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Why this site?

I created this site to mourn the lost innocence of Internet child modeling, as symbolized by a handful of thoughtful, creative child photographers around the turn of the 21st century. Three photographers I especially appreciated worked under the names Paul Jones, Terry C, and Joseph Paul. PJCrew was started by Paul Jones with contributions by Terry. Joseph Paul operated his own web site as an adjunct to an ongoing photography business.

Since then, Internet child modeling has earned a smutty reputation. Today's sites seem to thrive on photos of girls in underwear, or in swimsuits that look like underwear, photographed in economically depressed areas of the former Soviet Union.

It wasn't always that way. That trio of photographers created lovely photographs that, in the words of one "capture the joy and beauty of youth." Some might call it kitch, but the work touched numerous souls on the Internet.

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The Bitter Truth

Sadly, the story is not complete without reporting a bitter truth: two of the photographers, Paul Jones and Joseph Paul, were actually child abusers who produced child porn with their own (biological or adopted) children. Both have been tried, convicted, and sent away to prevent other children from being hurt.

Terry C. was not implicated in any abuse and has been working to rebuild his photography business.


Archive.org - Here are archived copies of public portions of the PJCrew web site. Nothing from the original pauljonesphotography.com site was archived.

South Idaho Press - Report on the criminal charges against Bowcut.

USA Today - Report on the federal indictment of Bowcut, Emmerson, and others involved in "The Club."

Downer's Grove - This cover photo may be the only known sale of a Paul Jones photograph for third-party commercial purposes. No other sales have been identified.

Paul Jones Photography
and PJCrew

The best child modeling site in the history of the Internet was P. J. Crew, run by the amateur turned pro photographer "Paul Jones." His work set a high standard for child modeling sites, both in photographic quality and in tastefulness.

Photos on the site portrayed girls of junior-high age modeling clothes and swimsuits. The models were hired to pose for print ads, but the photos were really used to attract subscribers to the Paul Jones web site.

The site was very successful and well-known in Internet circles during the dot com era. The site reportedly brought in a net income of $7,000 to $10,000 a month before its demise.

The PJCrew site was entirely legal and so painfully clean it squeaked. Unfortunately, Pete Bowcut (a.k.a. "Paul Jones") was playing a double game. First, his models never realized that they were really modeling for an Internet web site.

Second, and far more serious, Bowcut was producing child pornography, using his own children as the "models." He was caught as part of "Operation Hamlet,"�an international child porn investigation.

A TV Movie?

As far as I know, nobody is actually producing such a thing. The PJCrew story really reads like a TV movie plot:

Small-town girls get hired by a local man to pose for fashion photographs. The photos are supposedly used in advertisements to sell the clothes.

In fact, the photographer has discovered a completely new way of making money from the photos: he simply posts them on a Web site and charges admission. Thousands of subscribers sign up to view the photos of these young girls in shorts, slacks, swimsuits, and skirts. The girls have no idea.

The situation seems ideal for the girls. They are paid really well, espeically for preteens in small-town Idaho. They get impressive birthday presents (an expensive bike, a computer) paid for by PJCrew through "birthday donations" solicited through the web site.

It all falls apart when Bowcut is arrested for his child porn activities. For the first time, the girls discover how they've been making money.

Joseph Paul Photography

Joseph Paul Durborow ("Joe") of Orem, Utah, ran a similar web site called "Joseph Paul Photography." Joe's models were primarily junior high girls and they modeled similar clothing. However, Joe's site posted nothing except studio work.

Many of the photos posted on Joe's site involved different girls modeling the same dresses, swimsuits, and nightwear. Joe would also solicit garments from his subscribers. In an early photo, Joe's model "Cindy" modeled the same blue dress that "Emily" modeled on the Paul Jones site.

Joe was also arrested as part of Operation Hamlet: Bowcut had pornographic images in his posession that portrayed models from the Joseph Paul site. A search of Joe's studio uncovered a hidden camera that took videos of his young models while they changed clothes for a modeling shoot. Joe was evidently trading these images with other members of "The Club."

Location Shooting in Idaho

A distinctive feature of the Paul Jones photographic style was his extenisive use of picturesque landscapes. Locations were centered around the photographer's home town of Burley, Idaho, and some involved longer trips:

The Paul Jones web sites rarely identified the photographs' locations. None of the photos explicitly identified the models' home town. A few montages were made that identify "Lake Stanley,�Idaho."

The PJCrew Fan Club

When Paul Jones Photography converted to a subscription site, the subscription portion was called the "PJCrew Fan Club."�Subscribers were portrayed as 'fans' of the PJCrew models. The club provided subscribers with a large, rotating collection of photos and videos. Some photos were only made available through the fan club.

Subscribers could read personal details about models:�likes, dislikes, birthdates, siblings etc. Occasionally subscribers would be offered a downloadable video interview with one of the models. The site gave just enough detail to interest the subscribers without seriously risking the models' privacy.

Models' birthdays were celebrated with "birthday projects"�in which subscribers were encouraged to donate money towards a birthday gift for the model. A typical gift might be an expensive bicycle or a personal computer. It is said that the girls didn't know the real source of these gifts until after Bowcut's arrest.

Modeling the Clothes

The modeling shoots involved a variety of fairly conventional childrens clothes for younger girls. This included dresses, both casual and fancy, shorts, pants, tops, swimwear, and some nightwear.

It isn't clear how clothing was chosen for the modeling shoots. Bowcut told models that the clothing was provided by the companies who were running the print ads, and the models kept the clothing after a shoot. However, investigations failed to uncover any business arrangements between Bowcut and actual childrens clothing vendors or advertisers.

News reports state that on at least one occasion Bowcut refused to do a shoot of a particular swimsuit and "returned" it because it was too risque. Bowcut did not appear to regularly solicit clothing from PJCrew subscribers.

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