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Dragon Quest Swords box art - Image 1The much anticipated Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors was bound to make a tsunami in Japan, and it did. Pretty much all copies Nintendo shipped, 305,000 of 350,000, are already wiped off the shelves and reached the hands of hungry Japanese gamers.

Media Create revealed sales for the week of  July 9 to 15, and numbers show that Dragon Quest Swords is almost sold out. Other new titles didn't receive as much success: My Housekeeping Diary sold 46,947, Kirarin Revolution: Mezase Idol Queen! at 24,573, Monster Farm DS came in with 21,914, while Mega Man ZX Advent's numbers are at 21,379. All of these got in the top ten software sales list, and all are DS titles.

Speaking of top titles, Nintendo dominated the list this week with all in the top ten being games for the Wii or DS. Six of these are first-party, while Square Enix, Konami, Tecmo, and Capcom made their own contributions.

In terms of hardware, Ninty consoles are still selling like hotcakes. The DS enjoys its top spot, having sold 141,982 this week. Wii, the magic wand, gained a huge boost to 109,854 thanks to the wave DQ created. Sony and the PlayStation brand follows, but the gap in numbers is more than tens of thousands.

We kid you not, and we've got numbers to prove it. You can find them below.

Software sales for the week of July 9 - 15:

  1. Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors (Wii, Square Enix) - 305,254
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass  (DS, Nintendo) - 69,896
  3. My Housekeeping Diary (DS, Nintendo) - 46,947
  4. Wii Sports (Wii, Nintendo) - 44,767
  5. Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day (DS, Nintendo) - 38,649
  6. Wii Play (Wii, Nintendo) - 28,742  
  7. Chibi Robo! Park Patrol (DS, Nintendo) - 26,905
  8. Kirarin Revolution: Mezase Idol Queen! (DS, Konami) - 24,573
  9. Monster Farm DS (DS, Tecmo) - 21,914
  10. Mega Man ZX Advent (DS, Capcom) - 21,379
Hardware sales for the week of July 9 - 15:
  1. DS - 141,982    
  2. Wii - 109,854    
  3. PSP - 37,578
  4. PS2 - 15,777
  5. PS3 - 13,493
  6. Xbox 360 - 2,942    
  7. GBA - 432
  8. GameCube - 106    

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   by JupChinBom (Unregistered) - 2007-07-21
 » >,>

Why is anyone still buying gamecube and GBA? -.-

   Re: PsPoPPer (Unregistered) - 2007-07-21
 » I just got my gba cause

i got my gba in march. :) They are so cool and I hate ds gae two touch screens. the psp is good, only if modded. Wii is great modded too. I buy gba games off ebay.

   Re: afafd (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » fadfsad

People still by GBA games to play there old GB + Color games on it.
   by Mr. Common Sense (Unregistered) - 2007-07-21
 » Great...

Ah, it seems Sony may be getting on the ball for once. I might pick up a PS3 this weekend for myself. I'm totally stoked for all the great exclusives it has coming out later this year. I can't believe I never realized how great of a system it is, I'm done with 360... I agree, I don't understand why anyone would buy the GBA or Gamecube anymore, pretty stupid.

   Re: ... (Unregistered) - 2007-07-21
 » ...

I'm 99% sure you're sarcastic.

   Re: ... (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » ...

and I'm 99% sure you're retarted.

   Re: nameismmm (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » ...

and im sure your...
naw too easy lol
yea i realize a ps3 is great so
ima get that and keep my 360

   Re: Stealth (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » lol

Hey MCS hows it going, since your not the real MCS there is point to comment on your idiotic comment.

Wow i can't believe that the ps3 out sells the xbox by 10,000 Impressive, congrats sony.
   by Advertising -
   by birdman (Unregistered) - 2007-07-21
 » :p

i think its funny that gba still outsells gamecube :D

   by mario86 (Unregistered) - 2007-07-21
 » bah

who cares about japan? they are just a bunch of crazy morons

   Re: sigh (Unregistered) - 2007-07-21
 » sigh

lest we not forget who brings you these consoles? moron

   Re: yup (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » yup

there not lazy, they have a bunch of sweatshops! and they make crazy commercials
   by Blade (Unregistered) - 2007-07-21
 » ...

Saying the japanese are morons just because they like something makes you a moron, have some respect you piece of trash.

   by armagedon (Unregistered) - 2007-07-21
 » all consoles are great ...

but wii is doing very well around the world, not just japan, it´s the console that have the best balance between sales on USA, Japan and others countries, i have the wii, ps3 and x360, but man wii is fun a lot ...

To mario86, so forget the morons and make your own console, you think the x360 is all north american? - poor guy, look inside, taiwan and china my friend, 98% of components are asian, morons? - but they do better then you huh?

