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IA #99-08,  ----  7/6/94	ATTACHMENT REVISED 1/03/08


*** This alert is being revised to reflect updated format and to correct the charge.***

TYPE OF ALERT:	Detention Without Physical Examination

Note:	This import alert contains guidance to FDA field personnel only.  It does not establish any requiremen
ts, or create any rights or obligations on FDA or on regulated entities.

PRODUCT:		Processed Food Products

PRODUCT CODE:	See Attachment

PROBLEM:		Illegal Pesticide Residues

PAF:			PES (Pesticide Residues)


COUNTRY:		See Attachment

SHIPPER:		See Attachment

SHIPPER I.D.#:	See Attachment

I.D. #:		N/A

CHARGE:		"The article is subject to refusal of admission pursuant to Section 801(a)(3) in that it appea
rs to contain a pesticide chemical, namely ______________, which is in violation of Section 402(a)(2)(B)."


OFFICE:		Division of Import Operations and Policy, HFC-170

ALERT:		This alert provides a compilation of all processed foods that may be subject to detention with
out physical examination due to illegal pesticide residues pursuant to the procedures outlined in Chapter 9 of
 the RPM.

GUIDANCE:		Districts may detain without physical examination shipments of the products identified
 in the attachment if the shipper or manufacturer fails to provide a valid certificate of analysis showing the
 product does not contain illegal residues of the cited pesticide(s).

A firm and product subject to detention without physical examination for a specific pesticide under this impor
t alert may also be exempt from the detention recommendation on Attachment B of Import Alert #99-15 for a diff
erent pesticide(s).  In that case, the firm is still required to provide certification that the product is fre
e from the pesticide listed in the attachment to this import alert.  If the firm cannot provide certification,
 the product should be detained with the charge shown above.  The firm does not need to provide certification 
that the product is free from the pesticides shown on Import Alert #99-15.

In the attachment, the column listing the commodity shows the episode number associated with the commodity dir
ectly below, along with the abbreviation of the recommending district.

For questions or issues concerning science, science policy, sample collection, analysis, preparation, or analy
tical methodology, contact the Division of Field Science at (301) 827-7650.


FOI:			No purging required.

KEYWORDS:		Processed, pesticides, industrial chemicals, chemicals

PREPARED BY:	Ted Poplawski, DIOP, 301-443-6553

INTO FIARS:		February 26, 2001



Dates, Dried	O & D Office National		Lindane		3/16/98
702-2338166-9	De La Dattess
I149722-BUF		Beskra, Algeria
21H[]H05		FEI# 3001338127



Apple Chops		Valley Evaporating Co.		Permethrin		11/14/01
112-9117191-5	Ruta 151 Km O Cipoletti R.N.
142365/20N[][]01	Cipoletti Rio Negro, Argentina
SEA-DO		FEI# 1000236258

Pear, Dried		Montecoman S.A.			Cypermethrin	3/3/04
20N[]H03/		Charlone 2117
20Q[][]03		Buenos Aires, Argentina
906-0252494-5	FEI# 3003045572

Raisins		MFR: Paladini Agroindustrias 	Bromopropylate	1/3/2000
XXX-0023271-1	Gorriti 1315 Sur
W13-4137788-7	5411 Santa Lucia
I 238802/74436	Provincia San Juan, Argentina
20B[][]10 - SEA	FEI# 3002699472

			SHIPPER: 	Golden Boy Foods
					Div Johnson JB Coffee & Food
					8820 Northbrook Court
					Burnaby, B.C., Canada V5J 5R5

Sunflower Seeds	Conagra International		Fenitrothion
597784-MIN		Geneva Switzerland
			San Pedro, Argentina

Stoned Wheats	Alimentos Granix de la		Fenitrothion	3/25/94
(Crackers)		Assoc. Buenos Aires
1935438 - ATL	Argentina 1602 Florida

Strawberries	Cia Industrial Fruti-		Procymidone		3/30/2000
(Frozen)		horticola, S.A.			Chlorothalonil
110-3090918-7	Ruta 229, Km 19
83265 - LOS		Mar Del Plata, Argentina
20A[]D14		FEI# 3002911490

Raspberry juice	Rauch Fruchtsafte	m.b.H.	Pyrimethanil	10/28/04
  Concentrate	  & Co.
20D[][]13/		Langasse 1
20F[][]13/		Rankweil, Austria
30A[][]01/		FEI# 3000955535



Apricot Paste	Henry Jones Food Pty Ltd	Chlorpyrifos	12/7/95
2002319 - FLA	Church Street
			Kyabram, Vic, Australia  3620
			FEI# 1000416971

Chana Dall		J.K. International		Chlorpyrifos	3/31/92
(split chick	Pty. Ltd.
peas)			Brisbane, Australia
1714804 - DET

Chana Dall		J.K. International		Chlorpyrifos	10/4/91
(dried split	Pty. Ltd.				Methyl
mung beans)		Queensland, Australia
1831357 - SAN

Chana Dall		Ag-Exports Pty Ltd		Chlorpyrifos	10/4/91
(dried split	Chatswood, Australia		Methyl
mung beans)
1839526 - SAN

Chana Dhal		Ag-Exports Pty Ltd		Fenitrothion	12/15/92
1803427 - SAN	Chatswood, Australia

Echinacea Premium		Mediherb			P,P DDT		8/14/07
Tablets			124 Mcevoy Street		Dieldrin
54F[][]08			Maryvale, Australia
378669 - CHI-DO		FEI# 3002812234

Kala Chana		J. K. International		Chlorpyrifos	8/4/92
Chick Peas		Queensland, Australia		Methyl
1801179 - SAN

Mango Juice		Food Ingredients			Dimethoate		3/13/01
Concentrate		Australia Pty Ltd
N16-1003619-9	Suite 13 16-18 Malvern Ave
I294899/123743	Chatswood, NSW, Australia
21X[]D05 - SEA	FEI# 3003220189



Green Beans		Ardovries				Procymidone		1/20/98
(Frozen)		Wezestraat 61
712-0106923-4	Ardooie, Belgium B8850
I143156 - LOS	FEI# 3000122610

Green Beans,	NV Pasfrost				Vinclozolin		5/9/07
Whole (Frozen)	Passendalestraat 80
24A[][]D14		Passendale, Belgium B8980
406153 NYK		FEI# 1000569723

Peas & carrots,	Dicogel N.V.			Procymidone		10/10/03
  Frozen		Oostnieuwkerkestraat 2
25E[]D02/		Staden, Belgium
25E[]T02		FEI# 3003894234



Blackberries,	Alians Trade			Procymidone		1/18/05
  Frozen		75000 Tuzla
20A[]D01		Rudarska, Bosnia-Hercegovina
20A[]T01		FEI# 3003094186
NYK-DO   307170
			Shipper:  Charles Masson, Inc.
			9899 Transcanada Highway
			St. Laurent, Canada
			FEI# 3004338706



Cherries, pitted	Konex-Tiva Ltd.			Procymidone		1/26/04
(Bottled)		9 Bulgaria Blvd.
21G[]T03		Sofia, Bulgaria
TZ8-0109320-2	FEI# 3003072133



Black Beans		Bharat Enterprises		BHC			10/17/97
110-5751801-9/	8242 Frasier Street
002/001 - SEA	Vancouver, BC, Canada
(I138155)		FEI# 3000220359

Black Currant Puree/	Fraser Valley Packers Inc	Captan	07/19/06
Blackcurrant Puree	260 Short Road
20A[][]05/20F[][]05	Abbotsford, BC V2S 8A8
LAB# 377518, NYK-DO	Canada
FEI 3003062314

Black currant	Pacific Coast Fruit		Azinphos methyl	9/1/05
  puree		  Products Ltd.
20F[][]05		34352 Industrial Way
343138   SEA-DO	Abbotsford, Canada
FEI# 3000091011

Chana dal      	Golden Boy Foods    		BHC            	4/5/96
24B[][]70      	8820 Northbrook Ct.
I105884 -      	Burnaby, V5J 5J1, Canada
               	FEI# 1000315265

Chana Dal       Golden Boy Foods         		BHC/Lindane    	10/7/97
110-5752027-0   8820 Northbrook Court
(I138295)-SEA   Burnaby,, Canada
24A[][]06       FEI# 1000152603
                (See India for Manufacturer: Kirit Foods)

Chocolate crunch	Noble Foods Inc.			Pirimiphos methyl	9/1/05
  bars		20 Henri IV
07Y[][]99		Montreal, Canada
342998   SEA-DO	FEI# 3004335127

Currants,		Lucerne Food Ltd.			Chlorothalonil	2/1/94
Frz, Black		31122 S. Fraser Way
110-4575270-3	Clearbrook, B.C., Canada

Frozen		Valley Berries Marketing  	Captan		8/1/94
Currants		34372 Industrial Way
SEA - I102018	Abbotsford, British Columbia

Split Chick     Shipper: Seth Trading      	BHC          	12/3/90
 Peas           Co. Ltd.
(from India)    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
916303 - BUF    (ALSO SEE INDIA)

Chana Dalia,	Ramdev Food Products		BHC		8/15/00
Garbanzo Bean,	Pvt. Ltd. (Ramdev Exports)
Dried or paste	Plot 29-P Santej-Vadodara Road
J89-0073094-8	Sanntej, Kalol
I265564/98807	Gandhinagar, India
24A--20		FEI# 3004295823

Chana Dall      Shah Brothers Imports      	BHC          	3/10/92
Split Chickpeas Mississauga, Ontario,
1714806         Canada
                (Ajay's Brand)

Frozen Green 	Tropical Whole Sale* 	Tebuconazole	3/4/02
Chili Peppers	Ltd.
24F[][]08		11955 95th Avenue
211-9650630-3	Delta, British Columbia
FACTS: 162611	Canada
			FEI #3003386610

Frozen Silver	Imperial Seafoods, Inc.       Mirex			3/7/94
 Eels			5860 Bois Street
919561 - BUF	St. Hyacinthe, Quebec J2S 1A1

Ginseng		Victory Ginseng (Canada) Ltd.	Quintozene	 	4/1/04
54F[][]12		RR 3
300-1175355-2	Vanessa, Canada
BUF-BR		FEI# 3003117172

Ginseng, dried	Hsu's Ginseng Enterprises,	Quintozene,		10/10/03
54F[][]12		  Inc.				dacthal, DDE
144-3354383-4	4151 Hazelbridge Way
SEA-DO		Richmond, Canada
			FEI# 3002104484

Ginseng, dried	Kettle Mountain Ginseng		Pentachloroani-	3/28/03
54F[][]12		  Co., Ltd.				Line, Quintozene,
163-0078288-1	2850 Dunster Road			Pentachlorobenzene
MIN-DO		Kelowna, Canada
FEI# 3003881022

Ginseng Root    American Ginseng        		Quintozene        3/4/98
(Dried)         Enterprises
211-6236299-6   Suite 3B
I149761 - SEA   7218 Progress Way
54F[]T12        Delta, British Columbia
                Canada V4G 1H2
                FEI# 3001265028

Ginseng Root	Anthony Kowanetz,			p,p-DDE &		8/30/07
54F[][]12		200 MANNING RD 106, WINDSOR,	p,p'-DDT
426804 - DET-DO	Canada, N8N0A8
			FEI# 3005746714

Ginseng		SISU Enterprises Co., Ltd.	Pentachloro-	11/9/98
Phytosome		1049 Brighton Avenue		aniline
110-9061832-1	Burnaby, B.C., Canada
I 190745/31330	FEI# 3002345819
54F-E12 - SEA

Ginseng powder	Chai Na Ta Corp.			Quintozine/		12/22/98
54F[][]12		5965-205 A St.			Pentachloroaniline/
211-6340591-9	Langley, Canada			Pentachlorophenyl-
SEA-DO		FEI# 1000495768			methylsulfide

Ginseng Powder	Banner Pharmacaps Canada	Quintozene	10/30/2000
300-8281660-1	5807 47th Avenue			Technazene
1274423/106795	Olds, Alberta, Canada T4H1S7
54B[]Z12 - SEA	FEI# 3002669285

Ginseng		Imperial Ginseng Distributors	PCB			12/9/98
445-0575420-8	650 West Georgia Street		PCNB
I 193215/33884	Vancouver, B.C., Canada		PCA
54F[][]12 - SEA	FEI# 3000067061			pp'DDE

Ginseng powder	Nutri-Loc Dried Foods		p, p-DDE		8/9/04
54F[][]12		1066 Clivedon Ave.
582-4627542-4	New Westminster, Canada
SEA-DO		FEI# 3004467081

Ginseng powder	Viva Pharmaceuticals Inc.	Quintozene		8/9/04
54F[][]12		13880 Viking Pl.
582-7401288-9	Richmond, Canada
SEA-DO		FEI# 3002704547

Ginseng Roots	Canada Phytopharmaceuti-	PCB			11/20/98
Powder		 cals Co.				Quintozene
144-6157331-4	13520 Crestwood Place		PCA
I 190565/31181	Richmond, B.C., Canada
54F[][]12 - SEA	FEI# 3001574072

Ginseng Root	Chai-Na-Ta Corp			PCNB			5/18/99
(Dry Cultivated	 5965 205A Street			TCNB
American) -		 Langley, B.C., Canada V3A 8C4
211-6381683-4	FEI# 1000495768
54F[]Y12 - SEA

Green Beans,	Les Aliments Brecon 		Procymidone		9/12/03
 frozen 		  Foods Inc.
24A[]D14/24A[]T14	189 Hymus Blvd., Suite 406
551-2855444-6	Pointe Claire, Canada
DET-DO		FEI# 3004097772

Molokhia       	Societte D'Avances       	Profenofos     	4/25/95
(Frozen)        	Commercial              	Dicofol
876936 - BUF   	2575 De Minaac
               	St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada
               	MID# XQSOCDAV2575STL
               	(PRODUCT OF EGYPT)

Dried Morel		Betty's Best			Alpha BHC		11/19/98
 Mushrooms		1001 Hilltop
T14-0203177-2	Brittania Beach, B.C., Canada
I 190794/31391	FEI# 3002327959
25P[][]06 - SEA

Dried Morel		Betty's Best Mushrooms, Inc.	Nicotine		8/25/04
 Mushroom		15 Main Street
25P[]C06/25P[]H06	Britannia Beach, Canada
25P[]C99/25P[]H99	FEI# 2000000299

Peas, dried		Indian Life Food Corp.		Ethion		8/23/05
24A[]H51/24A[]T51	3835 Second Ave.
24A[][]51		Burnaby, Canada
340014   SEA-DO	FEI# 3001601647

Chinese         Marshall Commodities    		Sulfotep          8/24/94
Blanched          Ltd.
Peanuts         150 Consumers Road
2014638 - DET   Suite 504
                Willowdale, Ontario
                Canada M2J 1P9
                MID# XOMARCOM150WIL

