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Please peruse the BLOG located here http://sago.ca/blog/index.html

We will not allow anonymous Post as the citizensofcaledonia website has, as we believe, every person should be held accountable to their actions or lack thereof.

Users will not be provided anonymity. Granted, a user can setup a dummy email account to obtain a user name and password, but be forewarned, any and all internet traffic can be traced to the original sender.


United we stand divided we fall!!


Don't fall fall back Six Nations & Supporters. Do not listen to the rhetoric of what you hear, look to the Creator for your ANSWERS .  For HE has foretold this day to come!!!!!  We have come to those CROSS-ROADS, what path shall we take, only YOU know in YOUR heart where WE shall inherit the earth, do not use force do not use fortitude but KNOW what you are doing IS RIGHT.



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