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Comic-Con Adapts to Tremendous Interest in Programming

Always a popular destination for Comic-Con attendees, the programming rooms and events upstairs at the Convention Center saw an explosive increase in attendance last year. We're introducing a few new things this year to help you have a better experience at Comic-Con.

A 15-minute break will be introduced between panels in our bigger programming rooms. We will NOT clear the audience in these four rooms, Hall H (6,500 seats), Ballroom 20 (4,250 seats), Rooms 6A and 6B (1,000 seats each), and 6CDEF (each 2,000 seats), but we will utilize the 15-minute break period to allow people to leave and come in. If you want to “camp” all day in Hall H or any of our program rooms while they’re open, it’s okay. (We love the campers, but you can’t stay overnight. Sorry.)

We're introducing larger programming rooms for two of our more popular tracks, the Comic Arts Conference and our "Comic-Con Classroom" series of workshops and seminars. These rooms will be located in the bayside hallway of the newer section of the Convention Center, above Hall H. The CAC's new home will be Room 30AB, which seats over 330 people. The workshops will be located in Room 30CDE, which will contain over 300 seats in a "classroom" style setting, with tables and chairs, to better facilitate note-taking and drawing.

You can expect to see better signage and separate hallways dedicated to entering and leaving programming in rooms 1 through 10 at the Convention Center, above Halls A through C. Check your onsite Events Guide for important information on attending programming and the complete schedule, plus a detailed map.

And … always IMPORTANT to remember when attending programming:

All event and program rooms have limited capacity as set by the Fire Marshall. Even though your badge is needed to get into all events, it does not guarantee you access to any event if it has reached its capacity. We do not clear rooms between events. If an event or program interests you, we recommend you get there early.

It's Complete! Click for the 2007 SEARCHABLE Program Schedule

The Medium Is The Message!

Comic-Con Programming Celebrates the Many Facets of Comics and Pop Culture

» The Complete World of Comics
   » Interview with Darwyn Cooke
» The Big Picture Show
   » Heroes returns!
   » Superman Doomsday
» Everything else you can imagine…
   » Interview with Neil Gaiman

Whether it's comics, movies, television, animation, anime and manga, science fiction and fantasy, action figures and toys, or videogames -- just to name a few! -- Comic-Con's programming will once again have you covered with the largest slate of events of any convention in the country! In 2006, Comic-Con featured over 400 separate events over the four-day weekend, with 15 programming rooms running simultaneously. Everything from animation to writing for young readers was covered, but our first love remains comics.

The Complete World of Comics

The Spirit
Darwyn Cooke, the new talent behind Will Eisner's creation, The Spirit (pictured above), is one of our 2007 special guests from the world of comics

» Read our interview
» Read his bio

The Spirit ©2007 Will Eisner Studios, Inc.

The heart and soul of Comic-Con is comics. The convention showcases the vast spectrum of the medium like no other event. We celebrate everything about comics, from the rich history of the Golden and Silver Ages to the most popular mainstream comics of the current day. We shine the spotlight on the alternative, indie and self-published gems that make comics such an intense and vibrant medium. We cover everything from newspaper strips to web comics, from manga to European comics, from graphic novels to comic blogs and podcasts and everything in between.

We're still working on this year's programming schedule, but some things are certain: when it comes to comic publisher announcements, you can expect Comic-Con to once again be "Breaking News Central," all weekend long. There'll be spotlights on all of our guests (click here for a complete list), in addition to featuring them in other programming. Our special themes will have dedicated panels, too, including ones spotlighting the 100th birthdays of comic legends Hergé (Tintin) and Milton Caniff (Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon), along with the centennial of the birth of science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein, the originator of Comic-Con's blood drive, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. In addition, there's a plethora of 25th anniversaries of fan-favorite characters and titles this year that will be saluted in panels and events, many featuring the actual creators (click here for a complete list).

Comics and pop culture historian and long-time Comic-Con friend, Mark Evanier -- part of a programming theme this year himself, the 25th anniversary of Sergio Aragonés' Groo-will be back with some of his fan-favorite panels, including Quick Draw, the Jack Kirby Tribute, and Cartoon Voices and will once again be moderating the majority of our panels devoted to Golden and Silver Age comics.

Our educational mission expands with a whole Sunday track dedicated to events such as graphic novels in libraries, and the popular "Secret Origin of Good Readers," which unites teachers with comic retailers for a great reading experience. The Comic Arts Conference, one of the country's leading academic events, returns for its 15th big year, in an expanded new location, with panels and seminars all four days of Comic-Con.

The Big Picture Show

Comic-Con is currently talking to the major Hollywood studios regarding presentations at this year's event. It's important to note that this part of Comic-Con programming is worked on up to the last possible minute, so expect changes and plenty of surprises.

In addition to the major motion picture studios, Comic-Con is once again talking with the major TV networks about their most popular shows appearing at this year's event. The hit TV series Heroes returns (click here for exclusive expanded interviews), but another Comic-Con favorite, Lost, returns to Comic-Con on Thursday of this year in Ballroom 20 from 5:00pm-6:30pm. In addition, we've just learned that SCI FI will once again feature Battlestar Galactica as part of their programming. And Comic-Con has a proud tradition of premiering brand new shows, months before they debut on TV. We did it with Lost, Heroes and Jericho. Who knows what new shows will debut this year?

Animation is another perennial favorite for our attendees, and this year will be no exception. You can look forward to panels from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, Fox, and many more, along with more breaking news and sneak peeks from the major studios on their new animated films on our informal Thursday "Animation Day" program, a big hit last year.

Plus, we'll have the world premiere of the eagerly awaited, first "DC Universe" DVD animated film, Superman Doomsday. Click here for complete details!

Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman, one of our special guests in Science Fiction and Fantasy for 2007

» Read our interview
» Read his bio

Photo by Sophia Quach

Everything else you can imagine…

Science fiction and fantasy is well represented this year with special guests such as Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman (click here for our extended interview), Cory Doctorow, Laurell K. Hamilton, and suspense/thriller writer David Morrell. You can expect numerous panels, including spotlights on each of these authors and signings with them and many more of your favorite science fiction, fantasy and horror/suspense writers.

Our seminar and workshop room - always a popular destination for our classroom style programs - moves to a new location this year to allow for larger attendance. Once again, Comic-Con will feature an incredible schedule of how-to and hands-on events, including Michael Lovitz's popular "Comic Book Law School," writing and drawing seminars and demonstrations, and our popular Kids' Day drawing classes on Sunday, July 29.

In addition, we're considering panels on many fan-favorite topics, including videogames, action figures, podcasting, blogging, voice-acting … you name it, it's probably on our list!

Nighttime programming continues to grow with some of your favorites returning, including the "Kung-Fu Superhero Extravaganza" and Spike and Mike's "The Gauntlet." Plus, click on the following links to learn more about our NIGHTLY BIG EVENTS:

As always at Comic-Con, you never know who will show up, so expect more announcements, especially as we get closer to the event, plus surprises onsite.

New for this year: Sign up for our RSS news feed updates (click here for more details)!





Thu, July 24 to
Sun, July 27

Preview Night
Wed, July 23

Convention Center

111 W. Harbor Dr.
San Diego, CA 92101

Adults: $75
JR/SR*: $35

*Children under 12 free with PAID adult membership. Juniors are 12-17 years old and Seniors are 60 or more years old. Active military will pay the Junior/Senior price. This offer does not extend to dependents.




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