Height: 6 foot 5
Weight: 261 pounds
From: Nashville, Tenn.
Signature Move: Lariat Clothesline; Sweet and Sour (combo with Trevor Murdoch)
Career Highlights: World Tag Team Champion
Associates: Trevor Murdoch
WWE Debut: Sept. 5, 2005
Entrance Video: WATCH

While his looks may be deceiving, Cade is not your typical good ol' boy. The handsome Cade is a smooth talking southerner known for boasting about his intentions and then delivering on the goods.

Together with Trevor Murdoch, Cade came to Raw in September 2005. Almost immediately, the pair became World Tag Team Champions with a victory at Unforgiven. With a successful blend of sweet and sour, the duo seemed unstoppable.

Their harmony didn’t last forever; they split up amicably and remained allies throughout their tenure as singles competitors. Soon enough, their paths crossed again, and the Southern duo once again rejoined Raw’s tag team division.

Murdoch proclaimed that it was just the beginning for the re-formed team, saying that when you make rednecks angry, bad things happen; is this edict a sign of things to come for their future opponents?