Sesame Seeds	Golden Boy Foods Inc.		Methyl Parathion	10/12/01
W13-4159246-9	(Div of Johnson J&B Coffee
141812 - SEA	& Food) (Shipper)
23K[]H02		8820 Northbrook Court
Burnaby, B.C., Canada
FEI# 3001387767

Sesame Seeds	MFR: Ramdev Exports		Methyl parathion	1/29/02
211-9609651-1	Ramdev Estate
154802 - SEA	311, Sola Char Rasa Near Sola
23K[][]02		Over Bridge
28A[][]43		Sarkhei Ganghinagar Highway
			Ahmedabad 380 060, Gujarat
			FEI# 3002982496

			SHIPPER:	Hanif's International
			Foods, Inc.
			563 Ebury Place
			Delta, B.C., Canada
			FEI# 3001441970

Spicy Peas 		H.B. Kaysons Ltd.			Ethion		1/13/05
  (snack food)	12332 Pattullo Place		Profenofos
07Y[][][][]/	Surrey, Canada
24A[]H[][]/		FEI# 3002877333
308805   SEA-DO

St. John's Wort	Natural Factors Nutritional	Permethrins		4/19/2006
  extract 		  Products, Ltd.
  capsules		1550 United Boulevard
54F[][]64		Coquitlam, Canada
365333   SEA-DO	FEI# 3003235214

Strawberries, 	Lucerne Foods			Dimethoate		7/27/05
  Frozen		31122 South Frasier Way
20A[]D14/20A[]T14	Clearbrook Plant
339166   SEA-DO	Abbottsford, Canada
FEI# 1000409849

Toor dal        	Golden Boy Foods    		Pirimiphos     	3/29/96
24A[][]99      	8820 Northbrook Ct.  		Methyl
I105877 -      	Burnaby, V5J 5J1, Canada
               	FEI# 1000315265
Toordal (Oily)						Pirimiphos		7/30/98
W13-4123618-2	Golden Boy Foods			Methyl
I172702 B SEA



Frozen          Inversiones Cuato Robles   Vinclozolin   	7/15/91
Blackberries    Sociedad Anonima
                (Packer: Framberry B004)
                Santiago, Chile

Frozen          Sociedad Agricola Sunberry Vinclozolin   	8/13/91
Blackberries    Santiago, Chile
1752387 - SEA

Blackberry syrup		Jugos Conceentratos Sa 	Methamidophos	12/4/02
 concentrate		  Jucosa
20D[][]01/20E[][]01	Barrio Industrial S/N
30A[][]01/30B[][]01	San Fernando, Chile
322-1692858-3		FEI #1000169663
201217   SEA-DO

Boysenberries   Alimentos Y Fructos        Vinclozolin  	4/28/93
(Frozen)        Quilicura, Santiago,
1918261 - SEA   Chile

Boysenberries  Comercial Fruticola      	 Vinclozolin    	10/7/94
(Frozen)       Eliodora Yancz 2905
718-4043627-4  Providencia
(I102402)      Santiago, Chile
               MID# CLCOMFRU2905SAN

Loganberries    Arlavan Ltda.       	 Captan 	 	11/19/91
IQF             Santiago, Chile
1753046 - SEA
Oat Bran        Conasan S.A.              Pirimiphos   	2/6/91
1707201 - PHI   Santiago, Chile           Methyl

IQF Peaches    	Fruticola Viconto, S.A.  Methamidophos  	6/13/96
Entry# 955-    	Santiago, Chile
00227215-3     	FEI# 1000196906

Frozen Snow     Alimentos Naturales       Methamidophos 	4/23/91
Peas            Vita Foods S.A.
1837210 - SAN   (Packer)
                Santiago, Chile
                Monserrat (grower)



Asparagus, frozen	China Kingdom Import	Methamidophos	2/26/99
24T[][]02		 & Export Corp.
I199875 (40485)	South Gate of No. 4
N. Ritan Road
Bejing, China
FEI# 3001598546

Asparagus, Frozen	Dalian Leasun Food Co. Ltd.	Methamidophos	11/14/01
227-0260277-6	Rm 1209 Wanda Bldg No. 18
147064/24T[][]02	Hongda Road
SWID (D)		Dalian, China
FEI# 3003299524

Asparagus		Dalian Leasun Food Co.		Methamidophos	1/23/02
(Frozen)		Rm 1209 Wanda Bldg No. 1
227-0260277-6	Hongda Road
147064 SWID(D)	Dalian, China
24T[]D02		FEI# 3003504843

Asparagus		Lianyungang Fushi			Methamidophos 	1/11/01
(Frozen)/24T[]T02	Food Co., Ltd
300-8359097-3/	Lianyungang, China
FACTS: 114196	FEI #1000291568

Berry (Dried	Cheng Chang Dried Fruit		Methamidophos	11/2/99
Chinese)		Bihuali Mountain Villa
880-0021585-0	Zhongshan, China
66115 - LOS		FEI# 1000532850

Berries		Tibet Yuthog Healthy		Cypermethrin	7/25/2007
Dried Goji		Products Co., Ltd.
20A[][]99		No. 59 Bejingzhong Rd.
20B[][]99		Lhasa, China
20A[][]24		FEI# 3004627683
427001 - SEA-DO

Berries, Gogi 	Xi'an Reputation Technology	Acetamiprid, 	9/26/2007
(wolfberries)	  Co., Ltd.				fenvalerate,
  dried		203 Borough 4, Block 42		propargite, permethrins,
20A[]H24/20B[][]24 Muiaqiao Community, 		lambda cyhalothrin
435676/441735 -	Gao Xin Road
SEA-DO		Xi'an, China
			FEI# 2000025662

Blackberries	Hua Ning International 		Methamidophos	10/12/01
(Frozen)	      Technical & Trading Corp.
286-0713811-3	1 Xiao Huo Wa Xiang
141084 - SEA	Nanjing, China
20A[]T01		FEI# 1000236235

Blackberries,	Nanjing Bai Hui Foodstuffs	Acephate,		3/15/05
  Frozen		  Co., Ltd.				methamidophos
20A[]D01/20A[]T01	Bai Ma Ji Town, Lishui County
NYK-DO   307170	Nanjing, China
FEI# 3004697966

Blackberries  	Nanjing Gold Zohnyguan 		Methamidophos	10/25/99
(IQF Grade A)	Foods Co. Ltd.
221-3507844-6	30-2 Fl Xiaoshi Village
I 231659/69441	Heyan Road
20A[][]01 - SEA	Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210028, China
			FEI# 3002795320

Blackberries,	Nantong Huatong			Cypermethrin	9/15/06
 IQF			International Co., Ltd.
J21-0041986-5	38 Yuelong Rd International Building
20A[][]01		Nantong Jiangsu
			FEI #3003199141

Blackberries	Liaoning Gaizhou I&E Co.	Methamidophos	2/29/2000
(Frozen)		4-3-3 No. 246 Wuchang St.
112-9894705-0	Dalian, China
I246478/81617	FEI# 3002902799
20A[]D01 - SEA

Blackberries	Huaiyin Foreign Trading		Methamidophos	3/21/2000
(IQF Grade A)	  Corp.
221-3510320-2	77 East Huaihai Road
I251726/85650	Huai Yin, Jiangsu, China
20A[]Y01 - SEA	FEI# 1000563219

Blackberries,	Zhangzhou Wahshing Frozen	Methamidophos	5/27/03
  Frozen		  Foods, Ltd.
20A[]D01/20A[]T01	602, No. 5 Shengli West Road
MK8-0085216-4	Zhangzhou, China
SEA-DO		FEI# 3004019199

Blackberries, Frozen 	Zhejiang Happy Green		Dimethoate	11/14/06
20A-D01			Industry Co., Ltd. 		and
20A-T01			30 Avenue 4 Hangzhou 		Omethoate
393405 SEA-DO		Economic & Technological
				Development Zone
				Hangzhou, China
				FEI# 3004264922

Blackberries,	Zhejiang Orient New Horizon	Methamidophos	11/16/04
  Frozen		  Garments & Accessories I/E Co., Ltd.
20A[]D01/20A[]T01	199 Qingchun Road
301620		Hangzhou, China
SEA-DO		FEI# 3004300570

Broccoli, frozen	Shandong Boxing Longsheng 	Piperonyl		9/6/05
24T[]D40/24T[]T40	  Food Co., Ltd.			butoxide
344254   SEA-DO	The Industrial Zone of
  Xingfu Town
Boxing County, China
FEI# 3004802433

Celery cuts, powder	Qingdao Haiyang Chemical Co.	Triazophos	6/13/06
& granules			12 Fenyang Road			Chlorpyrifos
24U[][]11			Qingdao, China			Myclobutanil
371422, 371387,		FEI# 1000271620			Iprodine
371388								Vinclozolin

Celery, dehydrated	Tianjin Regal Int'l	Chlorpyrifos,	8/5/2002
24U[][]11			  Trading Co., Ltd.	Fenvalerate
442-1684255-7		8-6-102 Fengying Li
173278 - LOS-DO		  Jiantang Rd.
Tianjin, China
FEI# 3003028129

Celery, dried	Xiamen Huaxia International	Myclobutanil,	2/17/04
24T[]H11/		16F Huiyang Building		profenofos, dietho-
24U[][]11/		Hubin North				fenofos, chlorpryifos,
28B[][]12		Fujian, China			procymidone, flusilazole,
906-0706663-7	FEI# 3004082148			triazophos

Chili, dried	Yifa Restaurant Corp.		Triazophos		7/2/04
24F[]H08/		Guang Zhou Shi Luo Xi Lan Tian
24H[][]08		Guangzhou, China
349-0864364-5	FEI# 3004542978

Cole, dehydrated	Baishun Foodstuffs Factory	Triazophos		1/7/05
 (Cruciferae/	Sanjiang Town
 mustard family)	Jiangmen, China
24T[]H[][]/		FEI# 3004198869
309574   SAN-DO

Dandelion root	China MEHECO Herbs Import	Quintozene		7/27/05
  powder		   & Export Corporation
54F[][]99		18 Guangming Zhong Jie
336603   SEA-DO	MEHECO Building
			Chongwen District
			Beijing, China
			FEI# 3001040304

Dehydrated		Fujian Minzhong Organic		Triadimenol		8/28/07
Green Bell		Food Co. Ltd.			Myclobutanil
Pepper Dices	Liuchengmen, Licheng District
24H[][]07		Putain, CN-35, China 351100
417665 - LOS-DO	FEI# 3004249910

Dried Goji Berries	Xi An Techteam Engineering And	Triadimenol,
(Wolfberries)		Industry (Group) C0., Ltd		Acetamiprid and
20B[]H99			3/F Borough A, Block A			Fenvalerate
398593 SEA-DO		No.181 South Tai Bai Road
				Xi An, China
				FEI #: 3004663338					1/24/07

Dried Lily		Jiangmen (Jiang Men) City	Triadimenol		3/22/07
Flower		Xing Hui District/
25L[][]19		Xing Hua Food Co. Ltd.
404614 - LOS-DO	South He Bin Road
			Da Ze Town, Xinhui District
			Jiangmen, Guangdong, China
			FEI#  3004255553

Dried Vegetables	Shanghai Foodstuffs Import	Triadimefon		1/15/04
  (Yamakurage)	  & Export
24T[]H[][]/		525 Si Chuan Bei Lu
24U[][][][]		Shanghai, China
W33-0950135-9	FEI# 3000170442

Eel			Huoshan Hengxing Food Co.,	Prometryn		11/20/2007
16A[]B15	 	Ltd.
16A[]C15		Industry Estate, Huoshan County
16A[]D15		Liuan, Anhui, China
16A[]T15		FEI# 2000031860
426690   LOS-DO

Frzn Mandarin	Huangyan Canned Food		Methamidophos	8/15/00
Oranges		Factory
EU7-2000557-5	#2 Rouqiao Road
I257341/92461	Huangyan, Zheijiang
20G[]D06 - SEA	China
FEI #3000208834

Ginseng		Changsha Huakang			Procymidone		2/7/07
54F[][]12		Biotechnology
398636 LOS-DO	Development Co.
			Tongzipo Road
			Hunan Province, China
			FEI#	2000017789

Ginseng		DongGuan Company of 		Quintozene		11/14/06
54E[][]99		GuangDong
54F[][]12		No. 34 RuanChong Road,
392851 - LOS-DO	DongGuan, China (Mainland)
			FEI# 3004675158

Ginseng		Jilin Province Hongjiu 		Quintozene		9/29/2007
54E[][]12/ 		  Ginseng Co., Ltd.
54F[][]12		Ping An Chuan Development Zone
435577   LOS-DO	Tonghua, China
			FEI# 3004273341/3004807185

			Office address:  Hongjiu Biochemical Co., Ltd.
			105 Youhao Road
			Room 1912, Manhattan Tower
			Dalian, China
			FEI# 3004810050

Ginseng		Ningbo J&S Int'l		Quintozene	2/7/07	54F[][]12
Rm 312, No 852,
401276 LOS-DO	East Baizhang Rd.
			Zhejiang Province
			China 315040
			FEI# 3005082687

Ginseng  		Shaanxi Chonyu Import & 	Quintozene		11/14/06
54F[][]12		Export Co., Ltd.
54E[][]12		No. 21 Tuanjie Nan Road,
392509 - LOS-DO	Hi-Tech Development Zone,
			Xian, China (Mainland)
			FEI# 3005075597

Ginseng 		Tianjin Rimei 			Quintozene		11/14/06
54E[][]12		International Trade Co.
54F[][]12		Ltd.
384826 - LOS-DO	608 Jinkun Building
			Nan Yi Road,
			Tianjin, China (Mainland)
			FEI# 	3004675128

Ginseng			Xiong Chun Chinese		Quintozine	9/25/07
54Y[][]04			Materials
433269 - LOS-DO		No. 144 Building, 18
				Chinese Herb Medicine
				Puning, Guangdong, China
				FEI# 3006358757

Ginseng extract 	Shaanxi Goods & Materials	Pentachloro-	2/8/2007
54F[][]12		  Trade Co., Ltd.			aniline
403101   SEA-DO	3/F WuZi Building,
			Government Provincial
			XinCheng Yard
			Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
			FEI# 3003596244

Ginseng extract	Changchun Kingherb 		Pentachloro-	12/31/02
  Powder		 International Co., Inc.	aniline, Iso-
54F[][]12		23 Xijao Road			prothiolane
204163   SEA-DO	5-1010 Yutong Tower
Changchun, China
FEI #3003850803

Ginseng extract	China National Chemical 	Procymidone,	8/1/03
54F[][]12		  Construction Anhui Co.	pentachloroaniline,
349-0852720-2	28 Yimin Street			difenoconazole
LOS-DO		10th Fl., Wencai Bldg.
Hefei, China
FEI# 1000473278

Ginseng, dried	Dalian Exchina International	Quintozene		1/9/06
54F[][]12		  Logistics Co., Ltd.
358383   LOS-DO	2 Zhingqing Building,
			Room 315
			Dalian, China
			FEI# 3005367668

