Gautam Gupta, M.D.
Board Certified in Internal Medicine




Dr. Gupta, M.D., is a weight loss specialist in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin using innovative FDA approved medications, along with a weight loss program.

We set the standard for weight loss therapy in Medically Assisted Programs.

Understanding your medical history and current medications is the key to unlocking the solution for safe and effective weight loss.

Let Dr. Gupta find what works for you and unlock the mystery to your weight loss frustration. He and his staff will help you with the right combination of medication, exercise, and nutrition. Dr. Gupta understands your concerns.

Key Benefits

Loss weight under the supervision of a Board Certified Physician.
Let a professional assist you on, the PERMANENT Road to Success.
This individualized program is designed to minimize muscle loss and ensure the durability of your weight loss.
Stop the guessing and the fad diets.





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