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Mark Wirtz
click here to listen to a track from this CDPhilwit & Pegasus
Philwit and Pegasus was another creation by Mark Wirtz. Encouraged by fellow writer producer Les Reed, who released the album originally on his own Chapter One label, Mark finally got to make a concept album. Most definitely not the Teenage Opera but a wonderful harmony drenched soft pop mind piece, enhanced through the involvement of John Carter, Peter Lee Stirling and Roger Greenaway.

Not heavily promoted at the time, although championed by Kenny Everett on his Radio Show, where he even made up commercials using Philwit backing music. This first ever reissue is augmented by the non album single and two producer demos Wirtz made at the same sessions . This is a release that taps into several known collectors groups, Wirtz, John Carter, harmony pop, with the original LP increasing in price all the while as the profile among collectors of Wirtz and Carter steadily grows.

A number of Internet News groups have sprung up in the past 12 months on Mark Wirtz, plus a dedicated web site, and awareness of his back catalogue is growing yet further. This is the first ever reissue of this album, and the first time on CD. Digitally re-mastered with detailed packaging this is a great album for collectors of Harmony Pop LPs or Mark Wirtz, and John Carter fans.

Happiness / Pauper's Son / Yoyo Thoughts / And I Try / Winterface / My What A Lovely Day Its Been / Jim Come Here / Philwit's Fantasies / Lonely Flower / Spinning Carousel / To Pegasus With Love / And She Came / Final Thought

BonusTtracks: Elephant Song / Pseudo Phoney Mixed Up Croney / Mr Sun King / Avalon

9.95 plus postage

Dreamer Of Glass Beach
This Volume 2 series collects together all the Mark Wirtz solo recordings from the decade, including the albums Ballon, Hothouse Smiles, Lost Pets, Mini Album Cartoon, singles all never reissued before, plus as a bonus all of Wirtz recent compositions recorded upon his return to the music business in the late 90's. The music is a continuation of theTeenage Opera Whimsy backed by complex arrangements, be they big Orchesteral Productions or Rock'N'Pop band sounds, the sum of these parts being uniquely Wirtz.

The Song I Sing / Spring / Am I Me? / What Now Poor World / Everybody Needs Someone Somebody / The Way You Play At Living / Kings Queens & Fairytales / Somewhere Else / America Sundae / Nothing To Do / Out Of Our Hands / Cradle Me / Boneta Loleta / 77 Nights / Do You Really Want My Love / Oh How She Loves Me / Ecstasy Don't Come Free/ BONUS TRACKS: Tick A Time Theme / The Danger Of Glass Beach/

9.95 plus postage

Wirtz left the UK shores in 1971 following some amazing recording he had made during the 60's including those with Tomorrow, Keith West, Kippington Lodge, Kim Fowley, the Wirtz Orchestra & Chorus and of course the Teenage Opera. Settling in Hollywood, Wirtz then recorded another set of fantastic tracks during the next decade with him as the artist scoring major US sales and radio play, as well as securing further production work with other US artists.

Hasn't It Been A Heavy Day / Trambouline / Long Long Way From Home / Baloon / Mellow Man / Satan Took A Tram Ride / Swan / Silverlake Ripple / We Could Have Laughed Forever / Salty Water / Peeping Tom / Bye Bye Sadie / Farwell Lullaby / Maniac Vs Brainiac / Love Is Eggshaped/ BONUS TRACKS: Chug/alug Song / In The Eyes Of Love / I'm Impressed / KC's Theme/

9.95 plus postage

The Go Go Music Of Mark Wirtz - Mood Mosaic Volume 1
"The Go Go Music Of Mark Wirtz Orchestra & Chorus" (which might just win longest reissue title of the year award!) is centred largely on Wirtz's work from 1964 up to starting "The Teenage Opera", and covers recordings made for both Ember and EMI's Studio 2 label, including the complete Wirtz album "MOOD MOSAIC", a scarce and collectable LP in its own right. We have also added bonus cuts from a German only release. All but one track reissued here and on CD for the very first time.

