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Here you go with the second set of 6 answered questions!

Is this game going to have more or equal freedom to the previous Banjo games?
YES - Ignore the bit that says 'or equal'.

Is the game going to be physically much larger in terms of levels, overworld, etc?
NO - I agree that some of the worlds in Banjo-Tooie were a little too complicated and we have tried to ensure the worlds in the new game are interesting to navigate without being overly complex.

Will there be a new hub world this time?
YES - You've seen Grunty's Lair and Isle o' Hags, now get ready for "Conflagration Violent" (work this out and you'll have the answer to one of richjonny's questions)

Are there clues in the Christmas card related to Banjo-Threeie?
YES - Even we wouldn't be so cruel as to send you completely in the wrong direction!

Are you more than half way finished with the game?
YES - Also more than halfway towards a nervous breakdown! There, that neatly sidestepped putting my neck on the block as regards a release date!

QUESTION 12 (I thought it only fair to answer the first one asked...)
Is Mumbo going to be the main Shaman in B3 (e.g performing the transformations again, assuming transformations are back)?
YES - But he has a new role. As does Humba.

Is that Grunty's head in the fireplace of your Christmas Card?

This festive fun is at an end,
Many questions you did send,

Sorry to those that got no reply,
Grunty will laugh if you have a cry,

Thanks to all the fans on here,
Hope you have a happy new year!
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