   Re: zeromatrix (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » ...

I dont think the wii effects hardware sales on other consoles though cause they aren't selling something different. I just hope devs know this and continue to make games for the other consoles
   by mikey (Unregistered) - 2007-07-21
 » um who cares their not even in the war / race

the wii does really count. its not really a next gen consoles. its more of a nex gen casuals electronics device.

   Re: ... (Unregistered) - 2007-07-21
 » ...

I love how the Sony Fanboys say the Wii doesn't count to make yourselves feel better.

Quite sad, really.

   Re: Advertising -

   Re: mikey (Unregistered) - 2007-07-21
 » um son fanboy? i think not

actually i own a 360 and ps3, and although a wii is a "gaming" system its sales dotn really matter.... you know why?? because people who buy it arent "Gamers" their grandmas and little girls who think its a cute toy for the family, 2 different audiences + 2 different wars. And if you say no how come the DS or psp arent in these wars? or an ipod for that matter(it has like 3 games) im not a fanboy of any console but i do know the wii isnt a gamers gaming console, you wii "gamers" are going to feel elft out after your 4-5 GAMES come out and your stuck with playing trauma center and wario touch me for the enxt 3-4 years when nintendo realizes that the wii fade is over and go back to making REAL games for their GAmers

   Re: metalspector (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » Wow

You're a fool mikey, the wii isn't for grandmas and girls, it's a system for babies, kids, teens, adults, and grandparents, that;s why it's selling so much. I persoally don't like the wii cause screen sensor interactivity is not my thing (except Time Crisis games, I pwn at them in arcades that every time I play I get like 5-10 kids watching me play cause I can play the whole game without losing more than 2-3 lives (lots of gaming for only 2 tokens XD)). But Wii has Mario games for 5-8 year old kids, zelda for 8-11 year old kids, resident evil or other games like that one for 11-21 year old people, parents can play with their young kids to have fun, grandparents like playing with their grandkids and also many elders are prone to like the wii. So as you can see this is the reason why Wii wins this gen. Well maybe nintendo isn't competing with Sony or Microsoft considering their sales are so high is not even deem to compare them in a competition XD. Anyways props to nintendo for making their console cheap, giving it a web browser (screen point and click and screen keyboard XD) and letting people download old treasures, seems people can feel they have their money's worth (unlike playstation owners who feel they were scammed). Anyways I still prefer the xbox, I like the amazing graphics, best software lineup and best of all xbox live. Only way I would buy a PS3 is when like in 2 years when DVDs become obsolete then when a blu ray players is needed it wouldn't be bad getting a cheap blu ray player XD (expecting the price is dropped by then to like 250 US dollars). Sony obviously failed this generation with their overpriced outdated ps3, still the 7.2 megapixel cyber shot camera from them is swell, props to sony for the awesome cameras XD.

   Re: Yo (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » 1234

No, mikey's right. My Grandma always is play Resident Evil 4 and Scarface on there. There is no chance a teenager like's those games. She's really waiting for Manhunt 2 though.
   by hah (Unregistered) - 2007-07-21
 » hah

Nintendo said themself they weren't competing with PS3 and 360 and now that they are beating them in sales they have changed their tune. Can't blame them, I would too I guess but its so hypocritical. The Japanese are a different culture than us in the USA. Over there the PS2 only sold 19 million last I checked. Worldwide that makes 100 million sold in other territories. Japan doesn't matter so much for global sales but for their games. If the Japanese stop making games for the PS3 then we are in trouble. Otherwise the sales over there don't matter as much as the USA.

   by ex (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » FF6A work by gpSP


   by qw (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » What the....

My Housekeeping Diary? Anyone care to explain wtf that is? I've seen some weird games in Japan top 10s, but this one...

   by SuperSony fanboy (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » M$ sales ridiculous

Xbox 360 sales: 2,942


   Re: AoxomamoxoA - 2007-07-22
 » Sony is fail

Sonys position in the console war: LAST


   Re: SuperSony fanboy (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » AoxomamoxoA is fail

Sure they are last for now but at least they rape the S.H.I.T out of the XSucksS.H.I.T60 in Japan. Xbox is dead in Japan and will always be. They can release as many RPGs as they want but that will not change the fate of the Xbox in Japan.

Xbox 360 + The only console to charge you for online and make you swap discs.
   by stupid q.j. blogger (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » zz

Hardware sales for the week of July 9 - 15:

can u please add 'in japan' after these works you idiot

   by Advertising -
   by jeka (Unregistered) - 2007-07-22
 » dang

i bet dragon quest won't sell that good in the US it will probly sell what 2 copies total

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