Ginseng, dried	Fuzhou Glory Import &		Quintozene		3/20/2006
54F[][]12		  Export Co., Ltd.
361441   LOS-DO	152 Hudong Rd.
			23rd fl., Zhongshan Tower
			Fuzhou, China
			FEI# 3004317748

Ginseng, Dried	Gong Kuem Ginseng			BHC			7/28/99
WIB-1140539-9	Products Co. Ltd.
53688 - LOS	426	Taiping Street
54F[]T12		Yanji City, China
     			FEI# 1000575243

Ginseng, dried	Huanren Imp. & Exp. Grn.	Quintozene		2/19/03
54F[][]12		  Corp. of Liaoning
GLS-0680526-3	Huarne Zhengyang St.
LOS-DO		Liaoning, China
FEI# 3003089926

Ginseng, dried	Kam On Trading Co., Ltd.	Tecnazene, penta-	3/22/04
54F[][]12		Chun Fei Lou Cold Storage	chlorobenzene, alpha-
E74-0106324-3	Factory				BHC, delta-BHC, HCB,
CHI-DO		Sham Mei, China			quintozene, penta-
FEI# 3003474787			chloroaniline, penta-

Ginseng, dried	Shenzhen Jia Shun Imports	Quintozene		3/20/2006
54F[][]12		& Exports Co., Ltd.
359787   LOS-DO	7/21 Exit Port of Entry Building
			Shenzhen, China
			FEI# 3004900626

Lotus Root		Hulee Guangdong Farm Produce		Prochloraz	10/17/07
Frozen		#2 Hai Hui Road				Thiabendazole
25J[]18		Nanhai, China
25J[]C18		FEI #3004114914
419419 LOS

Panax Ginseng	Jilin Fusong Hongjiu 		Pentachloro-	8/11/03
Red root powder	  Ginseng Ind.			Benzene, quintozene,
54F[][]12		23 Huancheng Rd.			BHC's, hexachlorobenzene
W69-1136944-6	Fusong County
LOS-DO		Jilin, China
FEI# 3003447232

Ginseng Extract 	Jilin Fusong Hongjiu		Procymidone		6/22/05
54F[][]12		Ginseng Ind.
313336 LOS-DO	No 23 Huancheng Rd.
  			Fusong County
			Jilin Province, China
			FEI# 3004263696

Ginseng extract,	Nanjing Machinery, Metals, 	Procymidone,	12/15/05
 powdered		 Minerals, Medicines & Health	difenoconazole,
54F[][]12		 Prod. Imp/Exp Corp., Inc.	triadimefon, triadimenol
355470   SEA-DO	 (NJMCO)
199 Jianye Road
Nanjing, China
FEI# 3004260848

Ginseng (Panax), 	China MEHECO Herbs Imp/Exp	Procymidone,	10/18/04
  extract		  Corporation			pentachlorobenzene,
54F[][]12/		18 Guangming Zhong Jie,		tecnazene, hexachloro-
54Y[][]04		MEHECO Building, 			benzene, alpha BHC, gamma
293285		Chongwen District			BHC, beta BHC, delta BHC,
NWJ-DO		Beijing, China			pentachloroaniline,
FEI# 3001040304			pentachlorothioanisole,

			China MEHECO International Trade
  			Development Corp.
			18 Guangming Zhong Jie
			Chongwan District
			Beijing, China
			FEI# 3004340645

 Ginseng 		Fenchem Enterprises, Ltd.,	Procymidone  	6/2/05
Extract		1911-1915 Fortune Building,	Oxadixyl
54F[][]12		  No. 359				Difenoconazole
331448 SEA-DO	Hongwu Road, Nanjing
FEI# 3004270652

Ginseng (Panax		Jilin Province Jilin 	Pentachloroanil-	2/26/99
Ginseng C.A. Mey)City Foreign Economics		ine/Pentachloronitro-
54F[][]12			& Trade Import &		benzene/Pentachloro-
U29-0138920-7 (35422)	Export Corp.		thioanisole
LOS-DO			83 Songjiang Road
Jilin City, China
FEI# 1000191311

Chinese Ginseng		Nam Fong Factory		PCNB			4/7/99
W33-0922188-3		12 River Side Road	PCA
39496-LOS			Gaoming City, Guangdong	Pentachlorothioanisole
54YTB12			China				Hexachlorobenzene
FEI# 1000336156		2,3,5,6-Tetrachloroaniline

Ginseng, fiber	Changchun Liuhe Economic	Quintozene,		4/18/03
54F[][]12		  Trading Co., Ltd.		pentachlorobenzene
163-0078775-7	102 Jiefang Street
MIN-DO		Changchun, China
FEI# 3003807228

Ginseng (Panax	Kin Cheung Medical	Quintozene/			4/15/99
 Ginseng)		 Materials Co., Inc.	Pentachloroaniline/
54F[]T12		Guangzhou Economic	Alpha-BHC
427-2134340-0/1/3	 & Technical
I193134 (33763) - Guangzhou, China
SAN-DO		FEI# 1000437338

Ginseng		China National Native		Pentachlor-		5/7/99
Extract, Panax	Product & Animal By-		aniline
862-0148526-4	Products I/E			(PCA)
54F[]L12 - LOS	Tianjin Native Produce
Tianjin, China
FEI# 3002579040

Ginseng, Panax	Shanghai  First Department		BHC		6/2/99
Extract Powder	 Store					PCA
620-0113747-0	830 Nanjing Road (E)
37662/I196850	Shanghai, China
54B[]T12 - SAN	FEI# 3000930294

Ginseng panax	Strong Ginseng & Herbs		Procymidone		5/10/2007
54F[][]12		  (BaiShan) Ind. Co., Ind.
414030   LOS-DO	140 SongShan Street
			FuSong, Jilin Province, China
			FEI# 3004271140

Ginseng panax	Sunrider China Ltd.		Quintozene		5/10/2007
54F[][]12		15 Jin Xiu Road, GETDD
413097   LOS-DO	Guangzhou, China
			FEI# 3003329419

Ginseng 		Harbin Supply & Marketing  		PCA		4/9/99
(Red Panax 		Foreign Trade Corp.
Extractum)		No. 256 Gongle Street
620-011386608	Harbin, China
I201022/41384	FEI# 1000555985
54F[]T12 - SAN

Ginseng Powder	China National Cereals, Oils	Procymidone		3/29/06
54F[][]12		And Foodstuffs Import/Export
54Y[][]04		53 Hai Jiao Street
365853		15 Flr, Geimai Foreign
LOS-DO		Trade Bldg
			Beihai, China
			FEI# 1000348451

Ginseng Powder	Gosheng Industrial		Quintozene		8/15/2006
54F[][]12/		  (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
54Y[][]04		8 Langkou Industrial Zone
360378   LOS-DO	Longhua County
			Shenzhen, China
			FEI# 3004342414

Ginseng powder	Green Power Inc.	 		Pentachloro-	8/28/03
54F[][]12		660 Xinhua Road, Suite 103	aniline,
112-1101567-2	Shanghai, China			difenoconazole
SEA-DO		FEI# 3003826573

Ginseng Powder	Hunan OSST Herb Pharma		Delta	BHC	9/15/99
101-1931011-7	91 Xiang Zhang Road
I223961 63570	Chang Sha, China
54F[]R12		FEI# 3002408058

Ginseng Powder	Liaoning Trust Center Import 	Procymidone		2/9/06
54E[][]12		And Export Corporation
54F[][]12		2 Xinan Road
300903 MIN-DO	Dalian, China
			FEI# 3004075274

Ginseng Powder	Zhuhai Merida			Penta-		8/23/04
54F[][]12		Development Co., Ltd.		chloroaniline
SEA-DO		Rm. 1205, Haicheng Bldg.
292884		1038 Fenghuang Rd.
062-2103490-0	Ziangzhou, Zhuhai, China
FEI# 3004405261

Ginseng		South Project Manufacturer Delta-BHC     10/21/99
(Red Panax)		Unknown
283-2089324-2	Shenzen, China
I 192010/32656	FEI# 3001006458
54F[][]12 - SAN

Ginseng		Xian Dadi Phyto Tech Co.  	Quintozene	10/14/99
(Panax, powder)	Room 606 New Century		Tecnazene
231-3318485-5	Hotel, Gaoxin Road		Delta-BHC
I 199513/40125	Xiangang, China
54F[][]12 - SAN	FEI# 3002732144

Ginseng powder, 	China MEHECO Herbs Imp/Exp	Procymidone,	10/18/04
  white		  Corporation			pentachlorobenzene,
54F[][]12/		18 Guangming Zhong Jie,		tecnazene, hexachloro-
54Y[][]04		MEHECO Building, 			benzene, alpha BHC, gamma
293285		Chongwen District			BHC, beta BHC, delta BHC,
NWJ-DO		Beijing, China			pentachloroaniline,
FEI# 3001040304			pentachlorothioanisole,

									China MEHECO International Trade
Development Corp.
18 Guangming Zhong Jie
Chongwan District
Beijing, China
FEI# 3004340645

Ginseng, Radix	China National Machinery    	Quintozene	11/1/99
283-2090497-3	 Import & Export Corp.		Tecnazene
I 201672/42038	62 Chungshan Road			Alpha-BHC
54F[][]12 - SAN	Qingdao, China
FEI# 3001065013

Ginseng Radix Rubra	JinZhou RongJin Health	Quintozene	06/19/06
54ECT99			Care  Products Co. Ltd.
376252			9 Lanhuali Juyuan St.
54E- -12			Linghe District
LOS-DO			Jinzhou,  Liaoning, China
				FEI# 3004397663

Ginseng		Gil Lim Sung Chang Baik		BHC		11/3/99
WR5-0101038-8	Mountain Ginseng Corp.
55958 - LOS		Gillim Province, China
54F[][]12		FEI# 1000291741

Ginseng root	Guangdong Youhe Group Corp.	Pentachloro-	6/23/03
54F[][]12		2 Dong Hu Road			benzene, quintozene,
065-0109095-2	Guangzhou, China			DDT, DDE, dactal
LOS-DO		FEI# 3003810160			iprodione
								Heptachlor		8/21/03
								Epoxide, DCPA

Ginseng Root	Kwong Ming Trading Co.,		Quintozene		6/22/05
54E[]T12		Blk B G/F No 13-1512,
54Y[][]04		Chai Wan
331055 LOS		Hong Kong, China
FEI# 1000366308

Ginseng root	White's Ginseng Farm		Quintozene		1/24/03
54F[][]12		10900 Coldstream Creek Rd.
221-3066744-1	Vernon, Canada V1B1C8
204611 - SEA-DO	FEI# 3000168951

Ginseng root	Zhangjaing Hsu's 		DCPA,			8/1/03
54F[][]12		Pharmaceuticals 		Pentachlororbenzene
163-0079645-1	Unknown Street
MIN-DO		Sigangtown, China
FEI# 3001104082

Ginseng, white	China Bcel Engineering		Quintozene		04/08/05
54E[][]12/		Corp. Ltd.
54Y[][]04		Bldg. A1, Bao Lian Huayuan
322165   SAN-DO	Lianhuaxincun
Xiamen, China
FEI# 1000290277

China Bcel Engineering Corp.
17/f Metallurgy Electronic Building No.9
South Lianhua Road
Xiamen, China
FEI# 3004325589

Green Beans,	Zhejiang Zhongda Newland 	Methamidophos	2/28/2006
  frozen 		Co., Ltd.
24A[]D14/24A[]T14	110 Mo Gan Shan Road
365549   SEA-DO	Hangzhou, China
			FEI# 1000424578

			Zhejiang Zhongda Group Co., Ltd.
			Tower A, Zhongda Plaza
			Hangzhou, China
			FEI# 3004352776

			Zhejiang Zhongda Newland Co., Ltd.
			30 Avenue 4
			Hangzhou Economic & Technical
			Development Zone
			Hangzhou, China
			FEI# 3004264954

			Zhejiang Zhongda Newland Co., Ltd.
			366 N. Zhingshan Road
			16th Fl., Tower A, Zhongda Plaza
			Hangzhou, China
			FEI# 3004349446

Green Tea 		Gansu Heshui Longyuan		Bifenthrin		11/14/07
Extract Powder	Chinese Herbs Development	Lamda-Cyhalothrin
54F[][]99		Co, Ltd,
436975 SWID		401 Hangtian Xiaoqu Changan, Xian,
			FEI# 3005268338

Honey          	China Heilongirang       Chlordimeform  	9/29/94
1678283 - PHI   	Native Produce & Animal
			By-Products I/E Corp.
			Xingang, China

Honey			Xiamen Sez Foreign       Chlordimeform  	4/18/95
3020485 - LOS	Trade Corp
			171 Hexiang
			West Xiamen, China

Honey			Zhejiang Native Produce &	Methamidophos	1/16/04
36C[][][][]		Animal By-Products Imp/Exp
EU7-2302353-4	Corp.
SEA-DO		308 North Zhongshen Road
Hangzhou, China
FEI# 3002734308

Dried chili		China National Native      		BHC
peppers		Produce & Animal By-Products
(Shandung		Shandung Branch Qingdao, China
variety only,
also known as
Yidu)   Ep. 833488-SEA

Frozen Whole	China National Cereals,		Methamidophos  	4/13/90
Green Beans		Oils & Foodstuffs
1625025 - SAN	Import & Export Corp.
			Ningbo, China

Frozen Whole    	Guanzhou Cereals, Oils		Methamidophos	12/12/90
Green Beans		Foodstuffs Import &
1835816-SAN     	Export Corp.

