Post a Sighting
The Predator RV
Sighting Video
Mel Skahan
Lord Archaeus
Adirondack Jack
Bigfoot Been
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Here are some pictures from the Bigfoot Exterminators Expedition in the Adirondacks

Denver and Chris Topo
Mission Planning

Planning the Bigfoot Expedition
Mission Planning

Topographic Map
Mission Planning

Bigfoot Woods
The woods where Bob Dorrer saw Bigfoot

Bigfoot Trail
The woods where Bob Dorrer saw Bigfoot

Bawana Chris
Bob and Chris

Salamander Not Bigfoot
Somewhere next to the $5 bill is a footprint

Salamander 2 Also Not Bigfoot
Exactly 1/2 of all the wild animals we saw

Tree possibly knocked down by Bigfoot
Big foots, Big trees
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