The Northern Soul classic "A Touch Of Velvet, A Sting Of Brass" (one time DLT/Radio Caroline Theme tune, and also the theme from Germany's "Beat Club" TV show), was the starting point for the original "Mood Mosaic" album, a piece Mark had cut as an independent producer before he began work at EMI. Similarly the single release of "Fantastic Fair", credited to Elmer Hockell (aka Mark Wirtz), was taped during the "Teenage Opera" period. Unsurprisingly there were further overlaps in Mark's work at this time - for example "Grocer Jack " and "Theme For A Teenage Opera" were both Mood Mosaic productions originally - the latter even carrying the Mood Mosaic credit when it was issued as a single.

Thus in its own right and as a way of introducing Mark's music, this collection is perfect. A unique Mark Wirtz production sound permeates the whole album, coupled with a laid back foot tappingly swinging '60s groove which carries the listener away..�

Yeh Yeh / If Illusion Met Fantasy / The Yellow Spotted Capricorn / Come Back And Shake Me / You Didn't Have To Be So Nice / Comin' Home Baby / Don't Do It Baby / The Real Mr/ Smith / Monday Monday / A Touch Of Velvet A Sting Of Brass / Sunny / I Can Hear Music / Sunday Night / Riviera Carnival / Chinese Chequers / Watching A Matchstick Fight / Yesterdays Laughter Todays Tears / Dizzy / There's No Business Like Monkey Business / A Thimble Full Of Puzzles / Beyond The Horizon / Dreamin' / Fantastic Fair

9.95 plus postage

A Teenage Opera
The Teenage Opera - one of the legendary long lost projects of the sixties - comes to life for the first time. RPM is presenting the soundtrack for The Teenage Opera - in as near a form to the original concept as possible - as it would have been had EMI not pulled the plug back in 1968. Producer Mark Wirtz began work on The Teenage Opera story idea in 1966 when contracted to EMI, and teamed up with a group of musicians including Steve Howe and Keith West plus engineer Geoff Emerick.

The story of The Teenage Opera was to include sketches of different characters who inhabited a fantasy village, which in turn was part of a story being told by a young man to a young woman. Two singles were released as Excerpts from the Teenage Opera - "Grocer Jack "and "Sam", both here in stereo for the first time and featuring Keith West's vocals (the former also including "Theme From A Teenage Opera" on the b-side). Whilst "Grocer Jack" became a huge UK & European hit, "Sam" failed to emulate it and after EMI saw how much money the two singles had swallowed up they lost interest, patience or whatever, and refused to finance The Teenage Opera project. Undeterred, Mark Wirtz continued to use his musical ideas and a number of Teenage Opera characters and themes appeared over the years on a variety of singles by different bands or as solo releases.

It is by using these singles and tracks which Mark Wirtz has collected together that we are at last able to present for the first time, after 30 years, A Teenage Opera. There are 24 tracks - most never reissued on any format, six previously unreleased. With the full cooperation of Wirtz, the Opera is presented as a Film Soundtrack and includes incidental music linking the tracks together, taken from Wirtz's own library of original demos. These include different versions of the 'Theme', 'Grocer Jack', and 'Weatherman'. At the time, 1967, the Teenage Opera was very newsworthy with Cliff Richard being mooted to play the leading role in the film. The hype reached crazy proportions and made the daily newspapers. Today The Teenage Opera is still talked about in "whatever happened to" circles and its emergence now will be of immense interest to all lovers and collectors of 1960's music.

Theme From A Teenage Opera / Festival Of Kings / Grocer Jack (Excerpt from a Teenage Opera) / The Paranoic Woodcutter / Mr Rainbow / Glory's Theme (All Aboard!) / On A Saturday / Possums Dance / Auntie Marys Dress Shop / Love & Occasional Rain / Grocer Jack (Reprise) / Sam / Farewell to A Broken Doll / (He's Our Dear Old) Weatherman / Shy Boy / Grocer Jacks Dream / Barefoot & Tiptoe / Knickerbocker Glory / Dream Dream Dream / Colonel Brown / Cellophane Mary Jane / Paranoic Woodcutter / Theme From A Teenage Opera/

9.95 plus postage

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