Peoples Republic of China
Green Beans		Haerbin Songhuajiang 		Methamidophos	7/14/99
(Dried Chinese)	Foreign
WJG-9902660-5	40 Minsheng Street
24B[]H14 - LOS	Dalian, China
FEI# 3001627641

Green beans,	Hangzhou Agrolife Inc.		Methamidophos,	5/19/05
  frozen		23 Shija Garden, Room 1704	monocrotophos
Xiacheng District
330617   SEA-DO	Hangzhou, China
FEI# 3004727897

Greenbeans		Yameng (Nanjing) Foodstuff	Methamidophos	8/13/04
(frozen)		Cuimei, Nanjing County
24A-D14		Fujian Province
24A-T14		Zhangzhou, China
SEA-DO		FEI# 3004334501

Greenbeans,		Zhangzhou Longwen			Methamidophos	5/14/04
(Frozen)		Dongya Freezing Foods
24A[]D14/		  Co. Ltd.
24A[]T14		Bihu Village, Buwen Town
224-4408150-3	Longwen Zone
280929		Zhangzhou City, China 363005
SEA-DO		FEI# 3004284574

Honey           Fuzhou Import &           Chlordimeform  	1/5/93
1895474 - SEA    Export
                Fuzhou, Fujian, PROC

Honey           Guangdong Dong Fang       Chlordimeform   	4/3/92
1774826 - SEA   Shenzhen, China

Honey           Jilin Provincial Native   Chlordimeform   	4/28/92
3027688 - SEA   Produce & Animal Byproducts
                Changchun, China

Honey           China Henanative          Chlordimeform   	4/17/92
1752249 - SEA   Import/Export
                Zhengzhou, PROC

Honey			China Tuhsu Hubei Tea	Chlordimeform     8/24/94
1919433 - SAN	& Jute Import & Export
			93 Yang Jiang Road

Frozen Lychee	Dongguan Foodstuffs	Methamidophos  	2/18/93
1887417 - SAN	Imp & Export
			Guangdong, China

Jujube 		Qingdao Daguan Foods Co. Ltd.	Triadimenol		10/12/01
Concentrate		Landi Town, Pingdu City
336-2938304-5	Shandong, China
141131 - SEA	FEI# 3003416898

LEEK, Dehydrated		Zhangzhou Fengli Food 		Triadimefon	02/11/05
(Onion Product)		Co. Ltd., Gangshang Road,
25L - - 03			Tiantou Village Fugong Town
303055  LOS-DO		Longhai City, China
				FEI# 3004254206

Lotus Leaf,		Fuzhou Golden Banyan		Buprofezin		6/13/05
Dried			Foodstuffs
24T[]H99		No.93 Fang Xia Hongxing
24U[][]99		Nongcang Panyu
329003 LOS-DO	Fuzhou, Fujian
FEI# 3001576299

			Mushrooms IQF   Fouzhou Cannery	Dimethoate 	2/2/94
			131-0781133-6/  Fouzhou, China	Omethoate
			001/001 (I100870)

Mushrooms, dried	Shenzhen Lingohar Nature's	Propoxur,		4/15/2007
25P[]H[][]		Foods Co., Inc.			Tetramethrin
25Q[]H[][]		63 Middle of Guan Shang Rd.
414064   SEA-DO	Huxi Bldg., 10f
			Kuming, China
			FEI# 3004387598

Mustard Greens	China National Cereals,  	Methamidophos  	9/18/95
(Preserved)		Oils & Foodstuffs
3036231 - SAN	Import/Export Corp.
			Kwangtung Branch
			Kwangtung, China
			FEI# 1000165696

Mustard Greens	Xinhui Foodstuff Import  	Methamidophos  	9/7/95
(Salted)		& Export Co.
3036401 - SAN	No. 30 Hui Min Dong Road
			Xin Hui City, China
			FEI# 1000342503

Peaches, canned	Anhui Xiaoxian Cannery		Methamidophos	2/17/04
21L[][]13/		152 Minzhi Road
35E[][]06		Xiaoxian County
N16-1015666-6	Anhui, China
SEA-DO		FEI# 3002654285

Peanuts, 		Shanghai Long Distance		Dicrotophos		8/22/2000
Blanched		 Telecommunication Import
EK8-0503939-4	Zhenxing Road, Longkou
23B[]T07 - LOS	Shanghai, China
FEI# 1000356953

Pear Juice 		Anhui Bbca Dangshan Pear Industry Co.Ltd 	Methamidophos
Concentrate 	Industrial Park Dang Shan County
20SGT03		Suzhou City, China (Mainland)
424840		FEI #3004303113						9/5/07

Pear juice 		Laiyang Tianfu Fruit Juice	Methamidophos	4/4/05
  concentrate	Co., Ltd.
20S[][]03		48 Qingshui South Road
312328   SEA-DO	Laiyang, China
FEI# 3004279130

Pear Juice Concentrate	Zhonglu Fruit Juice	Methamidophos	3/18/05
20S[][]03			Co. Ltd
312706 SEA-DO		No.6 North Street, 	Fuchengmen
Xicheng District, Beijing,
FEI# 3004863947

Frozen Green Onion	Donghai Frozen Foods	Chlorpyrifos	4/27/04
Strips			Co., Ltd.
25J--25			Industrial Development
AQZ-0201565-2		District of Jiao Mei
275196   LOS-DO		Longhai, Fujian
FEI# 3004261499

Frozen Peapods	Grein Frozen Foods		Methamidophos	2/22/94
718-4040458-7	Xiaman, China

Frozen, Pea pods, Yameng (Nanjing) Food-		Triadimenol		8/19/02
24A[]D51/24A[]N51	 stuff Co., Ltd.
EE1-0013263-2	Cuimei
188614 - SEA-DO	Nanjing City, China
FEI# 3003737926

Frozen Peapods   Yantai Beihai Foodstuff Co Ltd 	Methamidophos  10/22/93
3010607 - LOS	Longwangzhung Town			Omethoate
3010838 - LOS	Laiyany
Frozen Sugar	Shandong, China
Snap Peas		FEI# 1000630141
1926643 - LOS

Panax Notoginseng		Shanghai Medicines &		Permethrin	9/24/07
Powder			Health Products I/E Corp.
54F[][]99			27 Zhongshan Road (E 1)
428340 - LOS-DO		Shanghai, China
				FEIs#	3004701784

Peanuts, Blanched	Shanding Rizhao Import & 	Sulfotep		10/12/01
211-9515692-8	Export Corp
137872 - SEA	No. 2 Huanghai 2nd Road
23B[]T07		Rizhao, Shandong, China
FEI# 1000279425

Peanuts, raw	Qingdao Jifa Imp. & Exp.	Sulfotep		4/11/03
23B[]H07/23B[]T07	  Co., Ltd.
605-7016883-5	1 Jifa Road
LOS-DO		Qingdoa, China
FEI# 3003812383

Pea Pods (Fzn)	Qingdao Asia Food Co. Ltd	Methamidophos	7/31/98
235-4150211-0	Qingdao Road
I176952 B SEA	Laixi City, Shandong, China
24A[][]51		FEI# 1000142460

Pea Pods (Fzn)	Zheijiang Silk I/E. Corp.	Methamidophos	7/28/98
112-9345383-1	Hangzhou, Zheijiang,China
I175487 B SEA	FEI# 1000170199

Pea Pods (Frz)	Jiangsu Huada Foodstuff	  	Methamidophos  	3/10/2000
235-4200048-6	 Industry Co. Ltd.
I249190/83789	Nan Men Oiao
24A[]N51 - SEA	Jurong, Jiangsu, China
FEI# 1000190497

Peapods, frozen	Zhangzhou Fuxing Food		Methamidophos	1/28/03
24A[]D51/24A[]T51	  Co., Ltd.
EE1-0014385-2	Goukeng Economic Development Zone
SEA-DO		Zhangzhou, China
FEI# 3003554134

Peas, snap		Zhejiang Zhongoda Group 	Methamidophos	4/3/03
  frozen		  Co., Ltd.
24A[]D51/24A[]T51	110 Mo Gan Shan Rd.
551-1996261-6	Hangzhou, China
FLA-DO		FEI# 100424578

Peas, snap		Zhejiang Zhongda Group	 	Methamidophos	4/1/04
  Frozen		  Co., Ltd.
24A[]D51/24A[]T51	Shang Tang Road 39, Room 504
112-4037877-7	Hao GE Bldg., Orient Garden
BUF-BR		Hangzhou, China
FEI# 3004010853

Pear Juice		Shandong Dongyue Industrial 	Methamidophos	10/12/01
Concentrate		Corp.
603-1048220-7	No. 32, North Yuhuangding Road
135394-SEA		Yantai, Shandong, China
20S[]T03		FEI# 3002928218

Pepper, crushed	Lengjer Metal & Plastic	Co.	Profenofos,		1/27/03
 Red			188 Industrial Zone		ethion, phosalone
24H[][]08/		Ping Shan Management
28B[][]08		Dongguan, China
231-0010761-7	FEI# 3003710413

Peppers, red, 	Gansu YinHe Foods Group		Tridimenol		8/22/2006
  dried		  Co., Ltd.
24F[]H07		103 West Street, Minle County
24H[][]07		Zhangye City, China
386279   SEA-DO	FEI	#3004920650

Frozen Peapods	Zhejiang Haitong Food		Methamidophos	7/24/01
112-9097534-0	 Import & Export Co. Ltd.
138227 - SEA	No. 305 Jian Shan Road
24A[]D51		Cixi, Zhejiang, China
FEI# 3003258824

Radish, Salted	Xin Hui Foodstuffs Import &	Methamidophos	10/12/01
065-1121510-2     Export Co.
135858 - LOS	No.7 Zhing Zi Road
25J[][]07		Xinhui City, China
FEI# 3002447837

Red Raspberry, IQF	Harbin Gaotai Food	Pyrimethanil	3/29/07
Crumbles			Co., Ltd.
20A-D13			RM. 1-15-10 Chang
410071 SEA-DO		Long Da Sha
				No. 72 Xi'an Road
				Dalian 11602
				FEI# 3005816635

Snap peas,		Hangzhou Agrolife Inc.		Methamidophos	5/12/06
  frozen		23 Shijia Garden Room 1704
24A[]D51		Xiacheng District
24A[]T51		Hangzhou, China
24A[]D82		FEI# 3004727897
373771   BUF-BR

Soybeans in pod,	Longhai Gelin Foods Co., Ltd 	Triadimenol 	9/28/04
frozen		Gangwei Town
24A[]D13/24A[]T13	Longhai, China
906-0709468-8	FEI #3004248242

Soybean, 		Marnex Company (Xiamen) 	Methamidophos	6/4/03
  blanched		184 Xing Chien Road
23K[]N03/23K[]T03	Xing Lin Qu
ML2-3011357-3	Xiamen, China
LOS-DO		FEI# 1000313523

Soybeans, frozen	Fujian Fuxing Industrial	Lufenuron		2/8/2007
23K[]D03/23K[]N03/ 1 Sheng Fu Road
23K[]T03/24A[]D13/ 2/F Machinery Building 13-14
24A[]N13/24A[]T13	Fuzhou, Fujian, China
402520   SEA-DO	FEI# 1000247394

Spinach Powder	Shipper: Tianjin 	 		Methamidophos	6/6/2000
(Dried)		Machinery Equipment Imp & Exp
XXX-002539-4	3 La Sa Road He Ping District
I247224/82264	Tianjin, China
24U[]H25 - CHI	FEI# 1000254482

			Grower: Howenia Ente Co.
			15 3 F-3 Lane
			360 Neihu Road District
			Taipei, Taiwan
			FEI# 3002545435

Stephania		Hill Botanical Co., Ltd.	Pentachloro-	3/29/06
Tetrandra Powder	Rm 1910, Royal Star-City 	aniline
54F[][]26		International Plaza,
369846		#39 N. Shaoshan  Rd,
SEA-DO		Changsha, Hunan, 410011,
			FEI# 3005054187

Strawberries IQF	Euro-Asia Fruits & 		Procymidone		8/30/07
20A[][]14		Vegetables Group
419332 - NYK-DO	02-15 FL. No. 1 Jiangdong
			North Road
			FEI# 3006229171

Strawberries, 	Jining High & New 		Procymidone,	1/22/04
  Dried		  Agricultural			pyrimethanil
20A[]H14/		11 F No. 387 Bayi South Rd.
20B[][]14		Zheijiung, China
AB8-0042869-5	FEI# 3003684733

Strawberries,	Laiyang Ocean Foodstuff		Procymidone		6/14/04
  Dried		  Co., Ltd.
20A[]H14/		Dakuang Town, Bahu Linyi
20B[][]14		Laiyuang City, China
H13-0076477-6	FEI# 3004263992

Strawberries, 	Linyi Dalin Foodstuffs		Procymidone 	7/16/04
  Dried	  	Co., Ltd.
20A[]H14/		Bahu					Propargite		7/28/04
20B[][]14		Linyi, China
H13-0076431-3	FEI# 3004299898
LOS-DO		FEI# 3004261805

Strawberries,	Qingdao Xinmeixiang Foods	Myclobutanil	11/18/03
 dried		  Co., Ltd.
20A[]H14/		North of Miaozi Village
20B[][]14		Dong Guija Bei Guan Office
062-2098484-0	Jiao Zhou City, China
SEA-DO		FEI# 3004024873

Strawberries, 	Qingdao Xinmaixiang Foods 	Myclobutanil	1/16/04
  Dried		  Co., Ltd.
20A[]H14/		North of Miazo Village
20B[][]14		Dong Guija Bai Office
062-2098484-0	Jiao Zhou City, China
SEA-DO		FEI# 3004280736

Strawberries,	Yantai Seasport Foods		Flusilazole		6/15/04
  Dried		  Co., Ltd.
20A[]H14/		Zhao Wang Zhuang Town,
20B[][]14		Laiyang Food Industry Zone
AY0-0034414-5	Yantai, China
LOS-DO 		FEI# 3004253675

Strawberries, 	Yantai Tianfu Food Co., Ltd.	Procymidone, 	7/14/04
  Dried		19 Garden Road			Diethofencarb
20A[]H14/		Laiyang, China
20B[][]14		FEI# 3004274930

Strawberries,  	Jiangsu Huada Foodstuff       Vinclozin,          9/22/03
  Frozen         	Industry Co., Ltd.          	Procymidone,
20A[]D14/20A[]T14 18 Nanmenqiao, Jurong         pyrimethanil
286-0717593-3 	 Jiangsu, China
SEA-DO         	FEI# 3004114331

Strawberries,	Lianyungang Fushi Food		Methamidophos	6/6/2000
Frozen		 Company, Ltd.
300-8180125-7	Lianyungang, China
I256420/91463	FEI# 1000291568
20A[]T14 - BUF

Strawberries,	Yantai Tianfu Food Co., Ltd.	Omethoate		8/2/04
  frozen		19 Garden Road
20A[]D14/		  Nte. Km. 10.5
20B[]T14		Laiyang, China
AZ2-4131369-1	FEI# 3004274930

Sugar Snap     	Lianquio Frozen           	Methamidophos  	4/22/98
Peas (Frozen)  	Foodstuffs (Zhang Pu) Co.
153-0117519-4  	Puyun Road
I161603 - LOS  	Duxun Town, Zhangpu
24A[][]51      	Fujian, China
               	FEI# 3001598353

Sugar Snap Peas	Fujian Dragon Enterprises	Methamidophos	7/6/99
(IQF)			No. 30 Dachin Front Lake
718-9042350-3	Village, Sing Dian County
I220513/59959	Fuzhou City, China
24A[]D51		FEI# 1000140963

Sugar Snap		Quick Freeze Food			Methamidophos	7/24/01
Peas (IQF)	  	Products
H41-2091572-7	No. 14 Xiao Beimen Street
139205 - SEA	Taicang City, China
24A[]Y51		FEI# 3003054464

Sugar Snap Peas	Xiamen C&D Corp. Ltd.		Methamidophos	7/14/99
(Quick Frozen)	5th-7th Floor, Seaside Bldg
WX6-0011048-9	Xiamen, China
24A[]T51		FEI# 1000545631

