List of Winners

Presented at Origins 1996

Best Historical Figure Series

Celts 25mm

Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Figure Series

Star Wars
West End Games

Best Vehicular Series

BattleTech: Vehicles & 'Mechs
Ral Partha Enterprises
Sculptors: C. Atkin, R. Kyde, J. Johnson, D. Summers, J. Wilhelm

Best Miniatures Accessory Series

American Civil War Buildings 15mm
Stone Mountain Miniatures
Sculptor: Kris Marquardt

Best Miniatures Rules

Heartbreaker Hobbies & Games
Designer: Bill King

Best Game Accessory (tie)

BattleTech Tech Readout 3058 (Battletech)
FASA Corp.
Designers: Hugh Brown, Chris Hartford, Sam Lewis, Bryan Nystul

Mage: The Ascension Tarot Deck (Mage: The Ascension)
White Wolf Game Studio
Designers: Jackie Cassada, Nicky Rea

Best Roleplaying Rules

Mage: The Ascension 2nd Edition
White Wolf Game Studio
Designer: Phil Brucato, Stewart Wieck

Best Roleplaying Adventure

Giovanni Chronicle: The Last Supper (Vampire)
White Wolf Game Studio
Designer: Daniel Greenberg

Best Roleplaying Supplement

Birthright (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons)
TSR, Inc.
Designer: Slade Hansen
Designers: Rich Baker, Colin McComb

Best Graphic Presentation of a Roleplaying Game, Adventure, or Supplement

Bug City (Shadowrun)
FASA Corp.
Art Director: Jim Nelson

Best Pre-20th Century Board Game (tie)

Colonial Diplomacy
The Avalon Hill Game Company
Designer: Dr. Peter Hawes

Three Days of Gettysburg
GMT Games
Designer: Richard Berg

Best Modern-Day Board Game

Empire of the Rising Sun
The Avalon Hill Game Company
Designer: Bruce Harper

Best Fantasy or Science-Fiction Board Game

Dragon Dice
TSR, Inc.
Designer: Lester Smith

Best Graphic Presentation of a Board Game

Armed and Dangerous (RoboRally)
Wizards of the Coast
Designer: Richard Garfield

Best Card Game

Middle-earth: The Wizards
Iron Crown Enterprises
Designer: Coleman Charlton

Best New Play-by-Mail Game

Swords of Pelarn, Legends 2
Midnight Games

Best Play-by-Mail Game (tie)

Illuminati Play by Mail
Flying Buffalo, Inc.
Designer: Draper Kauffman

Middle-earth Play By Mail
Game Systems Inc.
Designers: Bill Feild & Peter Stassun

Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Computer Game

MechWarrior II
Designers: Tom Doud & Sean Vesce
Production Director: John Spinale
Producer: Josh Resnick

Best Military or Strategy Computer Game

Panzer General
Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Best Game-Related Fiction

Tactics of Duty (BattleTech)
FASA Corp.
Author: Willam H. Keith

Best Professional Gaming Magazine

Shadis Magazine
Alderac Entertainment Group
Editor: D. J. Trindle

Best Amateur Gaming Magazine

Berg's Review of Games
Editor: Richard Berg

Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame

Axis & Allies
Nova Games, Milton Bradley
Designer: Lawrence Harris
Design Support: Joseph Angiolillo & Al Leonardi

Call of Cthulhu
Chaosium Inc.
Designers: Sandy Petersen & Lynn Willis

Liz Danforth

Special Achievement Awards

Encyclopedia Cthulhiana
Chaosium, Inc.
Author: Daniel Harms

Supermarina I (Command At Sea)
Clash of Arms Games
Designers: Gresham & Markawitz