Raw Comedy Past Winners
Raw Comedy has been presented by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival since 1996.
From 1997, the National Grand Final winner has won an airfare to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest comedy festival in the world, as their prize. (The 1996 winners undertook a campus comedy tour of Australia).

1996: Anthony Menchetti (WA) Open section
Stephen Head University section
1997: Subby Valentine (NSW)
1998: Chris Franklin (NSW)
1999: Chris Wainhouse (QLD)
2000: Drew Rokos (VIC)*
2001: Emily O'Loghlin (SA)
2002: Dave Elvins (NSW)
2003: Nelly Thomas (VIC)
Steve Sheehan (SA)
2004: Nick Sun (NSW)*
2005: Josh Thomas (QLD)
2006: Hannah Gadsby (SA)
2007: Jonathan Schuster (VIC)

* went on to win So You Think You're Funny competition at the Edinburgh Fringe.