Sugar Snap Peas	Zhangzhou Fuxing 			Triadimenol		5/12/04
(frozen)		Frozen Foods Co. Ltd.		and Methamidophos
24A-D51		Guokeng Economic Development
24A-Y51		Longwen District, Fujian
24A-T51		Zhangzhou City, China
EE1-0017928-6	FEI# 3003554134

Peanuts,       	Qingdao Cereals, Oils &  	Sulfotep       	8/24/94
Chinese        	Foodstuffs, Import &
Blanched       	Exports
2014638 - DET  	Qingdao, China
               	MID# QINCERQIN

       	(Also see Marshall Commodities, Ltd., Willowdale,
          	Canada - it was found that this product originated
           	from China and is shipped to Canada)

Peanuts,       	Weimai Import & Export   	Sulfotep       	5/4/95
Blanched       	20 Tongyl Road
3049083 - DET  	Shandong, China
               	MID# CNWEIIMP20SHA

Chinese Peas    Marnex (Xiamen)          	 Methamidophos   	4/5/93
(Frozen)        (Xiamen Corp.)
3006718 - LOS   Xing Lin Qu Hw, Xiamen
                Fujian, PROC

Frozen Chinese  Packer: Bao Sian Co. Ltd. Methamidophos   	2/27/92
 Peapods        Lishui, Nanhai, Guangdong
1753071 - SEA   China (PROC)

Frozen Peapods   Longtai Fruit &          Methamidophos  	2/27/92
1753079 - SEA   Vegetables Ltd.
                China (PROC)

IQF Chinese     Fujian Dragon Enterprises Methamidophos   	4/27/92
  Peapods       Fuzhou, Fujian, China
1753097 - SEA

Peapods, Frz   	Donghai Frozen Foods     Methamidophos  	10/10/96
I107737 - SEA  	Longhai, Fujian, China
(235-4150091-6)	MID# CNDONFRUFUJ
               	FEI# 1000539732

Pea Pods (Fzn)	Yellow River Group Corp.	Methamidophos	8/13/98
112-9346267-5	Qingdao, China
I181471 B SEA	FEI# 3001946094

Frozen Snow     Guangzhou Cereals, OIls   	Methamidophos   	7/1/92
Peas            Foodstuffs Import & Export
1804479 - SAN   China

Snap Peas (IQF)	Dalian Leasun Food Co.		Methamidophos	4/24/2000
K96-1055502-0	NO. 32 Malan South St.
85379			Dalian, China
24A[]D51-SWID	FEI# 3000640446

Snow Peas       Donghai Frozen Foods     		Methamidophos 	4/14/98
(Frozen)        Co. Ltd.
F78-0106284-4   Industrial Development
I159464 - LOS   District of Jiao Mei
24A[][]51       Longhai, Fujian, CHina
                FEI# 1000539732

Sugar Snap		Marnex (Xiamen) Corp.		Methamidophos	4/12/94
 Peas			Xing Ling Qu,
1803302 - SAN	 Hou Hu Xiamen
Fujian, China

Chinese Pear	Shaanxi Machinery and		Methamidopos	4/4/2000
 Juice Conc.	 Equipment
113-1606702-1	29 Chang Lo Zhong Road
I249053/83679	Xi'an China
20S[]E03 - SEA	FEI# 3002685863

Rice, Brown		Heilongjiang Cereals Oils	Isoprothiolane	5/14/99
(Medium Grain)	and Foodstuffs
906-94069666-1	125 Chang Jian Road
I210791/50816	Dalian, China
02D[]Y01 - SEA	FEI# 3002615676

Shangza fruit, 	Shanghai Foodstuffs Import/	Fenpropathrin	3/11/04
20A[]H99/ 		  Export Corp.
20B[][]99		8-17/F Aerospace Building
W69-1175659-2	525 Si Chun Bei Lu
LOS-DO		Shanghai, China
FEI# 3000264127

Soybeans,      	Xiamen Xinglin Roast     	Methamidophos  	11/23/96
Boiled in Pod   	Eel Co. Ltd.
3040747 - SAN  	Yuan Ting Road, Singlin
24AGG13        	Xiamen, China
               	FEI# 1000577146
               	MID# CNXIAXINXIA

Soybean, Frozen	Shanghai Vegetable Corp. 	Methamidophos   12/1/98
W69-1028961-1	39 Wai Xian Gua Street
24B[][]13 - LOS	Shanghai, China
FEI# 3002350449

Soybeans in Pod	Coffer Frozen Food Co Ltd	Methamidophos	7/8/99
(Boiled)		Lilin Village, Guankou Town
221-1105272-0	Jimei District
51207 - LOS		Xiamen, China
23K[]N03		FEI# 3000135653

Turnip		Guangzhou Baiyun Cereals,	Methamidophos	1/21/99
(Preserved)		Oils & Foodstuffs
EK1-0004127-7	3/F No. 15-1
I 199923/40525	100 Xian Lio Zhong
25J[][]14 - SEA	Guangzhou, China
FEI# 1000562938

Turnip,		Taishan Huafeng Food Co.	Methamidophos	1/12/04
 preserved		8 Zhenjiang Road
25J[]H14/25J[]P14	Shuibu Ganging Ind.
25J[]T14		Guangdong, China
880-0042613-5	FEI# 3004093946

Turnips, salted	Hubei Provincial Cereals, 	Cypermethrin	10/16/03
25J[]H14	  	Oils, & Foodstuffs I/E Corp.
25J[]P14		319 Zhaojiatiao
065-1162951-8	Wuhan, China
LOS-DO		FEI# 1000153273

Waterchestnuts	Dongguan Foodstuffs Imp.	BHC, alpha		8/18/98
J79-0047770-8	 Exp. Company
I 182856 B SAN	180 Chung Hing Road
25J[]T15		Dongguan, Guangdong, China
			FEI# 1000489252

Wolfberries, 	Anguo Meiwei Chinese Medic-	Cypermethrin,	2/8/2007
  dried		  inal Herbs, Co., Ltd.		fenvalerate,
20A[]H99		188 Henan Da Duo			acetamiprid
20B[][]99		Anguo City, China
404102   SEA-DO	FEI# 3004252880

			Anguo Meiwei Chinese Medic-
			  inal Herbs, Co., Ltd.
			53 Yao Cheng Blvd.
			Anguo City, China
			FEI# 3000221861

Wolfberries, 	Ningxia Commercial Foreign	Triadimenol, 	1/11/2006
  dried		  Trade Co., Ltd.			fenvalerate,
20A[]H99/		14 Qianjin Street			cypermethrin
20B[][]99		Yinchuan, Ningxia, China
358991   SEA-DO	FEI# 3002875234

			AKA Ningxia Commerce Trade			added	5/11/07
			18 Qianjin Street
			Yinchuan, Ningxia, China
			FEI# 2000012099

Wolfberry powder 	Shaan Xi Bio-Herb			Cypermethrin, 	1/12/2006
20A[]H99/		Rm. 406 Shenzhou			pyridaben
20A[]T99/		Xian, Shaanxi, China
20A[]Y99/		FEI# 3005475672
359013   SEA-DO
			Shaanxi Bio-Herb Health Technology CO., Ltd.
			37 Lianhu Rd., Room 602
			Xian, Shaanxi, China
			FEI# 3004261316

Wolfberries, 	Sinotrans Ningxia Co.		Cypermethrin	3/3/04
  Dried		64 Nanxun West Street
 20A[]H99/		Ningxia, China
20B[][]99		FEI# 3004319653

Wolfberries, 	Tangshan Haida Foodstuffs	Dicofol		7/28/04
  Dried		  Co., Ltd.
20A[]H99/		Donghuangyu Town, Quanxi County
20B[][]99		Tangshan, China
DZ1-3019690-7	FEI# 3004337184

Wolfberry powder	Ningxia Federal Intertrade	Cypermethrin	9/20/05
20B[][]99/		  Co., Ltd.
54F[][]99		Building 34, Chuang Xin Garden
347452   SEA-DO	High Tech Zone
Yinchuan, Ningxia,China
FEI# 3004802127



Blackberry pulp,	C.I. Productos Basicos		Methamidophos,	5/16/05
  frozen		  Import & Export Ltda.		chlorpyrifos
20A[]D01/20A[]T01	Carrera 7 No. 19-28
MIA-RP   314522	Pereira, Colombia
FEI# 3004313106

Frozen Lulo Pulp  Jugo SAS SA             	Monocrotophos
similar to kiwi   Transversal 38/18-65   	 	Methamidophos
Ep. 1519338-ORL   Bogota, Colombia

Frozen Lulo		Tropic Delicias Ltd.		Methamidophos	4/25/94
Pulp			Candelarie, Colombia		Monocrotophos
1808145/46 - NYK

Lulo (Frozen)     Fruteria del Pacifico Ltda. 	Methamidophos	10/21/98
(Green Orange)	 (FRUPA) - Grower			Monocrotophos
DM7-0067605-7	km 2 Via Cavasa Parcelacion
27190 - LOS	  	La Nubia
21S[]D99		Cali, Colombia
FEI# 1000463029

Productos Basicos E.A.T. B Shipper
Calle 18 No. 7-59, Oficina 401
Pereira, Colombia
FEI# 30015810534

Productos Basicos E.A. T. B Shipper
CRA 23 #64-17
Manizales, Colombia
FEI# 3001771312

Fzn Lulo (Naranjilla 		C.I. Coprucol Ltda.	Methamidophos
Pulp)/21X[]D99			Carrera 14 #104-75	Monocrotophos
614-0041493-6/I277481		(Via Cerritos)		12/6/00
FACTS #108956			Pereira-Risaralda,
FEI #3002742358

Strawberries,	Liocol Ltda.		Procymidone		8/2/04
  Dried		Carretera 92 No. 62-30
20A[]H14/		Bogota, Colombia
20B[][]14		FEI# 3004548263



Raspberry 		Danisco Foods		Procymidone	      6/17/99
Spread		Bryggorgarden, Fredensgade 7
928-0027305-1	PO Box 11
55628/I215952	Nyborg, Denmark 5800
20C[]T13 - SEA	FEI# 1000559785


Bee Pollen     	Alimentos Naturales SA   	Diazinon       	10/25/95
1983110 - FLA  	Apartado Postal No. 4
               	La Vega, Dominican Republic
               	FEI# 1000164610
               	MID# DOALINAT4LAV



Gooseberry,		Terra Fertil S.A.			Cypermethrin	4/6/07
 Dried 		El Tablon Oel-329 Y
20B[][]16		  Manglar Alto
408252 SEA		Quito
			FEI# 3005598780

COUNTRY:           EGYPT


Chamomille 		Egyptian Experts   El Gohary 	Malathion	6/27/05
  Flowers		  & Co.
28A[][]99/		54 Street 7, Industrial Zone 2
31P[][]04		6th October
333908 - SEA-DO	Giza (Al Jizah), Egypt
FEI# 3003321948

Egyptian Experts   El Gohary
  & Co.
62 26th July Street
Cairo, Egypt
FEI# 3002796468

Dates, dried	Fast International Trade Co.	Carbaryl		5/29/03
21H[][]05/		84 Tawiniat Semoha
21H[][]16		Alexandria, Egypt
DZ1-3004799-3	FEI# 3003905065

Molokia,         The Edfina Co.           Profenophos    	5/28/96
 frozen          Ras El Soda			Chlorpyrifos	5/30/96
24T[][]99        Alexandria, Egypt
3059136 -        MID# EGEDFCOALE
ATL-DO           FEI# 11085

Molokhia, frozen	United Company for 		Profenofos		7/23/04
24T[]D25/		  Food Industries (Montana S.A.E.)
24T[]T25		52 Gameat El Dowal Al Arabia St.
F87-1491120-0	Mohandiseen
LOS-DO		Cairo, Egypt
FEI# 3004269539

Molokia leaves,	El Kawafel El Misrea		Fenvalerate		3/5/03
  Dried		  aka El Kawafel Food  Stuffs
24T[][]25/		16 El Basha ST.
24U[][]25		Shoubra, Egypt
300-1283570-5	FEI# 3003237054

Molokhia		Egyptian Co. for Freezing	Methamidophos,	6/11/02
24T[][]25		 & Beef Proc.			Chlorpyrifos
267-4289094-5	36 Kafr Abdou St., Roushdy
167843 - DET-DO	Alexandria, Egypt
FEI# 1000504031

Molokhia, frozen	Givrex Robert Mansour		Chlorpyrofos,	9/12/03
24T[]D25/		P.O. Box 747, Givrex Bldg.	methamidophos,
24T[]T25		Alexandria, Egypt			profenofos, cypermethrin
112-0705887-5	FEI# 3004050710

Frozen Okra       Al Nasr Co for Preserved 	Methamidophos 	12/31/91
1719297 - DAL       Foods
                  Cairo, Egypt

Okra			Egyptian Co. for Freezing	Chlorpyrifos	6/12/02
24F[][]02		 & Beef Proc.
267-4289094-5	36 Kafr Abdou St., Roushdy
167837 - DET-DO	Alexandria, Egypt
FEI# 1000504031

Okra, Frozen	The Edfine Company for		Profenofos		5/12/98
(small green)	Preserved Foods
J89-0071007-2	P.O. Box 937 Ras Del Soda
I213744 - CHI	Alexandria, Egypt
24F[]T02		FEI# 1000562062



Frozen Chipilin	Exportadora Rio Grande 		Methamidophos	12/3/01
DM4-0073332-3	 SA de CV
147173/24T[][]99	1a. Avenida Norte #2-4 Nueva
FLA-DO		San Salvador, El Salvador
FEI# 3003373203

Loroco           Mundicarga Express, S.A. 	Methamidophos  	11/14/95
(Frozen Vegs)    San Salvador, El Salvador
                 FEI# 1000445520



Beans, String  	Societe Industrielle     	Vinclozolin  	1/24/95
(Frozen)          Armoricau de Legumes
1977409 - NYK  	(SIALE)
              	Route de Carhaix 56110
               	Gourin, France
               	MID# FRSOCINDGOU

Dried Mushrooms   Plantin Puymeras			BHC
Ep. 1611118-BLT   LaRomaine, France

Peas, frozen	Dujardin Bretagne			Vinclozolin		4/3/03
24A[]D51/24A[]T51	Pen Lan
551-2265692-4	Le Moustier, France
NYK-DO		FEI# 3004031813

Strawberries, 	Chaucer Food Group		Procymidone		5/20/03
  Dried		Route De La Pierre
20B[][]14		B.P. No. 4 Chace
225-3337382-9/1/1	Saumur, France
LOS-DO		FEI# 3003215699


Kava powder		Praveen Store (Fiji) Ltd.	Biphenyl		11/19/2007
54F[][]52		Tokojoko, PO Box 256
445927   SEA-DO	Navua, Serua, Fiji
			FEI# 2000046808

Kava powder		Ram Karan Dealers			Biphenyl		11/5/2007
54F[][]52		103 Bureta Street
436859   SEA-DO	Tamavua
			Suva, Fiji
			FEI# 3004346270



