Source : Chris Lively, Ebeneezers Pub Usa
Initially, Beeradvocate rated Black Albert number one in  the world. However, that pissed a lot of people off, due to the few ratings. So, they changed the ratings (again) and made several categories, including this one:
The funny thing is, in the magazine Beer Advocate rated Black Albert No. 1 in the universe!
Cheers, and Merry Xmas and a Hoppy new Years to you as well my friends...Chris



Top Buzzed About Beers on Planet Earth
   Score / AvgReviews
1write a reviewBlack Albert
Russian Imperial Stout / 13.00% ABV
De Struise Brouwers
A / 4.7323
2write a reviewKate The Great - Russian Imperial Stout
Russian Imperial Stout / 9.50% ABV
Portsmouth Brewery
A / 4.6834
3write a reviewDarkness
Russian Imperial Stout / 10.30% ABV
Surly Brewing Company
A / 4.6555
4write a reviewTrappist Westvleteren 12
Quadrupel / 10.20% ABV
Brouwerij Westvleteren (Sint-Sixtusabdij van Westvleteren)
A / 4.64427
5write a reviewDark Lord Imperial Stout
Russian Imperial Stout / 13.00% ABV
Three Floyds Brewing Co. / Brewery & Pub
A / 4.59273
6write a reviewBeatification
American Wild Ale / 5.50% ABV
Russian River Brewing Company
A / 4.5837
7write a reviewOak Aged Dark Lord Imperial Stout
Russian Imperial Stout / 13.00% ABV
Three Floyds Brewing Co. / Brewery & Pub
A / 4.5827
8write a reviewPliny The Younger
American Double / Imperial IPA / 11.00% ABV
Russian River Brewing Company
A / 4.57114
9write a reviewThe Lost Abbey - The Angel's Share
American Strong Ale / 11.00% ABV
Port Brewing Company / The Lost Abbey
A / 4.5732
10write a reviewThe Abyss
Russian Imperial Stout / 11.00% ABV
Deschutes Brewery, Inc.
A / 4.5699

How was this list calculated?
Using a simple and proprietary formula that takes the R Avg, number of reviews, and recent activity into consideration w/o a weighted rank to allow for a more dynamic listing. They are not hand-picked.


Source : TNT PUB, we love you guy's!
Have a hoppy New Year 2008!
WBF Waregem 2008

We have decided recently to participate only to those beer festivals which meet the requirements of ABBA (dutch for Belgian Artisan Brewers Association ). As new beer festivals are actually growing like mushrooms in Belgium, a lot of brewers (read breweries) stated (through ABBA) that time has come that a minimal set of requirements should see the daylight in order to evolve in a positive way. Those requirements were melted in a charter and sent by ABBA to all Belgian associations likely to organize a beer festival in 2008. A lot of associations wrote they would study the case, one wrote (www.zythos.be) they will maybe meet the ABBA requirements by 2009 and every now and then you have an association who understands that breweries  can not attend to a festival and loose a lot of money in favour of  that organisation.  The  Wargemse Bierfanaten  (www.wbf.be)  is  such an association. Not only did they decide to serve all beers in a 13cl glass in their upcoming beerfestival on the 22nd of March 2008,  the brewers fee will be put at 0.7 euro per consumption, and a consumption will cost the public 1.2 euro.


Furthermore they asked us if we could fill some 9 litre bottles of the best beers we have, so they could be sold by public auction on their beer festival. The benefit will go to a good deed. Today we think about 12 breweries will be attending that festival and they all accepted this noble proposition, which we encourage. Congratulations for the WBF.



Source : www.appellationbeer.com/blog/

Fantasy Beer Dinner #3: Sean Paxton

November 28th, 2007

Sean PaxtonFor more about what this is part of look here.

Sean Paxton, the Homebrew Chef, was a professional chef for years and has been a homebrewer since 1993. The meals he prepares annually for Northern California Homebrew Festival are legendary, and he writes a regular food column for Beer Advocate magazine.

In case you forgot, the questions are: If you could invite four people dead or alive to a beer dinner who would they be? What four beers would you serve?

So many people to chose from, yet the more I think about it, the easier the guest list is.

Father Dominique, Abbaye Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy. What we taste today in Rochefort’s 8 and 10, might not be how those two beers started back at the turn of the century without his help. Father Dominique’s improvements to the production and quality of the brewing techniques, ultimately changed the course of the monastery future. To discuss with him what and how the beers were made before and what changes were implemented would make for a pretty incredible evening. Can he bring some samples to share at the table?

Charles Greene. One of the two brothers who brought us the Greene & Greene style of architecture. I see many similarities in highly skilled trade and decorative art using wood, to a brewer designing a great beer for the palate and brewing it. His take on food and beer would add a nice mix to the table.

Matt Bryndilson. Besides being a great brewer (at Firestone Walker), he is also a total foodie at heart. With his crazy blend of last years 10 and soon to be released 11, Matt’s experience in blending beers, aging in oak and hop knowledge, could spark an interesting discussion on the future of brewing. I would also love his take on the meal and beers that were served over dinner. And besides, he’s still alive.

And Michael Jackson. I only met him once and never got a chance to cook for him. That would have been cool, to cook for such an amazing inspiration. That menu would take a long time to create. But, oh the conversation that would come out of it.

The first course would start with a glass of De Dolle Stille Nacht Reserve 2000 aged in Boudreaux Barrels for 18 months. The flavors of toffee, apricots, cherries, grapes, cinnamon and touches of spices that you can almost identify, but meld into another flavor dancing on your tongue. I’d pair this with a selection of Trappist cheeses: Chimay Grand Reserve, Orval and Westmalle Tripel Crème, garnishing the plate with fresh figs, dried apricots, toasted hazelnuts, cinnamon infused honey and a rustic sourdough.

