The UK and Scandinavia
Counterjihad Summit

-- Saturday 14 April, 2007 --

In one of the first meetings of its kind, an international summit was held featuring politicians, bloggers, and activists from all over the West.

See a full report, including the speech given by Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna


We're a new group

We started in late September 2006 with 28 members in the "910 Group," our citizens' network. In six months, we now have over 1,000 active members in 40 U.S. states and 21 countries, organized through online communities. In March 2007, chapters began to meet locally and organize public education campaigns in several nations and U.S. states.

The Center for Vigilant Freedom Inc. is a non-profit organization. We have applied for 501c3 tax exempt status. We are developing a comprehensive website and content management system. In the meantime, these pages provide background information on this fast-growing international citizen's network.

We are a big tent organization

Non-partisan, non-discriminatory, and open to all who are ready to join with their fellow citizens in the mutual defense of human rights and constitutional liberties. Our members encompass many religious beliefs, including Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, apostates, agnostics and atheists, all races, ages and genders, at least 21 nationalities, and a wide range of opinion on political and social issues. Our members include many bloggers and journalists, private investigators, lawyers, leaders of coalition groups, veterans, professional online researchers, translators of Arabic, Farsi and many other languages, professionals in a wide variety of technological fields, teachers, scholars, documentary producers, health professionals, local police, musicians, business executives, homemakers, artists - ordinary people who are joining together to protect our laws, our democracies and our freedoms from radical Islamist ideologies.

We agree on a few simple ideas:

That constitutionally protected liberties, human rights, and religious and political freedoms are under assault from extremist groups who believe in Islamist supremacy; that these values of liberty, human rights and freedom will only survive these assaults if we are vigilant in protecting them; and that citizens of all countries have a right and a responsibility to engage in legal assembly and advocacy, public expression and political action to defend these freedoms.

To join us

Start by registering at the Vigilant Freedom/910 Group forum, providing a summary of your interests and background or skills that you can bring to our efforts. The forum is moderated, focused and collaborative - a citizen's online think tank. Registration at the forum constitutes agreement to comply with our policies on ethics, rules of engagement and procedures.