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The Number 1 Reason YOU became a Slave

Brent Jessop || December 14, 2005

"Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit... all talk of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile" - Mackenzie King, 1935

The number 1 reason we became slaves is our complete ignorance to what money is and how it is created. The monetary systems of all the G-8 countries - including Canada - are specifically designed to force the average person and the country into debt. Bank of Canada

You may think that because you have no personal debt that you are debt free. This is not true. As our national debt grows the value of our dollar shrinks. Combined with inflation you are loosing a lot of money.

In 2004-2005 the government paid 17.3% of all taxes collected toward ONLY THE INTEREST on the public debt. When I say the "government paid" I really mean the people of Canada since the government has no money of its own. So every dollar that you pay in taxes 17 cents of that goes directly to the private banks! This is actually a small percentage due to the low interest rates. In 1990-1991 this value peaked at 39 cents for every dollar!

What do you think we could spend this money on if it wasn't going to the private banking system? Health care? Education? Tax cuts?

The following is a quick, simple to understand tutorial on the basics of how money is created in Canada. It explains how simple it is for us to remove ourselves from the debt cycle by printing our own money to be paid back at virtually no interest instead of borrowing the money from the private banking system at much higher interest rates (currently at 3.25%). We are printing about 5% of the money through the Bank of Canada and the other 95% comes from private banks.

Martin-Bush from The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform

Since the numbers in the tutorial are a few years old here is a small update to the figures. You may have heard that our government has run a budget surplus for the past 8 years (1997-2005) and to their credit have reduced our Net Debt from $607.9 to 554.7 billion (Table 9). These numbers can be deceiving.

This debt reduction of $53.2 billion since 1997 had some help. In 1999 the government passed the Budget Implementation Act which allowed them to steal over $30 billion directly from public service pension surpluses. So, of this $53.2 billion reduction in the public debt, over $30 billion was "borrowed" from pensions that still need to be paid out! I am no accountant but this is just another form of debt. What will happen if the pension funds are running low on money? Petro-Canada

One more small example from this past budget of 2004-2005. Canada's debt dropped slightly by $1.6 billion ($556.3 - 554.7). But in September of 2004 our government sold off the remaining 50 million shares of Petro-Canada for $2.6 billion (Footnote under Table 3). Not exactly the sustainable budget surplus it is hyped up to be.

Note: The government decided to sell the shares of Petro-Canada which it owned since 1975, shortly after the stock had dropped by more than 12%. Good time to sell?

Why are you a Slave?

Imagine for a second that you are in charge of the private banks that print our money (and all G-8 country's money) out of nothing and get billions of dollars back in the form of interest. What would you do with essentially an endless supply of money - more then you could possibly spend in a lifetime? It becomes a question of not what you can buy but who you can control - power becomes the driving force. Below is a 45 min video describing how this "capitalist banker conspiracy" functions. It may sound a little crazy but think about how well 9-11 fits into the "pressure from above, pressure from below" framework. This video was made well before 9-11.

G. Edward Griffin's - Capitalist Conspiracy Capitalist Conspiracy
There is also a much newer movie by Daniel Hopsicker about the banking elite and the corrupt history of the Federal Reserve located on this website entitled The Masters of The Universe.

Should we use the Gold Standard?

Gold Bars The video above suggests that we should use the gold standard instead of leaving our government with the ability to manipulate our monetary system. When you consider how corrupted our government is (or could become in the future) this is the obvious solution.

But what happens if someone becomes powerful enough to manipulate the price of gold?

I am not going to pretend to have all the answers to removing the control the bankers have over us. But the longer we wait the more power and more control they are going to accumulate. The first step is to spread the word about this evil that has enslaved us. We have to remember that there are very few of them and millions of us. Their control is only superficial when people become educated.

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Number 1 Reason YOU Are a Slave
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