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04 Jan 2008  GMT   
Republican presidential hopeful Representative Ron Paul of Texas poses for a photo during a campaign stop in Iowa
Iowa Kicks Off Election Season
Republican presidential hopeful Representative Ron Paul of Texas poses for a photo during a campaign stop in Iowa January 3. Paul and some of the 14 other contenders were making last-minute tours of Iowa, as Iowans prepared to attend caucuses, which begin the process of selecting delegates who pick the Republican and Democratic 2008 presidential nominees at conventions later in the year. More(© AP Images)
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Bush To Push for Mideast Peace in Regional Visit
Setting out for the Middle East, President Bush hopes to build on the success of the November 2007 Annapolis Conference … More
Bush Administration Promises "Sprint to the Finish" in 2008
In a series of recent interviews, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice discusses several U.S. foreign policy priorities … More
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Dartmouth College student and John McCain supporter Greg Boguslavsky
video file icon Volunteers energize McCain campaign (2:58)

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