Blackberries,	Coldstore Nordfrost		Vinclozolin		12/22/04
  Frozen		 aka  Nordfrost Kuehl-und
20A[]D01/20A[]T01	  Lagerhaus GmbH & Co.
307865   SEA-DO	Bredowstrabe 21
Hamburg, Germany
FEI# 3004321026

Celery, dried	W. Schumacher & Co GmbH		Fenvalerate		1/19/2007
24T[]H11		Roentgenstrasse 3
24U[][]11		Wittich, Germany
28A[][]12		FEI# 3000979044
391171 - CHI-DO

Celery Powder	Krauter & Trockengemuse  	Chlorpyrifos   	4/21/95
1865598 - MIN  	Wiesentherden Street
               	Abtswind, Germany
               	MID# DEKRAMIXABT

Dehydrated Celery		W. Schumacher & Co.,	Difenoconazole	8/14/07
Stalk & Leaves		Gmbh
Granules			Roentgenstrasse 3
24U[][]11			Wittlich, Germany
404041 - CHI-DO		FEI# 3000979044

Tomato flakes,	Interquell Staerkchemie GmBH	Bromopropylate	10/10/03
 Dried		Bahnhofstr 94
24H[][]50		Grossaitingen, Germany
300-1420934-7	FEI# 3004016287



Olives, Green  	Packed by: G.A. Gotos    Chlorpyrifos   	9/15/95
(Mariana brand)	Athens, Greece
3048238 - DET  	FEI# 1000409491
               	Shipped by:  Ariston
               			Importing Co. Ltd.
                			130 Barbados Blvd.
                			Scarborough, Ontario,
                			Canada M1J 1L2
               			MID# XOARIIMP130SCA

Greek Golden    ILIS Exporting Co       	Pyrazophos		11/5/91
Peppers         Havari, Greece
1832779 - SAN

Green Olives      Mani Imports-           Chlorpyrifos 	11/2/92
 Cracked           Exports
1884807 - SAN     Kalamata, Greece

Grape Leaves	Nicoglou			Acarol-   		3/7/94
 w/Rice		17 Joan Koletti Street	Bromopropylate
1937917 - SAN	Hessaloniki, Greece

Peppers, golden	Parashevopoulos S.A.		Bromopropylate	5/7/03
24F[]I07/24F[]E07	Simopoulo Road
M17-0033586-6	Elias, Greece
LOS-DO		FEI# 1000289386

Stuffed Grape	Onassis Greek Tinned		Bromopropylate	4/21/94
 Leaves		 Food Industry
529-0015700-0	aka Onassis Food Co.
(I101453)-SEA	Thessaloniki, Greece
(FCE #08926)



Mango Nectar	Alimentos Maravilla,S.A.	Methamidophos	11/27/07
Juice			KM.58.5, Carretera
21V--05		A. Siquinata
429012 PHI-DO	Escuintla
			FEI# 3002824972

Sieve Beans,		Comercial Nectares	cis-permethrin	4/15/04
Frozen			Del Valle, S.A.		trans-permethrin
(Green Peas)		Km. 62 Camino Antiguo
24E- - 51			A San Andres Itzapa
JM4-0107669-1		Chimaltenango, Guatemala
LOS-DO			FEI# 3004345608

Squash, frozen	MarBran Guatemala			Dimethoate		6/10/05
24F[]D06/	  	Km. 34.5 Carretera ala
24F[]T06	  	Antigua Guatemala
323179 - SWID	Lote 3-02, Zona 1
Santo Tomas Milpas Altas, Guatemala
FEI# 3004335469

Raspberries    		Comercializadora        Hexaconazole   	8/20/96
(Frozen)        		International de Fruta S.A.
I105257        		la Calle 4-51 Zona 13
718-6042033-1  		Guatemala City, Guatemala
(Seattle)      		MID# GTCOMINT451GUA
20AGA13        		FEI# 1000483261

Strawberries	Comercial Nectares de Valle	Methamidophos	8/24/98
Frozen		6A Avenida 11-43 Zona Q		Pirimiphos Methyl
DP1-4010756-7	Guatemala City, Guatemala
I 178390A B LOS	FEI# 300126149



American Ginseng	Lee Hing Medicine		Quintozene		4/27/04
Prongs		Trading Co.
54F -12		Block B. 11 Floor		Pentachloroanile
GH6-0158697-3	42-44 Ko Shing St.
228840   LOS-DO	Sheung Wan			Pentachlorophenly
Hong Kong		methyl sulfide
FEI# 3003945854


Ginseng		Golden Field (Far East) Ltd.	Quintozene, HCB,	1/15/04
54F[[]12		Flat A-e, 28/F Yan's Tower	pentachlorobenzene,
ASW-1000363-9	25-27 Wong				pentachloroaniline,
LOS-DO		Hong Kong				pentachlorophenyl sulfide
FEI# 3004160524

Ginseng		Hong Kong Sing Hing Lung	Quintozene		6/27/05
54F[][]12		  Limited
331083   LOS-DO	39-41 Bonham Strand West
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
FEI# 3003349029

Ginseng		Lan Kee Medicine Co., Ltd.	DCPA			2/19/04
54F[][]12		66 Des Voeux Road West, G/F
164-0162251-5	Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
NYK-DO		FEI# 3003350134
Ginseng		Prosperous Ginseng Limited	Quintozene		6/27/05
54F[][]12		144 Bonham Strand East
331083   LOS-DO	Hong Kong
FEI# 3004813071

Ginseng, sliced	Wing Hing Tong Ginseng Hong	Quintozene,		2/19/04
54F[][]12		2729 Bonham Strand West		delta-BHC
417-0209953-6	Hong Kong
NYK-DO		FEI# 3000308582

Ginseng (Whole)	Tsang Fook Kee			Quintozene,		10/26/99
54E[][]12/		5, G/F, Ko Shing Street		Tecnazene,
54F[][]12		Hong Kong				Delta-BHC
I190682/31265	FEI#	1000231335
DZ1-0163442-3 -		3003605672
437933   LOS-DO

Ginseng 		Tsang Fook Kee		Quintozene		11/4/99
(Bulk Rootlets)	5, G/F, Ko Shing Street	Tecnazene
I99-0163442-0	Hong Kong			Delta-BHC
I 190707/31286	FEI# 1000231335
54F[][]12 - SAN

Ginseng		Hang Wo Drug Co.		Quintozene		12/14/99
UT4-0098582-6	48-66 Ko Shing Street	Delta BHC
I 195628/36437	Hong Kong
54F[][]12 - SAN	FEI# 1000605522

Ginseng			Yue Fung Ginseng Enter-	Quintozene,		5/22/02
54F[][]12			prises Ltd.			Pentachlorobenzene,
420-0085092-7		44-46 Bonham Strand 	Pentachloroaniline,
DI 148183 - MIN-DO	West # 303			Pentachlorothioanisole
Hong Kong
FEI #3003384577

Ginseng, dried	Hong Kong Sing Hing		Pentachlorobenzene 1/31/03
54F[][]12		  Lung Ltd.				DDT, DCPA,
FS2-1028444-4	39-41 Bonham Strand West	Tecnazene, PCNB, PCTA
LOS-DO		Sheung Wan, Hong Kong		pentachloroniline,
FEI# 3003349029			pentachlorothioanisole,

Ginseng powder	Lee Hing Medicine	 		Pentachloro-	9/12/03
54F[][]12		  Trading Co.			aniline, PCTA,
GH6-0158697-3	42-44 Ko Shing St.		quintozene, Penta-
SAN-DO		Hong Kong				chlorobenzene,
FEI# 3003945854

Ginseng powder 	Sum Miu Company               Quintozene,         9/29/03
54F[][]12      	42a Bonham Strand West        HCB, delta-BHC,
XXX-0054539-3  	Hong Kong                	tecnazene
NYK-DO         	FEI# 3003945854

Ginseng, processed	Sum Miu Co.			DDT, DDE		10/25/02
54F[][]12			42a Bonham Strand West
315-7798966-3		Hong Kong
176652   SAN-DO		FEI# 3003417067

Ginseng, processed	Super Gain Trading Co.	Quintozene,		10/25/02
54F[][]12			92 Bonham Strand East	pentachlorobenzene
315-7798965-5		Hong Kong
176653   San-do		FEI# 3003408632

Ginseng, Panax	Sung Yau Trading Co.	Quintozene		11/4/99
283-2090088-7	221 Sing Lok Street	Tecnazene
I 119488/40106	Hong Kong			Delta BHC
54F[][]12		FEI# 1000358172

Ginseng, 		Sung Yau Trading Co.	Quintozene		12/14/99
Panax Red		221 Wing Lok Street	Tecnazene
283-2090099-7	Hong Kong			Delta BHC
I 199510/40114	FEI# 1000358172
54F[][]12 - SAN

Ginseng, Red	WIng Cheung Hing		Quintozene		12/14/99
283-2089894-4	233 Wing Lok Street	Tecnazene
I 198060/38990	West G/F 1			Delta BHC
54F[][]12 - SAN	Hong Kong
FEI# 3000139204

Ginseng root	Chinese Medicine City 		Pentachloro-	10/22/03
54F[][]12		  Shop Ltd.				benzene, quintozene,
E74-0106324-3	52-58 Des Veoux Rd. West	BHC's, hexachlorobenzene,
CHI-DO		2nd Fl., Winshing			pentachloro-
Hong Kong				aniline, pentachloro-
FEI #3000164309			anisole

Jujube Concentrate	Clagen Asia Ltd. 	Triadimenol		9/1/01
21K[]N16			Rm.702 Golden Gate
336-2938304-5		Commercial Bldg.
FACTS: 141131		136-138 Austin Rd.
				Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
				Hong Kong
FEI #3003362532

Lily flowers,	Golden Banyan Foodstuffs	 Triadimenol	11/14/03
 dried		  Industry Co., Ltd.
25L[][]19/		99-101 Jervois St.
25J[]H19		Hong Kong
AT2-0006580-6	FEI# 3003688298

Longan (Arillus)	Tsang Fook Kee		   	Methamidophos	8/23/99
DZ1-0173106-2	5, G/F Ko Shing Street
I214629/54497	Hong Kong
21T[]H18 - SAN	FEI# 1000231335

Mustard Greens	Mfr:  Man Chong Food Co. 	Methamidophos	9/19/00
(Salted)		345 Queens Road West
GL5-0620366-7	3rd Floor
93918 - LOS		Hong Kong
24U[][]20		FEI# 1000390689

Shipper: New United
Trading Co.
903 The Centre Mark
287-299 Queens Road
Hong Kong
FEI# 1000276684

Mustard Greens 	Sin Guen Trading Co.     	Methamidophos  	7/24/95
(Pickled)      	77-79 Gloucester Road
3037610 - SAN  	Wan City, Hong Kong
               	MID# HKSINGUE7779WAN

Sugar Snap		Yue Xiu Cereals, Oils &		Methamidophos	4/21/99
 Peas (IQF)		Foodstuffs Co. Ltd.
700-0652396-6	20/F Yue Xiu Building
I212415/52274	Wanchai, Hong Kong
24A[][]51-SEA	FEI# 3001284172

Sugar Snap 		Chenfield Limited			Methamidophos	5/25/99
Peas (IQF)		Room 919, Hollywood
700-0652561-5	Commercial Plaza
55020/I215242	610 Nathan Rd, Mongkok
24A[]D51 - SEA	Kowloon,  Hong Kong
FEI# 3002676641
								Sugar Snap Peas	Chenfield Limited		
	Methamidophos	7/22/99
(IQF)			Rm 919 Hollywood
700-0653142-3	Commercial Plaza
I223175/62551	610 Nathan Road
24A[]N51 -SEA	Kowloon, Hong Kong
			FEI# 3002676641

Preserved Turnip 		Manchong Loong Co.        Methamidophos	5/8/92
1725678 - NYK     	Kowloon, Hong Kong

Turnip Slice		Koon Lun Hong Co., Ltd.	   Methamidophos	1/26/94
(Preserved-			4H Seaview Bldg.
Golden Lion			Mui Won, Lantau Island
Brand)			Hong Kong



Bhindi Cut (Okra		Capital Foods Limited	Monocrotophos	8/14/07
24F[][]02			B-447, Kewal Indusrial	Endosulfan
412650 - CHI-DO		Estate
				Mumbai, India 400 013
				FEI# 3002023485

Moth Beans     	 Sagar Industries       BHC            	3/24/95
110-87606980-3   D 57 Industrial Estate   DDT
I103764 - SEA  	 Jalgon, India
               	 MID# INSAGIND57JAL

Cashews (bulk)    Indian Resins &        	BHC         	4/5/93
(in metal)        Polymers
1887452 - SAN     Quilon -1, India
Cashews           Urban Stanislaus & Co.  BHC         	2/1/91
1693427 - NYK     Quilon, India

Cashews in        GPN Cashew Exporting    BHC         	2/18/93
 Metal            Quilon, India
1887449 - SAN

Cashews           Peirce Leslie India Ltd BHC         	1/9/91
(Roasted &        Cochin, India
1750369 - SEA

Cashews        	K. Vishwanath Subraya    BHC            	4/20/95
932667 - CHI    	Kama Padavu
               	Mangalore, India
               	MID# INVISSUBMAN

Cashew Kernels    Dhanya Foods P.B. 115   	BHC         4/5/91
1706725 - PHI     Quilon, India

Cashews        	M.V.R. Industries, Ltd.  	BHC         11/14/94
1968305 - BLT  	No. 1 Pillayer Koil St.
               	Manapakkam, Madras, India
               	MID# INMVRIND1MAD
               	(Also see Singapore)

Celery seed 	Sree Padam				Chlorpyrophos,	1/15/04
  Extract		12 Ill Cross Road			ethion
28C[][]12/		Rajaji Nagar
54F[][]99		Pondicherry, India
112-1804636-5	FEI# 3003874314

Chana Dal      	Kirit Foods         	BHC/Lindane    	10/7/97
110-5752027-0  	Purana Bazaar/Gen Del
(I138295)-SEA  	Bombay, India
24A[][]06      	FEI# 3000268307               	(Manufacturer)
(See Canada for Shipper:  Golden Boy Foods)

Chana Dal      	Anil & Company      	BHC            	10/9/97
211-6193816-8/ 	413 Narshi Natha St.
005/001 - SEA  	Bombay, India
(I138975)      	FEI# 1000172518

Chana Dal (chick	Jawahar Exports (MIS)	alpha-BHC		10/12/01
peas)			17 Sajan Nagar
411-8131966-0	Indore, India
130607-SWID(DAL)	FEI# 1000316506

Chana Dalia		Ramdev Exports		BHC			8/15/00
J89-0073094-8	Ramdev Estate
I265564/98807	311, Sola Char Rasta
24A20, 24B20	Near Sola Overbridge
24E20, 24A06	Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway
CHI-DO 		Sola, Ahmedabad, India 382 481
FEI #3002982496

