A Mighty Heart (2007)

Also known as : "Un Coeur Invaincu"
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4/4Jolie, dominating nearly every scene, is rather remarkable in this star vehicle, effectively conveying a convincing combination of unwavering dedication and the dire desperation of a woman who insists on remaining at the center of the search for her man.
2/4A Mighty Heart is scrupulously journalistic, a would-be documentary that tells in rigorous detail but explains almost nothing. Who, what, when and where are covered, but not why.
4/4It's not easy to make a dramatic, tense movie when many in the audience already know the ending, but director Michael Winterbottom has created one of the most compelling and emotional movies you will see
A Mighty Heart
2/4It plays as a pandering vanity project for Angelina Jolie.
There's a compelling urgency about this riveting, highly political portrait of a brave and compassionate woman that allows us to feel as though we have partaken of her journey. Angelina Jolie is stunning.
3/5Impressively directed drama with an Oscar-worthy performance from Angelina Jolie, but the story isn't as tense or as moving as it should have been.
A Mighty Heart
CThe docudrama feels uncomfortably like pantomime.
An enormously moving document of the tense days between Pearl’s capture and the news that he was dead.
3/4Powerful dramatization told with admirable, realistic rigor.
C+...if you're familiar with the story, the movie whizzes by without leaving you with fresh revelation or insight. If you don't know it, all Winterbottom presents is a series of facts leavened with small, tight emotions.

3/5A solid, uncomfortable account of a wife’s ordeal, with a strong turn from Jolie, but strangely lacking an emotional focus.
Nothing in A Mighty Heart conveys the magnanimity of its title.
A Mighty Heart
81/100This is a filmmaker who respects his audience enough to let us decide for ourselves, and Jolie likewise shows us respect by playing Mariane without overblown affectation.
3.5/5he movie is engrossing and well-acted throughout ... but ultimately leaves us less optimistic about the prospects for peace.
3/4As impressive as Jolie's transformation is, the film's real star is director Michael Winterbottom, who never lets the high-profile actress overwhelm his film, which is more of a character piece than a kidnapping drama.
3/5Hollywood's biggest star of the moment and weekly tabloid cover girl doesn't overwhelm the film adaptation of Mariane Pearl's biography.
BJolie is such an expressive actress that there's always a danger she'll overplay the part, but one major misstep aside, she slips into Winterbottom's wide-ranging procedural and asserts herself only when dramatically necessary.
5/5Riveting for every second, A Mighty Heart is the most commercial film that director Michael Winterbottom has made in the ’00s, but it’s just as uncompromising as The Road to Guantanamo.
BGiven the pitfalls the director's achievement is considerable...makes its point without falling into the Stanley Kramer trap of becoming obvious and smugly didactic about it.
Angelina Jolie IS Mariane Pearl -- and that marquee-size "is" gets in the way, not of her performance, but of our ability to suspend disbelief and watch it.
A Mighty Heart

Average Rating: 7.2/10
3/4[Winterbottom] puts us in the middle of things, and lets us watch.
B+He [Winterbottom] approaches his subjects as very, very real, not just fodder for topical films.
4.5/5Both moving and frighteningly real.
3.5/4The film’s strict avoidance of exploitation and sensationalism only adds to the film’s emotional impact.
3/4Angelina Jolie's intelligently tucked-in performance as Mariane avoids grandstanding, receding instead into the intricate tapestry of Michael Winterbottom's tense and authentically relayed film.
A Mighty Heart
3.5/4Much of A Mighty Heart plays like a documentary. It feels truthful instead of puffed up to be more commercial.
B-The twisting of narrative perspective that pushes the missing man's wife so insistently into the foreground makes A Mighty Heart a mighty challenge.
This movie does not fully separate itself from our admittedly low -- even slightly shameful -- expectations, does not become the pure documentary it might perhaps better have been.
Angelina Jolie gives one of the most commanding and moving performances of her career.
2.5/4To experience the grief of a death, one must know something of the life, no? That's the assumption of a movie like Silkwood. It is not assumed in A Mighty Heart, which tells us precious little about Mariane and Danny
(1-30) of 173, sorted by last name z-a
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