Is Shogo all it's cracked up to be? There's one sure way to find out. Jason Hall (pictured, right) went into the den of wolves and brought Shogo to a recent PlanetQuake LAN Party, Bastard's BeatDown XIV, where he showed the game to 80 die-hard Quake and Quake II fans. These guys have been playing Quake for years -- they're hardcore! Could anything impress them?

Quake fans put Shogo through its paces.

There's no better way to get feedback on your game than to give it to gamers to try out on a LAN. Of course, when the gamers you pick are die-hard Quake fans, and the LAN they're on is smack in the middle of the insanity of Bastard's BeatDown LAN party, you might just be pushing the envelope.

Amidst the chaos of PlanetQuake's monthly LAN party, Jason Hall gave 80 gamers a whole weekend to play Shogo, both in single-player and multiplayer modes. Afterward we asked them to email us their opinions and we've printed their thoughts on the game below. Nope, no editing here, response was really that positive!

PlanetQuake's Fargo took the time to put together a three-page Shogo review, which you can also check out if you're interested in the nitty gritty. Meantime, let's hear from the rest of the gang:

"They're already talking about the Shogo tourney..."
"Well, after having played Shogo nonstop for several hours over the beatdown weekend, I can say that Shogo, without a doubt, ROCKS. A big congrats to Monolith, and a big thanks to Jason for stopping by and showing it off. It was a gamble, showing a non Quake game to hardcore Quakers at the beatdown, but it paid off. Everyone was every bit as psyched and excited about Shogo as I was! They're already talking about the Shogo tourney that will take place at the next beatdown.

Shogo's big strength is making you feel like you're controlling a massive mech. Nothing is cooler than seeing the smoking path of devastation you've left in your wake after an intense firefight...

I'm going to be looking forward to the support the user community gives this game when it comes out. For me, and for others that I know, Shogo will probably take the place of Quake2 as our multiplayer game of choice."

        -Bryan "Mungo" Lippert

"The Jolly Green Giant - with guns."
"I played it for only a short time, in single player mode, but I plan to buy it the INSTANT it becomes available near me. The weapons kick ass. The visual effects are amazing. My absolute favorite, of course, are the missile smoke trails. One other very cool aspect is how it really feels like you are piloting a vehicle. In the same way Quake 2 accurately captures the feel of moving your own body around a map, Shogo really feels like you're in a 50 foot tall mech walking the earth like the Jolly Green Giant - with guns."

        -Cory "E. Bola" Chapman

"No one will be left out of the 3D spectacle."
"Shogo Rocked! The fact that it will support almost every 3d card out there as Jason was explaining is awesome. No one will be left out on the 3d spectacle. Killer explosions and smoke lingering afterwards is great. A more anime approach to the visuals in game would have been a nice touch."

        -Matthew "Darx" Keen

"Visually it rocked HARD!"
"I did not play it but I watched it for maybe an hour total. Visually it rocked HARD! The weapon effects, the sounds, the maps... they were all cool. One thing that appeared to need work was the enemy AI. I saw several people exploiting limitations in the AI like shooting from around corners and knowing that they wouldn't be pursued. I will still be buying this one."

        - Johnie "Jammin" Wardlaw

"The graphics were awesome, they blew Sin away."
"Overall I liked it. The graphics were awesome, they blew Sin away. I especially liked that massive rocket launcher. I played single player, it was cool. They did a decent job with scale. I actually felt like I was a giant robot running down the street. Didn't play any multiplayer. I watched some people go at it. I will buy this game, definately."

        -Tom "Skillet" Bissell

"Bring on the Mutha fuckin' Shogo!"
"That game totally impressed me dude. Many details and the game looked like it was running ultra smooth. Loved it. Ill surely do whatever is needed to be able to run that game at its full potential when its released. The weapons rocked! BRING ON THE MUTHA FUCKEN SHOGO!!!"

        -Darin "Kunani" Ferraro

"Over all I give the game a 10."
"The Shogo games rocks, very stable engine, runs great and very smooth, was a little disappointed in a few areas, 1. you in a mech suit, that i guess would weigh a lot, so why no damage to the streets your jumping on, or the buildings? just a thought, 2. the fog in this game rocks, but in death match could be a prob., 3. along with the after math of weapons, with the huge explosion that comes with some of the weapons, a lil damage to surroundings would be nice..... over all i give the game a 10 it ROCKS!"

        -Vito Louis "Zues" Sansevero

"Nothing could have prepared me for the st0nking."
"When I heard that Shogo was going to be at the Beatdown, I admit I was excited that I was going to get to see this new game, but nothing could have prepared me for the st0nking action I experienced this weekend. First, you get two games in one:

1) Balls to the walls Mech Action. Forget all those other mech games... I'm tired of running around looking at my radar and trying to pick off the enemy mechs with a gauss rifle from 1000 Miles away. Now you can rush someone with sword of death while dodging sticky mines being launched in your face.

2) Killer regular FPS experiences. When your not in your psycho weapon toting Mech, you get Tight control and weapons that any FPS player dreams of. Now I admit pistols, a shotgun, a machine gun, a rocket launcher, etc. are not "new and inventive", but perhaps Shogo has the right idea. When I was playing Unreal, I never really felt like I knew each weapon. When I whipped out my shotgun in Shogo, I knew what kind of damage to expect.

Next, I have to talk about the effects in Shogo. I love good anime simply because the visuals are so over the top. Shogo brings all of this to life on my screen. When the action heats up there are so many effects and weapons in the air that sometimes you can use the smoke as cover to get a better position to kill your enemies.

I really can't say enough about this game. I never would have considered purchasing Shogo, but now I can't wait for its release. On the day it comes out I'll be picking up my copy of Shogo and I suggest you do too."

        -Jerod "JohnnyFlash" Bennett

"I wish that Sin was even a 1/4 as fun as Shogo."
"Here is my take on Shogo. That game absolutely rocks. I wish that Sin was even a 1/4 as fun as Shogo. It was a beta that we played and the network code (at least on a LAN) played awesome. The death match had a great feel to it. The graphics blew my mind. I loved watching the rockets swirl out of the gun. Simply amazing looking. The whole single player missions, which I spent at least 4 hours on was sooooo much fun. It had just the right amount of humor and serious conversation to make it a winner. If anyone liked robotech when they were kids they will LOVE this game. It is the first game I have played that gave me the feel of robotech. The player models were great and the weapons, OMG they ROCK!!!!!!!!!! From the looks of them to the sounds of them being fired and the following explosions ROCK!!!! I am buying this game the day it hits the shelf!!!!! Thanx Jason for letting us play SHOGO!!!!!"

        -Chris "LordCrom" Cromwell

"Just when I am getting so tired of 1st person shooters Shogo comes along..."
"I would first like to thank Jason Hall for allowing us to demo Shogo. I think it is by far the most beautiful game i have ever seen. I enjoyed playing it immensely. Just when I am getting so tired of 1st person shooters Shogo comes along and makes me remember why I liked 1st person shooters in the first place. Also I have already reserved my copy of Shogo at my local software store. I can't wait."

        - William "Hammelhand" Crenshaw

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