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Saturday Jan 5 13:57 AEDT

Labor attacks Ten over 9/11 documentary

Monday Sep 11 18:24 AEST

Labor MP Michael Danby wants Network Ten's programming director sacked after the TV station screened a documentary which floated conspiracy theories about the September 11 attacks.

The program, 9/11 In Plane Site, questioned whether a hijacked airliner really hit the Pentagon, and suggested shadowy American forces engineered the event for evil ends.

Ten aired the program late on Saturday night - two days before the fifth anniversary of the New York and Washington attacks.

Mr Danby said September 11 victims had been killed twice - once by the terrorists and once by Ten.

He said he knew some members of Ten's own news team were embarrassed the program went to air.

"It's just laughable, really," Mr Danby said.

"Why would Channel Ten want to broadcast something like this?"

But Ten was unapologetic, saying that "people should be able to make up their own minds" about such material.

"The last time we checked this was a free country," a spokeswoman for Ten said.

She said the program "merely questioned what people were told by the government and the media".

She said it was the second time the network had aired the program and only positive feedback had been received.

About 400,000 people watched the program, which went to air at 11pm.

Mr Danby said Ten's major shareholders should be embarrassed the program was shown.

"There are Australians who lost their lives in the September 11 attacks," Mr Danby said.

He questioned whether Ten would broadcast a program which suggested the Australian government organised the Bali bombings.

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