Hentai Adult Anime Discipline. Uncensored Japanese Hentai Anime DVD from the creators of Black Bible. Discipline is a sex-filled dreamy story of campus life where the gals are slutty, and the scenery so cock-busting!

Transferring to St. Alcadia High School is a dream come true for Takuro Hayami. The babes are luscious and Saori Otokawa, the caretaker, is the hottest of them all.

But, his bubble began to burst when the beautiful but conniving Morimoto sisters, the school's sex divas, embark on a quest to own Takuro when they discover his hidden "Ultimate Sex Power."

Now the battle for carnal control begins, which brings an earth shattering explosion as bodies collide and passions explode at St. Alcadia School!

Sexy madonna? Malicious Diva? Hungry lolita? Mature sex-starved teacher? Displine has it all! Introducing the main characters. Click on each pic to get to know 'em.

The creators of Bible Black series, the best selling S&M hentai anime series ever, are proud to give you
Discipline, a sex-filled dreamy story of campus life where the gals are slutty, and the scenery so cock-busting!!

Original story with a plot that can harden the limpest dick! See a variety of sex scenes, from raunchy, passionate, humorous to romantic!

Takuro, our hero, is drowning in sex! All
the sexy girls with huge tits are after his manhood. And who can blame them. It's a throbbing monster that keeps growing when inside a girl's mouth and pussy! It can cum again and again for god knows how many times!

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superb animation quality and great character designs! The animation is so lifelike that you'd want to literally fuck the girls and touch them yourself. At St. Alcadia, you'll see lots of cosplays from pink nurses, bondage to all kinds of sexy outfits for all types of tastes that can rival any high fashion runways or strip joints. Talk about works of art that can make you laugh and cum!

View original pencil sketches and see how our talented artists developed each character and frame to fulfill your fantasies.



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Bit rate : 2500 Kbps
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Media Format : Windows Media Player
Running Time : 0:02:04

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Watch sexy Discipline gals caress their tits & hips and fuck like wild animals!
Check out their watering holes, and get disciplined!!

: Discipline The Hentai Academy Vol.1
Item #
: DSP-01
: 7 Geishas
Running Time : Approx. 60min
Language : English / Japanese
Subtitle : English
Region : All Region
Release Date : 2/10/2006


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