Away From Her (2007)

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Powerful. Writer-director Sarah Polley rightly deserves the kind of praise heaped upon Sofia Coppola for the lousy “Lost in Translation.”
3/5Christie has rarely been lovelier -- and that’s saying something.
4/5Away From Her is a phantom of a movie whose beautiful flakes fall into the deep crevices of memory long after the seasons change.
Away From Her
3.5/5I'd just as soon seek such material out in TV land when I'm more in the mood and less inclined to be irreverent.
5/5A subtle, poignant, and superbly acted drama about a long marriage that is tested externally by disease and internally by the chords of attachment.
Away From Her
3.5/4Sarah Polley gives us one of the year’s best films.
The writing and the peformances are intelligent enough to make this a rare if difficult pleasure, and Christie especially shines.
9/10This is a really wrenching film, and all the better for it.
BThe film's sharpest performance comes from Dukakis, who marries hope with resentment into a prickly yet pliant concoction...Marian is more clearly drawn that the more opaque Anderssons.

Christie (with whom Polley acted in Hal Hartley's No Such Thing) is still a radiant presence at 66 and she rivets us to the screen.
3.5/4This is a graceful, astonishingly brave film from actress Sarah Polley, making her directorial debut.
Away From Her
B+... less a drama about Alzheimer's disease than a cinematic poem of love and loss.
3.5/4Probes those two impossible and sometimes incompatible organs -- the human heart and the human brain -- with a scientist's curiosity and a poet's empathy.
5/5It's all good. Actually, it's way better than good. This is a film for anyone who's almost given up on the movies.
3.5/4Portrays the ravages of [Alzheimer's] with clear-eyed honesty, tracking not only the effects on its victims but also on the caretakers who provide support even as their loved ones are fading away right before their eyes.
It's heartening that a movie so wise, patient and thoughtful can come from a filmmaker so young.
3/5In its wobbly whole, Away from Her lingers as a hazy, blurry account of fading moments.
4/4A profound and poignant requiem for our preferred human conditions.
Away From Her

Average Rating: 8.2/10
Polley gets great work from the entire cast.
3/4Represents one of the few clear-headed, uncompromising looks at [Alzheimer's] and its impacts.
4/4Sarah Polley's sad, wise and simply dazzling directorial effort beams with warmth.
3.5/4A straightforward but engrossing drama about what love is worth when memory is gone.
4.5/5Away From Her is poignant, wise and unafraid -- just the sort of film for a young person, or any person, for that matter, to make.
Away From Her
3/4A wise and tender Alzheimer's drama.
Sarah Polley's directing debut is an assured, moving look at coping with Alzheimer's.
The movie, [Sarah] Polley’s feature début, is a small-scale triumph that could herald a great career.
B+Away From Her deals with a subject that easily could have turned maudlin. But the performances in Away From Her are pitch-perfect throughout, and Polley never begs for an emotional response she doesn't try to earn.
B+[A] modest yet infinitely moving film of love, loss and memory.
(1-30) of 128, sorted by last name a-z
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