Since the Shogo Community Seems to be pff in it's own world, I saw it fit to make this section. No game has the player to coder/mapmaker ratio that Shogo appears to have. With so few players, many of them are also designers, coders, mapmakers, or web site runners, for a most excellent game, Shogo. When reading these, please remember that whoever the author was, did not write these rants for a book or anything to be published. They are simply written to get one's feelings out to the community through an organized way.

Now every rant is open to responses but it must be a decent response since I am going to review each response before posting it. All responses will be on a seperate page and in order of them being received (please allow up to 24 hours to get a response posted). There is not a deadline for responses and the number of responses will be updated on this main page next to the appropriate rant.

Do you have a rant you'd like to submit? All will be reviewed and if it is suitable to be posted up for the rant of the week, you will be notified and told which week it will go up. All entries and comments should send an e-mail to". Please use the response URL on the rant page to make adding responses easier on me. With those e-mail links, I already have the Subject filled out. If you choose to change it please tell me what rant it is that you are replying to.

Thanks, Rob (Coonz).

Rant #1: Lag, LPBs, HPWs and other stuff about ping
8 Responses

Rant #2: The Shogo Community
0 Responses

Rant #3: Is Monolith doing enough?
2 Responses

Rant #4: Gaming Violence
2 Responses

Rant #5: Camping, is it an Art?
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