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6th November 2007 - DoubleCommand 1.6.6b1 is available for testing, several reports of success on Mac OS X 10.5 have given me enough reason to post this here, however I have not yet tested this myself with the new OS. Please let me know how it works for you if you try it!

30th October 2007 - Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard, has been released, and I expect to have a copy at some point. Until then, reports have been mixed: some have had success running the current version of DoubleCommand as is, some seem to have required uninstalling then reinstalling, and some have experienced occasional kernel panics, only possibly related to DoubleCommand. My advice is to disable DoubleCommand before upgrading to avoid upgrade problems, then enable when you've got everything else sorted out.

6th August 2007 - Release 1.6.5 removes the unnecessary log output.

25th July 2007 - Release 1.6.4 adds Caps lock to delete feature for the Colemak keyboard layout. Also added internals for multiple keyboard support.

26th June 2007 - Updated website layout. The highest priority now is having settings per keyboard, or at least only applying DoubleCommand to a single keyboard. Also released DoubleCommand 1.6.3, a minor update which allows using backslash as delete with Option to delete to word boundaries.

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