Mercedes CLK & CLR
Page 1: Development of the CLK-GTR
Page 2: The CLK-GTR - 1997 season
Page 3: The CLK-GTR & CLK-LM - 1998 season
Page 4: The CLR at Le Mans 1999
Page 5: Technical Details & Links

ENGINE Mercedes-Benz V12; derived from the V12 engine for the SL600. Mid-engine longitudally installed towards the rear, partly load-bearing. Water cooling, dry-sump lubrication, electronically controlled ignition and injection system.Cylinder angle 60 degrees.Displacement 5987cc. Cylinder head - four valves per cylinder. Rated output approx 600hp at 7000rpm.

CHASSIS CONSTRUCTION Two-door GT car, monocoque of carbon fibre composite material with integrated steel roll-over cage, and safety seat. Energy-absorbing carbon-fibre crash boxes at the front and sides. Bodywork and attachment parts made of carbon fibre composite material. Windscreen made of laminated glass, side windows and rear screen made of carbon fibre composite material.

DIMENSIONS: Length 4855mm Width 1950mm Height 1100mm Wheelbase 2670mm Weight 1000kgs

GEARBOX Unsynchronised, transverse straight-toothed six-speed, manual sequential shift.

SUSPENSION Double-wishbone suspension with spring-supporting, multi-adjustable gas pressure shock absorbers, manually adjustable stabiliser, spring retainers for level adjustment, springs activated by pull-rods.

TRANSMISSION Multiple-disc carbon-fibre clutch, rear-wheel drive, differential with mechanical lock, steel drive shafts.

BRAKES Dual-circuit brake system with tandem master brake cylinder, six-plunger aluminium fixed callipers - six at the front and four at the rear, internally ventilated brake discs, carbon-fibre linings.

STEERING Rack-and-pinion power steering.


For 2000, the DTM was to be reintroduced and Mercedes opted to build a new touring car racer for the revamped series. This signalled the end of the GT program which had gone from such fantastic highs as the 10 consecutive race victories in 1998 to near catastrophe at Le Mans the following year.


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