Chana Dal Bold	Sheetal Industries		alpha BHC	3/18/03
24A[][]06/		29/A Udhyog Nadardevgurdia
24A[][]20		Road
WC4-0031776-2	Indore, India
SEA-DO		FEI# 3003895999

Chili, dried	M.K Agro Exports			Ethion		3/11/04
24F[]H08/		5/B Shreeji Krupa
24H[][]08/		Office No.1
28A[]H08/28B[]H08	Qureshi Nagar
WUG-0124320-2	Mumbai, India
LOS-DO		FEI# 1000588010

Chillie peppers,	Synthite Industrial 		Ethion,		5/16/05
  dried 		  Chemicals Ltd.			triazophos
24F[]H08/		Synthite Valley
24H[][]08/		Kadayiruppu, Kolencherry
28A[][]08		Cochin, India
322100   SWID	FEI# 3004269765

Chili, Red			Gayatri Masala Exporter		Ethion	3/22/04
(dried)			80, Gunj Bazar,			Quinalphos
28A-H08			Nadiad 387001			Triazophos
WUG-0124297-2		Gujarat, India			Phosalone
LOS-DO			FEI# 3004253622

Chilies        	V.P.S.A. Paramasiva      	Ethion         12/17/96
(Whole)         	& Company               	Quinalphos
2024711 - NYK  	35 McChidambara Nadar St.
28AAG08        	Virudhunagar, India 626 001
               	FEI# 1000195039
               	MID# INVPSPAR35VIR

Chilli (Chili)	Vadilal Industries Ltd		Triazophos		11/14/06
Green Whole		Vrundavan Complessubhash
24F[][]08		Chowk, Memnagar
389883 LOS-DO	Memnagar, India
			FEI# 	1000192622

			Vadilal Industries Ltd.
			Ozar Pada, Tiskari Road
			Dharampur, India
			FEI# 3004292626

Deh. Indian Red	Farmer Bros. & Co.	Ethion		12/11/00
Peppers		33 M.C. Chidambara	Cypermethrin
24F[]Y08		Nadar St.
411-8128295-9	Virudhunagar, India
FACTS #101441	FEI #3002942574

Gram flour     	Veerprabhu Export House  	BHC            2/3/97
02G[][]99/     	71 Veer Vihaldas, Chandan Street
02Y[][]99      	Bommbay, India
2056802 -      	FEI# 10001851118

Garlic Papads     Patira Food Products   		alpha-BHC   1/24/91
1748532 - NYK     Pajuot, India

Gherkins		Silvergreen Agro Products	Triazophos		8/17/06
(Cucumber)		Export (India) Pvt. Ltd.
in Brine		801 Neithal, New Housing Unit,
24F[]I20		Thanjavur - 613 005
383322 SEA-DO	Tamilnadu, India
			FEI #3005781598

Gulab Jamun       Modi Associates          BHC			5/8/92
1721463 - NYK     Bombay, India

Lentils        	Kusum Trading Co.        BHC            	3/6/95
(Red, Split)   	159 Sajan Nagar
I103614/110    	Indor, India
8759695-       	MID# INKUSTRA159IND
1/001/008 - SEA

Toor Dal Oily  	Sagar Industries         BHC            	4/20/95
 Lentils       	D57 MIDC
2012165 - CHI  	Jalgaon 425003, India
               	MID# INSAGIND57JAL

Lentils, red,  	Sagar Uniexim (India)    BHC            	4/24/97
 dried          	Pvt. Ltd.
24A[][]70      	D 57 Industrial Estate
1946577 -      	Jalgaon, India
DAL-DO         	FEI# 1000406867

Masoor Dal 		Sheetal Industries	alpha BHC		3/18/03
  (lentils)		29/A Udhyog Nadardevgurdia
24A[][]70		Road
WC4-0031776-2	Indore, India
SEA-DO		FEI# 3003895999

Masoor Dal			Vidhi Impex			Alpha-BHC		11/3/98
(red lentils,split) 	6 Mez Flr, Anna Bhawan
24B99				Dana Bunder, D.R. Marg
AV@-0232600-3		Mumbai 4000009, India
I191070/31670		FEI# 3000326497

Patra Leaves   	Vasundhara Canning Pvt.  	BHC            	7/25/96
926473 - CHI   	Killa Padi 396125
24VEE99        	Gujarata, India
               	FEI# 10569
               	MID# INVASCAN3961GUJ

Peanut Butter/       		Bajaj Foods Ltd.		BHC		12/7/00
23C[]T07				A/401 Samudra Complex
551-9193469-8/I280935B		off CG Road
FACTS #113300			Ahmedabad             								
FEI #3002420410

Bajaj Foods Ltd.
C.G Road Ellsbridge
Ahmedabad, India
FEI #3002825888

Factory Address
Bajaj Foods Ltd			1/3/01
444 Changodar
Ahmedabad, India
FEI #3003201509

Pepper Hot		Anil & Company		Ethion		3/12/2001
 Dried Whole	212 Adamji Bldg.		Phosalone
582-8070167-2	413 Narshi Nathe St
115388-SWID/DAL	Mumbai, India		Cypermethrin	11/2/01
28A[]H08		FEI# 1000475167

Peppers, dried 	Spice Inn (Pvt) Ltd.	Ethion		8/15/03
  chili		233 Teppam East Bazaar
28A[][]08/		Virudanagar, India
28B[][]08		FEI# 3003733901

All "pickle"	Ushodaya Enterprises Limited		Triazophos, 4/2/07
  products - all	  (Priya Foods) 				Ethion
styles & flavors	Eenadu Complex Somajiguda
20E[][][][]		Hyderabad, India
20L[][][][]		FEI# 1000208419
21T[][][][]		Manufacturer:	Ushodaya Enterprises Limited
21W[][][][]					Poranki, Krishna District
21X[][][][]					Vijayawada, India
24H[][][][]					FEI# 3004262609

Pulihora Paste	Ushodaya Enterprises Limited		Ethion	7/20/07
25F[][]99		Eenadu Compound Somajiguda
422792 DET-DO	Hyderabad
			FEI#	1000208419

Sesame Seeds	MFR: Ramdev Exports	Methyl parathion	1/29/02
211-9609651-1	Ramdev Estate
154802 - SEA	311, Sola Char Rasa Near Sola
23K[][]02		Over Bridge
28A[][]43		Sarkhei Ganghinagar Highway
Ahmedabad 380 060, Gujarat
FEI# 3002982496

SHIPPER:  Hanif's International
 Foods, Inc.
563 Ebury Place
Delta, B.C., Canada
FEI# 3001441970

Spinach Leaves (Palak)	Vadilal Industries Ltd.	Chlorpyrifos	3/28/06
24T[][]25			Vadilal House,
368217			Shrimali Society Near
SAN-DO			Navrangpura, India
				FEI# 3004455504

Split Peas        Parakh Foods Intl       	BHC         01/26/93
(Dried)           Gultekdi, Pune, India
1874474 - BLT

Split Peas     	Sagar Uniexim (India)    	BHC         5/22/97
2024319 - NYK     Pvt. Ltd.
24B[][]51         D-57, M.I.D.C.
               	Jalgaon, India
               	FEI# 1000406867

Split Chick Peas 	Anil & Co.                BHC         	3/29/90
(Dried)           Bombay, India
765626 - BOS

Split Chick Peas Shipper: Seth Trading     BHC         	12/3/90
(from India)       Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
916303 - BUF      (ALSO SEE CANADA)

Chick Peas        Mfr: Maharahstra Chakam  alpha-BHC		4/26/90
1754677 - CHI     Oil Mill
                  Pune, India
                  Shipper: Kanshi Ram Sonah Lal
                  Amritsar, India

Pigeon Peas 	Eastern Overseas Ltd.    BHC            	7/6/95
1998837 - NYK	16 Onlooker Bldg.
             	Sir P.M. Road
             	Bombay, India
             	MID# INEASOVE16BOM

International     Atlantic Exports         BHC        	5/8/92
Achar Pachranga   Bombay, India
Mixed Pickles
in Oil
1762390 - NYK

Rossogollas       Modi Associates          BHC			5/8/92
1721462 - NYK     Bombay, India

Rice, Basmati  	Associated Rice Mills    BHC            	4/4/96
02D[][]07       	Pvt. Ltd.
1933304 -      	26-M Block Market
NWE-DO         	New Delhi, 110 048, India
               	MID# INASSRIC26NEW
               	FEI# 1000180340

Sesame Seeds   	Grover & Sons          	BHC/pp'DDT   	4/7/97
922972 - BUF   	Dharm Jyot
23K[][]02      	96 Kazi Syed Street
28A[][]43      	Bombay, India 400 003
               	FEI# 1000176571

Sesame Seeds   	Eastern Overseas Ltd.    	BHC          8/22/97
1964911 - DAL  	16 Onlooker Bldg.
28A[][]43      	Sir P.M. Road
               	Mumbai (Bombay), India
               	FEI# 8213

Sesame Seeds      Unjha Spice Company     	total BHC    5/22/98
514-0703103-1     Mayur Pank Tavadia Rd   	p,p'-DDT
I147926 - NYK     Sidhpur, India
28A[][]43         FEI# 1000164412

Sesame Seeds		Ravi Overseas Pvt. Ltd.		BHC		 9/24/98
F81-0086341-1		6/596 Moti Sheri			DDT
I 178619 B CIN		LAL Darwaja
FACTS 20002	Surat 395003, India
28A[][]43			FEI# 3000308205

Sesame seeds	Vishnu Agro Overseas		Alpha BHC		1/12/2006
23K[][]02/		4152, Naya Bazar
28A[][]43		Delhi, India
358384   SEA-DO	FEI# 3005016907

Spinach		Temptation Foods Ltd.		Chlorpyrifos	2/12/07
(AKA Palak)		4, Unity House, 2nd Floor
24T[][25		8, Mama Paramanand Marg
24U[][]25		Opera House
24V[][]25		Mumbai 400 004
407927 SAN-DO	India
			FEI# 3004326612

Urab           		Gopal Pulse Processors   	BHC          8/15/97
(black bean)   		E-482 M.I.D.C.
144-3127699-8  		Jalgaon, India
001/001        		FEI# 1000372866

Urid Dal 		Gayatri Masala Exporter		Endosulfan		3/18/03
 (lentils)		80 Gunj Bazar Nadiad		Sulfate
24A[][]70/24B[][]70 Gujarat, India
429-0765005-7	FEI# 3003074106

Urid Dal 		Gayatri Masala Exporter		Endosulfan		3/18/03
 (lentils)		80 Gunj Bazar Nadiad		Sulfate
24A[][]70/24B[][]70 Gujarat, India
429-0765005-7	FEI# 3003074106

Vermicelli        Eastern Overseas Corp.   	alpha-BHC		4/26/90
1754367 - CHI     Bombay, India
               	MID#  INFLEFOO32NEW



Milk fat, 		Glanbia Foods Society Ltd.	Biphenyl		12/15/05
  anhydrous		Ballyragget
09C[][]23		Kilkenny, Ireland
352555   SWID	FEI# 3004257551


Barberry, dried	Impiran Company Ltd.		Phosalone		7/2/04
20A[]H99/		32 West Farzan St.
20B[][]99		Vali-e-Asr Ave.
AW5-0017860-9	Tehran, Iran
LOS-DO		FEI# 3004543404

Barberry, dried	Plasto Massoerh Kar		Piperonyl		8/9/2007
20A[]H99/		98 Vozara Ave, 4th Floor		butoxide
20B[][]99		Suite #16
406340   LOS-DO	Tehran, Iran
			FEI# 2000015037

Dried Date		(Grower)				Tetradifon		7/25/07
Dices, w/Flour	K & A Packing Co. Ltd.
21H[][]05		Corner of First Cross Rd.,
415446 - LOS-DO	Shohada Ave.
			Kermin, Iran
			FEI# 3004279893

			K & A Keykhosrow R. Klanian
			Hakim St.
			Kerman, Iran
			FEI# 3004279893

Dried Figs		Fard Dried Fruits			Bromopropylate	02/16/05
21T - - 03		No. 344, North Mofateh
309587  LOS-DO	Ave.Hafte Tir. Sqr.
			Tehran, Iran
			FEI# 3004250175

Moza Dates,		(Grower)				Tetradifon		7/25/07
Dried			K & A Packing Co. Ltd.
21H[][]05		Corner of First Cross Rd.,
415441 - LOS-DO	Shohada Ave.
			Kerman, Iran
			FEI# 3004279893

			K & A Keykhosrow R. Klanian
			Hakim St.
			Kerman, Iran
			FEI# 3004279893

Mulberries,		Pakizeh Food Processing Co.	Diazinon		5/13/03
  Dried		12 Sheshon St., Suite# 16
20B[][]18		Velenjak
112-1910156-4	Tehran, Iran
BUF-BR		FEI# 3003587906

Prunes		Green Plants of Life		Pirimicarb		4/6/2006
21G[]H14/		32-34 Farnaz Street
21H[][]14/		Valiaser Ave.
21G[][]15/		Tehran, Iran
21H[][]15		FEI# 3004810622
349219   LOS-DO

Prunes (Dried Plums)	Yekabas Agriculture	Bromopropylate	8/25/05
El6-00171002		  Food Co.
335027			Razi Lab Bldg,
21G[][]14  21H[][]14	Zand Ave, 4th Floor
21G[][]15  21H[][]15	Shiraz, Iran
LOS-DO			FEI# 3005183636
FEI# 3004894282


Freedom Star Trading Co.
P.O. Box 33237
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
FEI# 3001832889

Raisins, golden	Mahmoud Mahdavieh Export Co.		Profenofos	7/17/2006
20A[][]10/		118 Africa Avenue, Ste. 102
20B[][]10		Tehran, Iran
381423   DET-DO	FEI# 3004041455

Red dates, dried	Rojiar (Rojar) Corp.		Phosalone		1/5/05
21G[]H16/		  (manufacturing site)
21H[][]16		597 Khayyam St.
Tehran, Iran
FEI# 3003315479

Rojiar (Rojar) Corp.
  (shipping address)
45 Amir Atabak Ave.
Tehran, Iran
FEI# 3004810568

Sayer Dates,	Iranian Products Co. S.A.	Tetradifon		10/12/01
Dried, Pitted	aka Middle East Products Export
310-5586931-2	Africa Avenue, West Nahid Blvd.
135227-NYK(BUF)	No. 58
21H[]H05		Tehran, Iran 19669
FEI# 3003066290

Sun dried figs		D.M. Livermore		Carbaryl	5/15/06
21T[][]03			8 Shahid Rajee St.
375043			Tehran, Iran
LOS-DO			FEI# 3005668166



Arborio rice	European Rice Company	Deltamethrin	3/17/04
02D[][]02		Via Bassano 13
310-5483054-7	Vercelli, Italy
DET-DO		FEI# 3002828369

