Bedspread Medallion No. 37

Lily's Album of Crocheted Designs

Book 1200

Lily Mills Co.


MATERIALS-Lily SKYTONE Mercerized Crochet Cotton, No. 1, in Cream.

Crochet hook size 7.

Size-5 1/4".

Ch 6, dc in 1st st, (ch 2, dc in same st) 6 times, ch 2, sl st in 1st 3-ch.

ROW 2-Ch 1, sc in next 2-ch, ch 8, (1 dc 9 tr, 1 dc) in 4th st from hook, * ch 3, sl st in same st 4 sc over next 4-ch, sc in next dc, sc in next sp, ch 8, dc in 4th st, sl st back in last dc on previous shell, 9 tr and 1 dc in same st with dc. Repeat from * around (shells), Fasten off. Tack 1st and last shells together.

ROW 3- Join to one shell, (ch 13, sc in next shell) 8 times.

ROW 4 -Ch 1, (15 sc in 13-ch, sc in sc) around, sl st in 1-ch.

POINTS-Sl st in next 2 sc, (ch 4, sc in next 2d sc) 5 times, ch 2, dc in next 2d sc. * Turn, (ch 4, sc in next loop) across to 2d from end, ch 2, dc in end loop. Repeat from * twice. Ch 5, turn, sc in next loop, ch 2, dc in next. Ch 5, turn, sc in next loop. Cut leaving tail 1" long. Turn, join to next 4th sc and make another point. Repeat around.

EDGE-After 8th point, ch 1, turn, * (3 sc, ch 4, sl st in last sc for a p, and 3 sc) in 5-ch, (a p, 3 sc in next sp) twice, (3 sc in next sp) 3 times, 1 sc between points, (3 sc in next sp) 3 times, ch 9, turn, sl st in 9th sc up previous point, ch 1, turn, (5 sc, p, 5 sc) in loop, (3 sc in next sp, a p) twice. Repeat from * around, working over ends left from points. Fasten off.

CORNERS-Wrong-side-up, join to 2d p on 1 point, (ch 2, tr) 6 times in p between points, ch 2, sc in next 2d p. Ch 1, turn, (2 sc, a p, 1 sc) in each sp. Fasten off.

Repeat 3 times.

Stretch and pin right-side-down in a true square. Steam and press dry thru a cloth.

Join medallions by 9 ps on each side.

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