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[edit] Tip in itself

This template is a Tip Colection in itSelf Of course you can use it, out of here. But this Template can be alive.

[edit] howto Usage

You can use this template here, adding those lines of command that sometimes for us are difficult to remember and that are very useful.

You only have to choose the section to which concern and add the template of the following way between any other:

{{Tip InItSelf|Tip Description|Command line}}

If you add a new section, only have to assure that put the template between the beginning and the end of a table wiki.

[edit] Collection

[edit] Portage

Tip: Construct a package and not to install it
InItSelf ~#
emerge -vBa nombrePaqueteImage:CursorOFF.gif

Tip: The environment update
InItSelf ~#
env-update && source /etc/profileImage:CursorOFF.gif

Tip: Emerge an specific version
InItSelf ~#
emerge -va =category/package-1.0Image:CursorOFF.gif

[edit] Bash/search/locate

Tip: Locate libs that it lacks to an application (useful if we prepare binary of 32 bits in environments of 64 bits)
InItSelf ~#
ldd `which application` | grep "not found"Image:CursorOFF.gif

Tip: Show the alias of an order or his path (more complete that which)
InItSelf ~#
command -v commandImage:CursorOFF.gif

Tip: locate recursively files in a dir and make some action with them.
InItSelf ~#
find ~/public_html/cgi-bin -type f -name "*.cgi" -exec chmod 755 {} \;Image:CursorOFF.gif

Tip: List the files that contain a word in itself.
InItSelf ~#
find src -type f -iname '*.c' -exec grep -l -i "variable" {} \;Image:CursorOFF.gif

[edit] misc

Tip: Build tar.gz tar.bz2 packages
InItSelf ~#
tar cfvz file.tar.gz ./dir && tar cfvj file.tar.bz2 ./dirImage:CursorOFF.gif

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