Friday, May 12th 2000
We hit the big time - by FierceKoala

It seems as though our little mod here is being remade into a Quake 3© mod by none other than Id Software©. Here is a link if you want to check it out here. It was good of them to change the name to Overload©, although i prefer ours.




Sunday, March 7th 2000
Time flys when you've got a job - by FierceKoala

Just an update about nothing. Lots of interesting stuff has been going down lately, 1 gig AMD atlon on monday, the 1 gig coppermine out tomorrow. Tripod shut down my page, i have no idea why, here's the new link Also, for something fun to pass the time, try out the investing game at CNET investor. You should also check out HEYARCADE for some fun shockwave games.



Sunday, February 7th 1999
Holy Cow an Update - by FierceKoala

Rock on people, not exactly Shogo related but I've got a new webpage going at You will need to have flash installed to view it for now but i'd be most appreciative if you folks would check it out and tell me what you think.


Tuesday, December 14th 1999
Sanjuro Quake3 Skin - by FierceKoala

On a good idea from Nova I made a Sanjuro skin for the Razor Model in Quake 3. Download it here.

Sunday, December 12th 1999
Wow more news - by FierceKoala

Imagine that eh. Here you go folks a new DTM map courtesy of Niall. Get it here.

Sunday, December 12th 1999
Merry Christmas - by FierceKoala

Well there hasn't been much going on shogo wise so i've gone the way of quake 3 for something to modify. This is my first skin, its kinda crappy but not too bad. Get it here.

Monday, September 6th 1999
Found More - by FierceKoala

Well thanks to Myrik we still have a better version of the DTM code. This is 1.5 which had nearly everything that 2 had in it except for the icons above the head. Hopefully this will be helpful to the mod community. DOWNLOAD THE NEW CODE.

Saturday, August 28th 1999
Found - by FierceKoala

I have found the latest version of the code that I have. And this is it. Its actually quite maddening. I was sure that i had burnt a version of at least the code from DTM V1.0 but all i can find is DTM v0.9 code, I don't think that this will be much help to people but DOWNLOAD THE CODE.

Sunday, August 22nd 1999
Lost - by FierceKoala

Where does the time go, sheesh. I will put up the code, but unfortunately i'm having a tough time tracking down the cd that it is on. Sorry bout this but i will put the code up.

Wednesday, July 28th 1999
Its in the Mix now - by FierceKoala

A point of interest for all mod developers and would be mod developers. We will be releasing a version of the DTM code to the public. It'll be the most recent code we have, unfortunately the final code for version 2 was lost and our dedicated server code was also lost. So the code will be around version 1 probably pretty close to what version 2 was. This will be up sometime in the next week or two.

Tuesday, July 13th 1999
Whys everybody always picking on me? - by FierceKoala

Proof that marsupials are being demeaned by the Shogo Community.

Pic by Milo138. Click here to see my dog.

Monday, July 12th 1999
Update...Not Really - by FierceKoala

It has been a while since the last update so I figured I should give the folks abit of news about whats going on. Actually not much is happening, I can't get into a work mode to finish my mini-mod so I'm willing to put the code for what I've done up if anyone wants it. The rest of the DTM team and I are working on a few side projects while we wait for work. If we get anything good done, we'll post it up here. TTFN.

Friday, July 2nd 1999
Canada Day and Screens - by FierceKoala

We've got some new things up, a few new screens from the game we had last night (by the way, good game folks). And thanks to theJon! we have a few animations of his new player models for you folks to view, and also some cool pics of each of the classes which would make good backgrounds (*hint, hint*). Happy Canada Day to all the canucks out there, and to the american's well only a few more days until July 4th. :)

Check the animations, backgrounds and new screenshot out here.

Wednesday, June23rd 1999
Mini-Mod - by FierceKoala

Mini-Mod it is then, I'm going to add in new player classes for the OF levels, put in the talk thing that appears when you are typing in your messages, and maybe a few other things if I can. Thanks to all the people that sent in ideas for mods, they were all good and I wish that I had the time to work on them all.

Sunday, June20th 1999
Ideas I say - by FierceKoala

We now that we have released DTM ver 2.0 we are looking to do a small mod since the last 2 DTM versions have been large downloads. So I'm looking forward to working on something small but fun. Any ideas send me an email.