Second beer would be De Struise French Oak Aged Pannepot. When I first tasted this elixir, I thought “Sex in a Glass.” Urbain and his crazy/wild team of brewers created a brew that is perfect with food, or to sit by a fire and smoke a nice cigar. To pair with this treat, I would have to have to do a Seared Duck Breast, cooked a juicy medium rare, on a Bed of Pureed Celery Root, with a sauce reduced from New Glarus Cherry, duck stock and thyme from the garden.

I would have to serve my almost done Saucerful of Secrets to my four guests. With a crazy and complex grain bill, different sugars and a radical fermentation, it would be an honor to pour this for a third course. I would pair a Fig Wood Smoke Rack of Lamb, served with a Fig Coriander Demi and Black Truffle Mash Potatoes topped with Seared Foie Gras to play off the dark fruit flavors in the beer.

And my last beer would be Hair of the Dog Dave. Created by triple freezing Adam, aging it in Bourbon Barrels for 6 months, flavors beyond most ideas of what beer is, wash over the tongue. The fact that It’s over 28% abv and over 10 years old now sure helps . . . I did a Beeramisu for Fred Eckhardt’s 80th with Alan, using this beer and pairing with it. The intense malt flavors pair nicely with the nutty mascarpone and a sprinkle of 120L crystal malt. A nice way to end the evening.

All the dinner lineups:
Neal Stewart, director of marketing at Flying Dog Ales.
Beer & Philosophy editor Steven D. Hales.
Tomorrow: Lisa Morrison (a.k.a the Beer Goddess), and Flossmoor Station brewer/blogger Andrew Mason.

New... Delirium Café Tokyo Japan

Please visit their website : Delirium Café Tokyo Japan.


New Delirium Café Tokyo Japan 

Pannepot Grand Reserva Label

We are about to bottle condition the Pannepot Grand Reserva in 33 cl APA bottles. This batch of Pannepot was initially brewed in December 2005. After first and second fermentation, we transferred the ale to new French wooden casks and let it age for 14 months. The "Pannepot Reserva" was born and presented at the Sint-Niklaas Zythos Beer Festival in march 2007 as a primeur. We made the mistake of bottling 30HL in champagne bottles (75cl) because in no time the whole stock was sold out and a lot of distributeurs and clients did not see any of it. That is why we decided to bottle on 33cl this time, so a lot more little quantities can be sold and at least everybody is getting some.

After the ZBF beer festival we transferred the remaining ale to second hand old Calvados wooden vessels and decided to let it age for another 8 months.  This ale has grown out to a very high complexity. While  we are waiting for the Grand Reserva  to be launched on the market by the end of october 2007, we release the label for now. Enjoy!

While a strange converting error occured and situates on the barcode of the label, you can look into the technical card of Pannepot Grand Reserva and download this label without errors. All technical cards can be found on our home page, see upper right corner.


Pannepot Grand Reserva 

- Copenhagen 12th - 14th of September 2008

Danish Beer Enthusiasts has hosted beerfestivals in Denmark since 2001.
From the beginning the festivals have been tasting festivals with the purpose of giving the guests an opportunity to taste a large variety of beers and beerstyles.
During the last 5 years the number of new Danish microbreweries has raised from zero to more than 90 active breweries.
Moreover the Danish beer market is versatile with both domestic and a lot of imported beers.
Therefore the Danish beer scene is unique – in total the consumers may choose between approximately 1.100 different beers, national and imported.
Beer festivals throughout Europe tend to concentrate on their national products. However that’s not the situation in Denmark. Our beerfestivals provide a large variety of national and imported beers from most countries in Europe – and the guests love them all.
Since 2006 Danish Beer Enthusiasts have been contemplating with the idea to arrange a truly grand European Beer Festival in 2008, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the organisation.
This dream will now come true in September 2008.
Since Carlsberg will be closing down most of its production line at the original brewery in Copenhagen, it was an obvious and appropriate idea to use one of the vacated buildings to host the event.
Contacts were made and Carlsberg was able to locate enough square footage suiting the purpose.
Danish Beerenthusiasts made a lease regarding the traditional and original brewery areas and buildings to host the European Beer Festival 2008.
Needless to say that  the choice of venue will not render Carlsberg any rights or influence regarding the festival itself – this being solely to the discretion of the organiser Danish Beer Enthusiasts.
The choice of this historic and to the purpose fitting location creates a unique combination of innovation and tradition, through presentation of both the traditions and the new revolution from all the microbreweries and homebrewers.

Several organisations have already expressed their interest in the event, including Brewers of Europe, European Beer Consumers Union, UK Society of Independent Brewers, UK Beer & Pubs, German Association of Mid-Sized Private Breweries and of course the two Danish Brewery Associations.
Our goal is to present up to 140 Danish and International exhibitors serving beer from 450 different breweries at the festival – more than any other festival in Europe.
This event will be completely unique with a range of more than 2000 different beers.
European Beer Festival will be open for all kinds of guests: beer enthusiasts, consumers, pub owners, waiters, chefs, men and women. The only demand is a passion for good beer. We expect more than 20.000 guests at the festival.
Besides the good beer we are planning a series of related events before and during the festival.
We decided today to send in two of our best beers at the WBC2008. The only reason why we only sent two items is due to our very little budget. Some luck will be needed because at the moment of edition, already 245 breweries sent in beers before us and probably another 500 will do so by the end of the year. Competition will be fearse... may the best win!
World Beer Cup 2008
Vande Woude
Vande Woude verdeeld onze bieren
Belgobaren & Monkscafé Sweden @ Struise
Belgobaren & Monkscafe @ Struise


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