Samantha's Fixation Socks

Samantha's Fixation Socks

I made these socks for my GD, Samantha, as she designed them, thus the name. I didn't follow a pattern, just her drawing, so believe this is an original variation on a standard sock using an old fake cable pattern.  My apology to anyone who unvented this one before me.

US size 3 double pointed needles ( of course this can be adapted to two circulars if you prefer that method)
2 skeins fixation sock yarn

Cast on 48 stitches.  Divide 12-24-12
K2, P2 for 10 rows

Then begin pattern
Row 1 *K1, YO, K1, p2* repeat from * to* until end
Row 2 *K3, P2* Repeat from * to * until end
Row 3 *Sl1, K2, PSSO over both K2 stitches, P2* repeat from * to* until end
Row 4 *K2, P2* Repeat from * to * until end

Repeat pattern rows until desired length to top of heel.  End with row 4

Next row: Pattern for 11 stitches - move 1 stitch to next needle, pattern this stitch then pattern 23 stitches and move next stitch to third needle.

You will now have 11 stitches on needle 1, 24 stitches on needle 2 and 13 on needle 3. I did this to ensure 1 purl stitch before the cables on the front of the foot and to give me a non-cable stitch to slip at each end for the heel.

Work the stitches from needle #1 onto needle #3, knitting the knit stitches and purling the purl stitches.

Turn and do Row 2 of pattern thus - sl1, K3, p2 tog repeat to end ending with K3 P1. Fixation doesn't pull in well when ribbed so you need to decrease here to make the heel fit snugly against the foot. Turn.

Continue to work heel flap in pattern slipping the first stitch of each row. Don't forget to reverse the knits and purls on Row 2 and 4 since you are not working in the round.  You will also only have one stitch between the cables instead of 2.

Continue until heel flap is desired length. End with sl1, * P2, K1, Inc1* repeat across.  You will have 24 stitches once again when finished with this row.

Turn heel, use the heel turn that suits your fancy.

Pick up gusset stitches.  Keeping center 24 stitches in pattern continue until desired length.

Do a standard toe decrease,  Kitchener the end.

I've made the assumption that the reader is already a sock knitter.  If you have any problems or questions feel free to email me.

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