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Press Release Coaching

A press release or media release, as it is also called, is a condensed article that is written in a journalistic style.
The purpose of the news release is to highlight what is interesting and newsworthy about your company or organization. Press release publishing offers many benefits to your business, and is a powerful marketing tool in any integrated marketing plan.

coaching help for writing and publishing press releases:

eMarketing with Press Release

Press Release Coaching Tips

Press Release Distribution Services

Press Release Free Publishing

Press Release Media Contacts

Press Release Software

Press Release Writing Tips

Press Radar is a news search engine which gathers all the latest news articles and reports, to present them to an international audience at no cost.

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  • Business Know How
    When running a business, whether it is located on Main Street in
    your town or online, publicity is essential. When a small business
    has little or no advertising budget, the best thing for the owner to do
    is to get people interested in your company. How do you do that
    with a limited budget? Write a newsworthy press release and
    send it to the editors of local and national publications in the
    market that potential customers read.

  • Press Release Templates for e-Marketing
    Press Release templates (Free Samples) by topic:

    * Firm Announcement of New Member or Partner
    * New Office Location
    * New Service Area
    * Upcoming Seminar
    * Member Wins Award/Honor
    * Community Service Activity

  • ebiz-publishing
    Internet Marketing Tips and Rants for Online Entrepreneurs

  • Publicity Advisor
    Publicity is far less expensive than advertising. Using e-mailed
    press releases is also much less expensive than having marketing
    materials printed out for events like seminars and free workshops.

  • Top Ten Lessons Learned in Internet Business
    The secret to getting people to your web site in publicity.

  • Publicity Insider
    Secrets by Bill Stoller for getting free publicity.

  • Entrepreneur PRWeb
    A press release can help you get free publicity.


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  • Instant Press Release Tool
    Instant Press Release allows anyone to create strong, media attention
    grabbing, perfectly formatted press releases by simply filling in some blanks
    and answering a few guided questions. Now, even people who have never
    written a press release before can crank out professional looking press
    releases in a matter of minutes. Free download.


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  • i-Newswire is a quality free press release distribution center for announcing newsworthy
    events and happenings. They have teamed up with many leading news sources to display the
    PR submissions on their web sites and in search engines.

  • Free Press Release
    Post your press release to the Free-Press online distribution center. Once posted, your
    message will be visible to thousands of editors immediately. This service is provided free.

  • Press Box UK
    Uses a form to submit your press release to Pressbox. After you submit the Press Release
    it will be sent to the editor where it will be vetted for relevancy. It is important that you provide
    accurate contact information so you can be contacted with questions related to your press
    release. This service is provided free and users may post as many press releases as they wish.

  • Biz Europe
    UGA media is publisher of many portal sites including travel, b2b, software, hardware, health
    and aviation sites. Therefore they are always looking for press releases. If you have launched
    a new product or service feel free to post it here. Don't post company profiles here.

  • PR Leap
    PR Leap is a free press release distribution service for professional communicators. PR Leap
    offers a high quality publicity tool that makes it easy to increase your brand's search visibility.
    Register and open a free account.


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  • PR Web Tips, Guidelines and Templates
    This information will assist you when writing a news release for distribution through the PR Web
    press release network. A well crafted press release captures the attention of journalists and is
    optimized for distribution through e-mail and over PR Web's specialized Internet network feeds.

  • Writing Effective Press Releases
    First, consider when it is appropriate to issue a news release. A news release can be used
    when you: open a new office; win an award; introduce a new product or service; sponsor an
    event; or any other such happening. The purpose of the news release is to connect with the
    media. In fact, the news release is the expected first communication with a media outlet.

  • How to Write an Effective Press Release
    Getting your business mentioned in the press is an extremely good way to achieve a positive
    image and attract new customers to your business. Few things can give you as much credibility
    then as being recommended by a major newspaper or magazine.


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  • Prudent Press Agency
    A professionally written and distributed press release can make the difference between
    a successful PR campaign and an utter failure. While there are many factors that help a
    press release become successful (e.g. timeliness, newsworthiness, etc.), the write-up
    and distribution approach is critical. In-house editors and PR specialists will prepare
    your news release in the globally accepted PR format stressing the most news worthy
    features of your release.

  • W3 Reports offers comprehensive press release writing, distribution and promotion
    services for organizations and companies in the web development, design and hosting
    industry with new products, announcements, partnerships, and other newsworthy items.

  • Market Wire
    Market Wire provides press release distribution of corporate news and media advisories
    directly to leading newspapers, broadcast outlets, newswires, many consumer and trade
    publications, analyst terminal systems, Web sites and online databases around the globe.

  • PRW Distribution
    PRW distributes direct company news, including press releases, financial announcements,
    graphics, audio and video files, and other time-critical business communications materials,
    to a worldwide audience of media, analysts and consumers. PRW content is republished on
    leading Web sites and syndicated by leading distributors, including Bloomberg, COMTEX
    News Network, iSyndicate and Screaming Media.

  • xPress Press
    Press releases help alert reporters to the products and services offered by your company.
    Editorial coverage in an online source, newspaper or magazine is considered by readers
    to be more credibile than advertising.

  • eReleases
    With more than 30,000 opt-in journalists, eReleases gets your press release directly to the
    desktops of the appropriate media people. eReleases includes newswire distribution through
    their partner PR Newswire, and proof of press release distribution.

  • Internet News Bureau
    Press releases help alert reporters to the products and services offered by your company.
    Editorial coverage in an online source, newspaper or magazine is considered by readers
    to be more credibile than advertising.

  • Majon Press Release Distribution
    Press releases and targeted press release distribution have been one of the most powerful
    forms of marketing and advertising available on the planet. The value of the exposure and
    recognition that a tv blurb, newspaper or magazine write-up, editorial or product feature
    can have is often times enough publicity to launch small companies into multi-million
    dollar businesses and transform mid-to-large size companies into the billions.

  • PRNewswire
    Whether your news has to go around the corner or around the globe, PR Newswire serves
    all of your information distribution needs. PR Newswire is the world leader in the electronic
    delivery of news releases and information directly from companies, institutions and agencies
    to the media, financial community and consumers.

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6 September 2007

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