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Friday, January 17th, 2003
TNL Closed & Archived - demonrage

With the launch of and the addition of an in-house files system, TNL is now officially closed, and has been added to the ShogoMAD Archive! All the links within the website will continue to work, but file sections and news here will no longer be updated. For a more recent listing of files, head back to ShogoMAD and check out the files section links on the left sidebar!

TNL would like to thank everyone in the Shogo community for their support and taking time out to send in updates and news over the last 4 years (omg, 4 years!). In the future, help support Shogo and keep it alive by showing your support for!  

Sunday, December 15th, 2002
Site update & files Added: Anti Cheats - demonrage

First I'd like to point out that TNL is seeing its first update in over 2 years! With the current failing situations at GameSpy and now on IRC, TNL has moved again to it's new and final resting place,! ShogoMAD will be the new community meeting place with constant updates from the community; not by a corporation that thinks this game isn't worth the time because the ad revenue is down..

Next we have the latest anti-cheat files written by Apocalypse_DFA! These are the files you'll need to play on just about any shogo server out there these days. It protects against the widely popular rapidfire and skinny rez cheats that have plagued this game for years.

Download Anti-Cheat 2.23 CLIENT side patch

Download Anti-Cheat 5.2 SERVER side patch

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2000
File Added: Anti Lag Patch - demonrage

For those of you who havent picked up this dandy file to help relieve some of the typical "Shogo lag", here it is. Just unzip to your main Shogo directory and the file will automatically load everytime you play =].

Download Anti Lag Patch

Thursday, April 20th, 2000
Another New Map By i82: OF Maniac Maze - demonrage

Looks like i82 has been a bit busy, as he has cranked out yet another sweet level. This is a larger size OF level, with something for just about everyone in it. As I took a stroll thru it i found a nice sized open room with a suspended bridge (below-left), an outside area complete with the painful green-goo (below-right), and of course the inside maze-like area. This level would be a good bet for 4-8 people, as weapons and power-ups are pretty abundant in this large level. Be sure to at least check this one out even if it's just on your own, cause this is one hell of a cool level =].


Download OF Maniac Maze

New Map By i82: OF Maniac Tower - demonrage

Interstate 82 has once again succeeded in dazzling us with another retail-quality level. This one is yet another addition to his 'Maniac' series, and in tradition has kept the quality of the level extremely high with his excellent lighting usage and layout design. I took a quick spin to see how an OF deathmatch would fair, and i must say it looks to be a damn nice level for about 2-6 people. An excellent compromise between a madskillz style level and a larger, more strategic level. Maniac Tower is a sure shot for any server runnin custom maps, and should be pretty sweet for some nice 1on1's as well =]. The screenies below are as alwayz for your viewing pleasure, so take a look and nab the map, its a nice and quick dl weighing in at only 175kb zipped, and u wont be disappointed =].


Download OF Maniac Tower

Thursday, December 16th, 1999
New Map By Niall: DM Jumper - demonrage

Here's another new board to feast your eyes on, a nice small to medium sized OF level. Inspired by Quake 3, Niall added the infamous 'jumpers' to this level, which is the first Shogo map I've encountered that uses this technique. Not quite exactly the same as the catapulting Q3 version, but none the less cool. A bit tricky to master since it only pops you up just high enough to get to the floor above, but once u get the hang of it it's not a problem. Anyway, take a gander at the screenshots and decide for yourself =].


Download DM Jumper

Legacy of the Fallen: Resurrection - demonrage

Just got word from Sho that he (and his soon to be team) is picking up the LOF project (abandoned commercial MOD). He's just gotten underway, and is lookin for a few helping hands with the game programming. His current focus is on object.lto coding, so if you're familiar with this or other aspects of the Shogo code and wanna be a part of it all, drop either Sho or myself a line. With time and effort, this will prove to be one hell of a MOD release =].

Tuesday, December 14th, 1999
New Map For DTM: Flying Buttress - demonrage

The DTM team just released this spankin' new map, and it looks to be up to the same quality as it's predecessors. This map follows pretty much the same style as well; multi level, soft lighting (provides for some good ol' fashioned hiding), and corridors a-plenty. If you love DTM as much as i do, you're definately gonna want to throw this board into your rotation =]. Take a look at the screenies and grab the map below:


Download Flying Buttress

Saturday, December 4th, 1999
New Map by Chris Hedberg: MCA Stardest - demonrage

A project once started a ways back by the one and only config guy at planetshogo (now working for Monolith), Chris Hedberg has managed to find the time to crank this MCA level out. It's a small board, quite worthy for a furious 1-on-1. Gameplay will be much like Madskillz, although when standing on top of a star destroyer, you must have a good grip on your surroundings, so as not to fall off the sides. Excellent use of lighting on this board, makes the level look just right. But enough of my blabbing, take a look at the screenies and be sure to grab this one and try it out:


Download MCA Stardest

Friday, November 19th, 1999
New Map by Interstate 82: OF Maniac Kickass - demonrage

Can you handle it? Another level by the maniac himself, i82. This one is a redone version of the first board from the single player mod 'The Maniac Challenge', now revamped for some multiplayer OF mayham. With new sounds, graphics, and lighting effects, this level stands out in a category of its own for DM maps: Kickass. Take a look at the screenies below and be sure to grab this level before you wander off into the great unknown..


Download Maniac Kickass

Monday, September 27th, 1999
New Map by The Chosen: MCA CHEOPS - demonrage

This is a nice MCA map that might take a new strategy to really dominate such a layout as this. I took a walk around it and found a couple cool things, such as the underground water way that leads from the lowest floor to the outside of the pyramid, and the mass usage of pillars inside the pyramid is sure to create some interesting scraps. (Be careful with the bullgut in there..hehe..). Here's what The Chosen had to say about his 2nd level:
I have so much learned at my first Map (MCA_THE_PYRAMID). You are in a dessert lanscape, the core of the Map is a Pyramid with five floors. The Pyramid is more detailed and bigger as in my first Map so you can better get around. And there is NO RR in this Map! Try it and if you like or hate it, please give me some feedback.


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