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Mac OS X Server version 10.5: Enabling wiki access for Active Directory users

  • Last Modified on: October 17, 2007
  • Article: 306750

When using a Mac OS X Wiki Server that is bound to Active Directory, some configuration is required in order to allow users to authenticate using their Active Directory credentials. This is required because, by default, the wiki server uses CRAM-MD5 authentication, which is not supported by the Active Directory plugin.

In order to authenticate Active Directory users, you must enable clear text authentication for wikid. Note: In order to prevent sending passwords in the clear across the network, it is recommended that you also configure the wiki server for SSL.

Enabling clear text authentication for wikid

OpenTerminal and type these commands on one line each:

sudo serveradmin settings teams:enableClearTextAuth = yes
sudo serveradmin stop teams
sudo serveradmin start teams

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