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Welcome to Lady of the Night!


Queen Norma Shearer in 'Marie Antoinette' mode (1938).That Norma Shearer is Hollywood’s true Queen is a given. No star offered such prestige to either Metro Goldwyn Mayer or tinsel-town itself. She was the ideal personification of glamour, MGM’s most powerful star (even after the death of Irving Thalberg), and most importantly, one hell of an Actress! This entire website is dedicated to her legacy…














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There will be no updates until further notice, as this entire site is still under construction.



About Lady of the Night

My first real introduction to Norma was a few years back. Suffering from insomnia, I turned on the television set. My PBS station was about to air Private Lives (1931), starring Norma Shearer and Robert Montgomery. I figured I might as well tune in, considering there wasn’t anything interesting on MTV. I was laughing hysterically within five minutes of viewing the film. I picked up an immediate interest in both Norma Shearer and Robert Montgomery, but I began extensive research on Norma. Considering that this was right before the internet became the power force it is today, there was virtually nothing out there on Norma Shearer and especially Robert Montgomery. I was fortunate enough to locate a copy of Lawrence Quirk’s Norma: The Story of Norma Shearer, but didn’t really get all that inspired. Quirk’s watered-down Norma glamour dulled any interest I might have had. A few years later, and a bit ironically, Turner Classic Movies also aired Private Lives late one night while I was still up. I purchased Gavin Lambert’s Norma Shearer: A Life along with The Films of Norma Shearer and fell in love with the beautiful, forgotten icon.

Fast-forward to fall 2006. I decided that I wanted my own classic star site. I had seen Stephanie Jones’ “The Best of Everything: A Joan Crawford Encyclopedia” and admired how much care had been put into a fan site. I hadn’t seen anything like that before, and probably never will again. It inspired me to open up my own classic star fan site, but couldn’t decide on whom it was I wanted to spotlight. I thought of Lon Chaney, Marlon Brando, realized I could never make a Joan Crawford site that would top Stephanie’s, and settled on Norma. For the title, I chose the name of my favorite Norma silent, 1925's Lady of the Night.

Every other Norma Shearer site seemed to have the same thing attached to it, “And after completing Her Cardboard Lover (1942), Norma retired ‘gracefully’ from the screen.” I knew that her final years were anything but, so I made sure to get the record straight for those with a fuzzy image of Norma and her achievements. I’ve loved working on this site, and it finally seems as if my work is paying off. For all my hard work and dedication into making Lady of the Night the number one Norma Shearer site, but I cannot undermine the accomplishments of my contemporaries. This site is dedicated to her memory.

Please email me if you have any questions. (Also: I am not exactly a human encyclopedia/dictionary, please notify me if you see any wrong information or grammatical errors.)






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