Strangely enough, it is the second season of Red Dwarf that has allowed viewers to reassess the first. With the added character depth that II introduced, those who subsequently came across Red Dwarf I found it far more successful than the critics of the day. The critical success of series II (far outweighing the 3.2 million viewer peak) meant the producers had little trouble in convincing bosses that a third season was a good idea. Series II was the second released on video - paradoxically following on from III.

The first Red Dwarf novel followed series II and landed squarely on the bestseller list. Following much of what had gone before, the plot also reintroduced Kryten to be kept as a main character, as per series III. The book also fleshed out much of the back-story, including the first meeting of Rimmer and Lister and much of their time on Red Dwarf before the accident. Storylines were adapted from The End, Future Echoes, Better Than Life and Kryten. A section based of Thanks For The Memory was excised before publication.

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