Publisher: LucasArts Entertainment

Developer: LucasArts Entertainment

# of Players: 1

Category: Adventure

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N Amer - 06/19/2001

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Escape From Monkey Island Review

Escape from Monkey Island is the fourth in a series of Monkey Island. Again, I have played all of them (I know I really need a life!) so I will try and focus on those who may be playing a Monkey Island game for the first time as well as comments for those who are working their way through the series.

The one thing I must point out is that if you are a newcomer to the series you may feel like you are a little out of place. Characters greet each other with a constant emphasis on the fact that they have escaped Monkey Island and explaining how. This is very reminiscent of a high school reunion where the graduates all share old war stories while the spouses sort of smile and wonder what in the world they are talking about. This said, you can still enjoy the game whether the characters are familiar or not.

Your story opens with you finding yourself, Guybush Threepwood again fighting his arch enemy LeChuck, who is a pirate wannabe who in this version has chosen to become a politician and when you think about it, pirate and politician are pretty close in nature. Anyway, the island of Melee is going strong when LeChuck decides it is far to calm and under his command could be a gold mine for commerce. One obstacle in the way though is the lovely Elaine, present governor and one of those characters who just wants everyone to get along with each other. 

This sets up the story, so now on to the solution. You are going to need some stalwart compadres to help you thwart LeChuck and in the game you will find them, although to give you the heads up here, don’t count on them staying around too long as they seem to be a bit too faint of heart to step up to the plate when you need them.  To conquer LeChuck and save face in the eyes of adoring Elaine you will have to solve puzzles which will give you the clues and solutions to save the island and once and for all get rid of the evil LeChuck.

Now this is where the fun comes in folks. I have to tell you that whomever created the humor part of the game has a humor which is worthy of Seinfeld.  There is a section where you will find insult arm wrestling. To win this one you will find yourself being insulted and must select the correct response from ones you are given. You have to see these insults! Some are pretty obvious when choosing the replying barb while others can give you a minute to think. Either way, this is something different in a game and really lends to the overall feeling of just having a good time. Another section I enjoyed was the Palace of Prosthesis where you do a little of question and answer time to get some clues. It reminds me of a giant shopping mall, except of course for the manhole, and thanks to the graphics, is pretty spectacular.

The storyline may be weak in totality but the humor and fun of the game itself is really where the game shines. Not taking itself too seriously is what makes the game a winner in all areas of the spectrum.  

Install: N/A

Gameplay: 7.8
The gameplay is fun but the challenges at times fall short of what you would expect in a game of this genre. A lot of good humor but could use a little more in consistency when it comes to the characters.

Graphics: 8.0
I really could find no fault whatsoever with the graphics. Like other Monkey Island games, they have given vivid color to everything from Lava to the waters to the characters definition. Facial gestures are true to life and give the characters a sense of reaslim, which is always a plus in any game.

Sound: 7.9
The sound really gives the game an island feeling. A game, which relies a great deal on clues only found with conversation, must be audible at all times and this one does it beautifully. Consistent on all counts.

Difficulty: 7.7
This is another one of those games, which is one in a series. If you have played other of its games, then you will find yourself more critical than if it is your first. It does not possess a high challenge to conquer, yet enough to keep the game moving at a good pace. One good thing is that you get numerous tries to get it right, so no going back over and over again, which is something every game can appreciate.

Concept: 7.7
The tried and true hero saves heroine from dastardly villain and saves the island forevermore.

Multiplayer: N/A

Overall: 7.9
You always expect a little more from a game when it is one in a series. This one delivers on the most part, but I would have liked to see a little less humor and a little more in challenges to be met. While it may not be what I was expecting, nevertheless I had a great time playing it. It can provided hours of fun for those who just want to sit back and enjoy the play without having to deal with a complicated storyline. A few chuckles here and there help to keep the game light which is really what you want in a game when it is summer and just too hot to have to think too hard!


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