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ILSI International Food Biotechnology Committee (IFBiC)

The ILSI International Food Biotechnology Committee (IFBiC) was established in 1997 to support the development and harmonization of science-based regulations around the world for biotechnology-derived food products and to disseminate science-based information regarding the safety assessment of these products to governments, industry, academia, and other interested groups around the world. 


Workshop on Sampling and Analytical Detection Methods for Products of Agricultural Biotechnology in NAFTA Countries, October 11-12, 2007.

This workshop enabled researchers from the US, Canada, and Mexico to review scientific criteria necessary for considering how to apply methods of sampling and analysis for the detection of GM products.  Participants from the responsible government agencies and other key experts shared their perspectives and latest research on the first day.  The second day, provided the opportunity to discuss the scientific and communication gaps and ways to bridge these gaps were proposed.  Ultimately, it is hoped that this activity will be a step towards the development of a road map with the agencies for a harmonized science-based  approach to testing.

Click to view the Background Paper, Workshop Program and Presentations.

New Publication!  Best Practices for the Conduct of Animal Studies to
Evaluate Crops Genetically Modified for Output Traits. 

This manuscript presents the rationale and specific best practices on how to conduct animal studies to evaluate crops genetically modified for traits that confer improved nutrient characteristics to the crop. The document is available by free download or may be ordered for $15 US. For more information on this project, click here.

ILSI Pre-OECD Workshop: Athens Greece, September 2006

IFBiC CORE ACTIVITIES (Outreach and Education)

  • Training Workshops on Safety and Risk Assessment of GM Foods and Feeds
  • Training Workshops on Sampling and Detection Methods for GM Foods 
  • Biotechnology-derived Nutritious Foods for Developing Countries: Needs, Opportunities and Barriers

IFBiC TASK FORCE ACTIVITIES (Development of Consensus Documents)

Safety and Nutritional Assessment of Foods and Feeds Nutritionally Improved through Biotechnology 

Best Practices for the Conduct of Animal Studies to Evaluate Genetically Modified Crops 

ILSI Crop Composition Database 

Expert Scientific Paper on Safety Evaluation of Proteins Introduced into Food and Feed Crops 

Application of Food and Feed Safety Assessmen Principles to Evaluate Biotechnolgy-Derived Crops Produced Using New Technologies: Modifications that Affect Endogenous Plant Gene Expression


  • The committee developed an ILSI Resource Guide on key scientific publications in key topics on biotech, including general food safety, protein safety, allergy assessment, and substantial equivalence.  This guide, updated on a regular basis, contains titles of over 1,200 publications and reports.  The guide is available by clicking here.
  • The committee regularly interacts with the ILSI Regional Entities and together they have established the ILSI BiotechNetwork.  The ILSI BiotechNetwork facilitates communication of activities, identification and prioritization of common regional and international program goals, and fosters opportunities for collaboration through quarterly conference calls and a portal for ILSI staff and interested members.


This committee was formed based on the needs of ILSI members and the critical roles that ILSI played in the development of two seminal reports:

  • 1990 Report entitled "Biotechnologies and Food: Assuring the Safety of Foods Produced by Genetic Modification" published in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, a collaboration with the International Food Biotechnology Council, which was the first comprehensive guidance document on the food safety assessment for foods derived from biotechnology; and
  • Series of reports published in 1996 in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition under the leadership of the ILSI Allergy and Immunology Institute (AII), which provided guidance for assessing the allergenic potential of foods derived from biotechnology.  The concepts and recommendations contained in these key documents have served and continue to serve as key international contributions to the science-based safety assessment of foods derived from biotechnology.

The ILSI International Food Biotechnology Committee has made and continues to make significant scientific contributions to the development and harmonization of the food safety assessment of biotechnology crops, and provides access to critical, up-to-date scientific information to key public and private stakeholders around the world.  The committee conducts two types of activities: core activities, supported by all member companies; and task force activities, supported by at least five member companies.

For more information about this or other IFBiC activities, please contact Dr. Marci Levine,

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ILSI Crop Composition Database
Methods Workshop Presentations
Best Practices for the Conduct of Animal Studies to Evaluate Genetically Modified Crops
Application of Food and Feed Safety Assessment Principles
Expert Scientific Paper on Safety Evaluation of Proteins Introduced into Food and Feed Crops