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Last updated: 11/Mar/2001
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Just some random chit-chat
Just some site announcements really.� Well I have super important exams coming up so there won't be too many updates now.� I'll update whenever I can, but I can't promise that it will be like biweekly or something.� Oh, one other thing!� *goes into begging mode*� Vote for me!� Just click on that little animated gif in the blue column!� Thanks!
I got Final Fantasy IX!
Finally, Final Fantasy IX has arrived to Europe.� I've started playing the game and it's breathtaking!� Expect information soon.
Friday 2nd March 2001
The Kisaragi Campaign
Yuffie Kisaragi fans unite!� I've started the Kisaragi Campaign! Support Yuffie!!!
Friday 9th March 2001
I've got plans to redo this site completely, using HTML instead of PageBuilder (this site is made with PageBuilder).� The new look will have much faster loading time, easier navigation, and more features.� The site revamping should start in about 3 months (long time, I know, but I need to prepare all the HTML pages before doing anything.)� I've already started working on the new look, when it's finished I'll upload it straight away! *added text 24th April* The guestbook is down, I won't be answering any more questions about the games featured on this site until mid-June or July... I have important exams coming up soon... on Friday to be honest I start, and the amount of work is unbelievable... I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but it really can't be helped. For more information check the Guestbook page. Thanks.
Friday 9th March 2001
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