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Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage


The Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage is an official listing of buildings, sites, structures, objects, and districts worthy of preservation. These properties, which may be of national, state, and local significance, are deemed worthy of preservation by the Alabama Historical Commission (AHC). The designation is honorary and carries no restrictions or financial incentives.
Unlike the National Register of Historic Places, a federal program administered by the United States Department of the Interior, the Alabama Register (AR) was created by the AHC to provide the public with a quick, easy way to bring recognition to historic properties.
Persons interested in historic recognition are encouraged to begin with the Alabama Register program, as it helps AHC staff determine whether or not a property is eligible for the National Register.  The Alabama Register includes properties such as cemeteries, churches, moved properties, reconstructed properties, and properties at least 40 years old which may not normally qualify for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. We have provided a guide to researching old buildings in Alabama. (click here)
Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of properties are eligible?
Properties at least 40 years old that are:
. associated with events of state or local significance,
. associated with the lives of persons of state or local significance, and/or
. representative of a type, style, or period of architecture, and /or
. associated with Alabama’s history or prehistory

How can I get my property listed?
Complete the Preliminary Information Form specifying the type of property you wish to nominate (i.e. house, store, school, church, cemetery), including a brief description and history of the property. You may be contacted for additional information.

Does listing my property in the Alabama Register automatically mean I will be listed in the National Register?                                                   Listing to the Alabama Register does not automatically insure that a property meets the eligibility requirements for the National Register. If you are interested in having a property listed in the National Register after it is listed in the Alabama Register, please contact the staff for more details.

Can I get my property listed in the Alabama Register and National Register at the same time?
The process of listing on both the Alabama and National Registers can be completed simultaneously if the property meets the criteria for both programs; however, this effort must be coordinated with the AHC Staff early in the process.
                                                                                                      How long does it take?
Since the Alabama Register was created to provide a speedy way to officially recognize Alabama’s important historic properties, the process of listing does not involve long delays. Although properties are reviewed in a timely manner, the length of time before the nomination is presented to the Alabama Register Review Committee varies dependent on the availability of the necessary information.

Why should I get my property listed to the Alabama Register?
Many people find that listing in the Alabama Register provides them with the recognition their property needs in a relatively short amount of time.
                                                                                                    Which properties are in the Alabama Register?
A list of properties in the Alabama Register is available alphabetically by county. 

For more information, contact the Alabama Register Hotline at (334) 230-2687.