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"It was so hard to see busloads of police marching through an empty Castro." 
 - resident of Castro
 "I hope there is a way to find out how much revenue was lost last night. There is no way Bevan can make it up to the merchants."
- resident of Castro

".... we are closing our bar at 8:00 PM on Halloween because the city has threatened to bring out the ABC and the Fire dept. and anyone else they can, in order to find any small infraction to close us down. I am very upset by these passive aggressive tactics by the city. " - Castro Bar Owner
"... last night was one of the saddest nights of my 19 years in the City. I have never missed a Gay Pride Parade, nor Halloween in the Castro in all those years. I was in tears last night."
- resident of Castro
 "What the City spent last night to squash our party could have been used to make it safe. Bevan and Gavin certainly played it safe. I am sure they are all patting each other on the back today."
- resident of Castro
"I know Bevan stated that because Halloween is on a Friday next year, he knows it will go on, but we need to make sure they plan NOW to ensure this tradition does not die. It is all in the planning. It's all about freedom of choice. We take our lives in our hands every day, I do not want this choice taken from me."
- resident of Castro

The decades-long tradition of a spontaneous street party for Halloween in the Castro is NOT sanctioned by the City for 2007.

However, many restaurants, bars, and businesses will be open and it is expected that people will show up in costume in the Castro on Halloween night.

In anticipation of this, the City will dispatch SF police, Sheriff's Department staff, and fire and ambulance staff in the Castro (see our Safety page). A police command center will be in the neighborhood as well.

Restricted parking on four blocks of Castro and Market streets will be posted as well as the closing of the two public parking lots in the neighborhood. Illegally parked cars will be ticketed and towed, street barricades will be used to close off streets as needed if pedestrian traffic warrants it. MUNI transit and cab service may be affected should streets be closed (see our Transportation page).

 Visitors to the Castro on Oct. 31 should know that there is a zero tolerance policy for alcohol consumption on the streets and for public intoxication and urination. While it is hoped that the City will provide public portable toilets, there has been no commitment to date. Please be respectful of the Castro neighborhood if you choose to visit on Halloween night.

The volunteer group, Citizens for Halloween, hopes to facilitate further community meetings, support the creation of a Halloween Task Force, and support safe and fun Halloween events befitting the traditions and world-class status of the LGBT and San Francisco communities. While it is unfortunate that the City did not plan better for a celebration in the Castro or an alternate venue for an outdoor, public Halloween celebration in San Francisco, visitors and locals should feel reassured to know that the SF Police Commission held a public hearing on the issue on Oct. 10, 2007.

Commissioners informed the public safety departments present of their concern for protection of civil rights for any person in the Castro on Halloween night, among many other issues. Questions or complaints may be directed to: Police Commission Office, 850 Bryant Street, Room 505, San Francisco, CA, 94102; 415-553-1667; Email: