 2003 when a bunch of mates grew moustaches as a fun fashion statement, has become the country's biggest initiative in raising awareness about men's health.

Last year more than 9300 men raised $1.2 million for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Each year 2700 men die of prostate cancer, more than the number of breast cancer deaths.

This year Movember has expanded to support beyondblue, the national depression initiative, and will be held in London, Singapore and New Zealand as well as Australia. More than 20,000 men are expected to raise about $2 million.

Movember culminates with a function on November 29 when Tom Selleck and David Boon look-a-likes will descend on Luna Park to battle it out for the "Man of Movember" title.