Cherries in SO2	Eurofruit Srl 		Procymidone		5/18/04
21G[][]03		Via Vittorio
J81-2046447-6	Emanuele 3
281684		Mugnano del Cardinale
SEA-DO		Zona Industriale
			Avella, Italy 83021
			FEI# 2000000495

Dried tomatoes    L'Aromatica Aquiana      Pirimiphos   	1/10/91
1732013 - NYK     Milan, Italy             Methyl

Felice Bonardi    Felice Bonardi          Procymidone   	4/2/91
brand Asti        Alba, Italy
(no vintage year)
(Assumed 1990)

Ginseng, dried 		Indena S.p.A.		Tricyclazole	4/2/2007
  Extract			Viale Ortles 12
54F[][]12/			Milan, Italy		Procymidone		10/17/07
54Y[][]04			FEI# 3000259615
412993   SEA-DO
424048 - SEA-DO



Callaloo in		Ashman Food Products Ltd. 	Diazinon		3/30/2000
Brine (Canned)	Lot 434 Vineyard 		  	Chlorpyrifos
820-0558403-0/6	Crescent Bushy Park P.Q.  	Profenophos
81982 - FLA		St. Catherine, Jamaica
24T][E25		FEI# 3000319572



Beans, dried   Dah Chong Hong Ltd.     	Procymidone   6/12/96 (Yukitebo)
Roppongi 	   5-18-2 Minato-Ku
24B[]H99       No. 2 Bldg.
891108 -       Tokyo, Japan
               FEI# 1000548832

Hot Pepper     Nichire Corp.           BHC         	6/11/90
Powder         Tokyo, Japan
891989 - LOS

Dried Red Reishi	Nikkei Company (Manufacturer)	Fenpropathrin	2/5/07
Mushroom Slices	1155-2 Tabel Cho 1Chome
25Q[][]99		Isesaki City, Gunma Ken
397966 SEA-DO	Japan
			FEI# 3004080177

			Nikkei Canada
			Marketing Ltd (Ship.)		Fenpropathrin	2/5/07
			12868 Clarke Place
			FEI# 3004058188

Canned Seasoned 	Tanaka Shinichi Co.   		Oxadiazon   	5/8/91
Red Clams in      Yanagawa City, Fukuoka,
Soy Sauce         Japan
(Akagai           (FCE 05433)
1752824 - SEA

Ginseng		Fibro Pharmaceutical Co., 	Procymidone,	8/28/03
(Panax, powder)     Ltd.				quintozene
54F[][]12		3-10-6 Yazaike, Adachi-Ku
112-1211308-8	Tokyo, Japan
SEA-DO		FEI# 3004100740

Green Soybeans	Samjin Trading Co.		Methamidophos	11/10/93
I100544/908-	Seoul, Korea (Shipper)
0173957-5/014/	MID#KRSAMTRA1140SEO
001			Kyoka Shokuhin Co. (Mfr.)
		   	Kyoto, Japan
			MID#JPKYOSHOKYO			(See Korea also)



Tahina            3Trading Corp.     	BHC         	4/5/93
1896665 - DET     Amman, Jordan
23K[][]02		FEI# 1000133827



Apple Juice    	Korea Agricultural Coop  	Acephate       	10/23/95
1989888 - NYK  	15-19 2-GA
               	Hangang-Ro Yongsan-Gu
               	Seoul, Korea
               	FEI# 1000285327
               	MID# KRKORAGR1519SEO

Ginseng		Korea Gaesung Ginseng		Procymidone		6/17/03
54F[][]12		567-1 Shindeali
U29-0156552-5	Geumsaneup Geumsan Gun		Quintozena		8/21/03
LOS-DO		Choong Nam, Korea
FEI# 3003825953

Ginseng		Korea Ginseng Corp.		Tolclofos-		2/7/07
54F[][]12		1002 Daechi-Dong			methyl
401275 LOS-DO	Kangnam-Gu
			Seoul, Korea
			FEI#	3004166545
			FEI#	3005584085

Ginseng, red	Korea Ginseng Cooperative	Procymidone,	6/24/03
54F[][]12		199-1 Kuei-Dong, Kwangjin-gu	endosulfan
W92-0075116-7	Seoul, Korea
LOS-DO		FEI# 3001639260			Quintozene		8/21/03

Ginseng, dried	World Forest Co., Ltd.		Pentachloro-	2/19/03
54F[][]12		1016 Jegi-Dong,			benzene, BHC's,
F02-0145958-9	Dongdaemun-Ku			hexachlorobenzene,
LOS-DO		Seoul, Korea			quintozene, penta-
			FEI# 3003654540			chloroaniline, penta-
								chlorophenyl methyl sulfide

Ginseng Dried	Il Ju Industrial Co. Ltd.	Procymidone		3/9/99
 Roots		C.P.O. Box 909		      Quintozene
DE0-0022725-1	Seoul, Korea
54FBT12 - LOS	FEI# 1000249904

Ginseng, dried	World Forest Co., Ltd.		Pentachloro-	2/19/03
54F[][]12		1016 Jegi-Dong,			benzene, BHC's,
F02-0145958-9	Dongdaemun-Ku			hexachlorobenzene,
LOS-DO		Seoul, Korea			quintozene, penta-
FEI# 3003654540						chloroaniline, penta-
								chlorophenyl methyl sulfide

Ginseng Extract	Il Ju Industrial Co. Ltd	Procymidone  	5/3/99
DE0-0022725-1	CPO Box 909				PCA			5/12/99
54F[][]12-LOS	Seoul, Korea
FEI# 1000249904

Ginseng Korean Read	Korea Ginseng Corp.	Procymidone		6/26/07
54F[][]12			926 Tunsan-dong, So-gu
LOS-D0			Taejon City, Korea
				FEI# 3003528673

Ginseng, Panax	Dong Woo Dang Pharmacy		Procymidone		9/18/2006
54F[][]12		  Co., Ltd.
380449   LOS-DO	1041-12 Hyo Ri Yimgo Myeon
			Youngchen, Korea
			FEI #3005118247

			1041-12 Hyo-ri, Yimgo-myeon
			Youngshen-si, Korea
			FEI #3004843602

Ginseng Powder	Korean GInseng Products	   Procymidone	10/1/98
 in Capsule 	Co. Ltd			   PCNB
DN4-0010036-3	CPO Box 586
25534 - LOS	355-5 Sangbong-Dong
54FGE12		Dongdaemun-Ku
		   	Seoul, Korea
   			FEI# 10070
   			FEI# 3001163653

Ginseng Root	Korea Ginseng Mfg Co. Ltd.	Procymidone		7/14/99
(Korean Dried)	151-11 Ssanglim Dong,		Quintozene
FD2-0126233-0	Ssanglim Bldg.
54E[]T12 - LOS	Seoul, Korea
   			FEI# 1000406902

Ginseng Roots	Spread Progress Trading		Procymidone		7/22/99
(Dried)		3F Dong-Dwan
I99-6001111-4	Oyang Bldg 1-48
I218780/58259	Jung Dong, Seoul, Korea
54F[]T12 - SEA	FEI# 3001017357

Korean Red		Korean GInseng Products	    Procymidone	3/10/99
Ginseng Extract	Co. Ltd		          PCA
DN4-0011129-5	CPO Box 586
25534 - LOS	355-5	Sangbong-Dong
54FBL12		Dongdaemun-Ku
		  	Seoul, Korea
  	 		FEI# 10070
   			FEI# 3001163653

Korean Red		Gae-Sung Ginseng Coop.		Procymidone		7/23/99
GInseng Powder	#397 Eoryong-Ri Pochun
Capsules		Eup Pochun-Kun
DEO-0022914-1	Kyunggi-do, Korea
54F[]E12		FEI# 3001663099
54F[]H12 - LOS

Korean Ginseng	Haitai International Inc.    PCA			3/10/99
Extract		140 Mapo-Dong Map-Gu	     Delta-BHC
835-0037037-0	Box 4488
38141 - LOS		Seoul, Korea
54FCL12		FEI# 1000309740

Korean Ginseng	Il Hwa Company, Ltd.		Pentachloro-	5/30/01
 Extract		437 Sutaek-Dong, Guri-Shi	aniline
M79-0015870-1	Kyunggi-Do, Korea			Pentachloro-
110413/54F[]Y12	FEI# 1000264781			phenyl methyl
NYK/PERP							sulfide

Mushrooms		Spread Progress Trading		Endosulfan 		8/5/99
(Dried)		3F, Dong-Kwan			Sulfate
25S[]H01 - SEA	Oyang Bldg 1-48
I99-6001111-4	Seoul, Korea
I218778/58256	FEI# 3001017357

Mustard Green,	Man Ching Loong Co.	    Methamidophos		10/22/93
Preserved		27 Milestone Mo-Fau
3010204-LOS		Village
		   	Kowloon, Korea

Rice Mixed		Jung Won Food Co.			Isoprothiolane
02D[][]99		470, Yedang-Ri, Dukyang-Myun, Bosung-Up
02D[][]02		Bosung, JeonranamDo, Korea
336784 SEA		FEI #3004552348			08/4/05

Soybeans, Green	Samjin Trading Co.		Methamidophos	11/10/93
I100544/908-	Seoul, Korea (Shipper)
0173957-5/014/	MID#KRSAMTRA1140SEO
001			Kyoka Shokuhin Co. (Mfr)
		   	Kyoto, Japan
		   	(See Japan Also)



Mouloukhieh		Conserves Modernes	Cypermethrin	2/25/94
(Spinach) 	 	Chtaura
Leaves in 		Beirut, Lebanon
1935062 - DET

Molokhia, dried		Wassim Sobh			Chlorpyrofos	9/13/02
24T[][]25/24U[][]25	Wassim Avenue
267-4289459-0		Tripoli, Lebanon
187025   DET-DO		FEI# 3003152025

Ground Sesame     	Ets. Alimentaires       BHC       		5/26/92
(Tahini)           	Abounaqum
3027714 - SEA     	Beirut, Lebanon
23K[][]02/			FEI# 13845



5 Chiles Sauce	Herdez, S. A. De C.V., 86 Carr. Transp.,	Ethion
37J[][]08		Ensenada, Mexico
425737, SWID	FEI # 3003773959					9/5/07

Acerola (labeled	Maria Guadalupe Rosa	Cypermethrin	8/17/04
as Nance Pulp)	Torres
21X[]D99, 		Paseo de la Revolucion No. 43
21X[]D01		Colonia Emiliano Zapata
635-1032999-6	Michoacan
287569		Uruapan, Mexico
SWID			FEI# 3004584910

Bean Salad     	Mexitrade Internacional 	Methamidophos  	5/7/98
 In Sugar      	  Ave Contreras No. 516
WFE-0003282-7  	Col. San Jeronimo, Mexico
I161633A - DAL 	FEI# 3000196530

Cactus in brine	Mundo Mexica			Dimethoate		3/1/04
24T[]E99/24T[]I99	Xolot 63
J23-0017855-0	Milpa Alta
SWID			San Pedro Actopan, Mexico
FEI# 3002987096

Celery		Friendly Nature de Mexico, 	Methamidophos,	11/1/04
24T[]B11/24T[]C11	  SA de CV				Methyl parathion
294841		Carr. Lagos de Moreno Km. 70		            2/17/05
SWID			Ejido Montoro                   (Removed from 99-05 and
Aguascalientes,   Mexico				     placed on 99-08)
FEI# 3004302419

Chick Peas		Productos M.A. Vizcaino	Diasinon		8/29/97
(Dried)		P.O. Box 1215
24A[][]06		Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
			FEI #3001014983

Green beans,	LongHai Haichang Foods	 	Methamidophos	3/30/05
24A[]I14/24A[]E14	  Company, Limited
317994   SWID	Chongfu Arch Braidge
East Bangshan Town
Longhai, China
FEI #3004303073

Guava, frozen	Desidratadora Y Exportadora	Endosulfan		2/19/04
21S[]D04		  Reves Medina
GU2-0005348-1	Granja Don Jose
SWID			Carr. Ags. Loreto Km 1
Asientos, Mexico
FEI# 3002830477

Guava Puree		Siasmex S.A. de C.V.		Methamidophos	12/23/99
(Frozen)		Martinez de Navarrette 83
ED4-0007636-7	Jacona, Michoacan, Mexico
21S[]T04 - DAL	FEI# 1000482309

Hot Sauce		Mega Alimentos, Sa De Cv 		Ethion	10/31/07
Botanero		Antiguo Camino A Villa De Garcia 	Triazophos
24K[][]08		Santa Catarina
27Y[][]06		Mexico
43328 SWID		FEI#	3003847024

Hot Sauce 		Alimentos Naturales Sabroza	Ethion		6/22/2007
 Habanero		  SA de CV
24K[][]08/		Autopista Mty. Cadereyta Km. 11
27Y[][]06		Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
SWID   416100	FEI# 3000135547

Kale           	Deshidratadora La       	Permethrin     	6/9/97
(Dehydrated)    	Cascada, C.A.
1961649 - DAL  	Km 8 Carretera Libre
24U[][]18       	A Celaya
               	Fracs. Industrial Balvanera
               	Villa Corregidora, Mexico
               	FEI# 1000271513

Mulato Pepper, Dry	Grupo Jaramillo Hermanos	Permethrin	7/20/05
24H[]H08, 24H[]H07	Calle Iturbide # 399 Ote.
326838 SWID			Calera de Victor Rosales
FEI# 3004261863

Peach Jelly		Alberto Hernandez				Propargite	11/14/07
21C[][]99 		Paseo Montecarlo Priv Castillo
21J[][]13		Tijuana, B.C.
435027 SWID		Mexico
			FEI# 3006543089

Peach Jelly		El Oasis, Paseo Montecarlo 2893-20, Propargite	11/14/07
21C[][]99 		Tijuana, BC. Mexico,
21J[][]13		Mexico
435027 SWID		FEI# 3006074845

Peppers, ancho	Deshidratadora Santa Anita	Permethrins		4/20/2006
  dried		Carr. Charco Azul Km. 3
24F[]H08/		San Rafael de Ocampo
24H[][]08		Asientos, Mexico
366892   SWID	FEI# 3005106493

Peppers, Ancho	Desidratadora Y Exportadora	Permethrins		7/15/04
24F[]B08/24F[]C08	  Reyes Medina
635-1032898-0	Granja Don Jose Carr. AGS-
SWID			Loreto, Km. 1
296651-SWID		Asientos, Mexico
298036-SWID		FEI# 3004390106

Pepper, ancho	Grupo Jaramillo Hermanos	Permethrin		9/7/05
  dried		Calle Iturbide # 399 Ote.
24H[]H08/24H[]H07	Calera de Victor Rosales,
347130   SWID	Mexico
FEI# 3004261863

Peppers, ancho	Jorge Alberto Martinez		Methyl parathion	  9/16/04
  dried		  Lomas
24H[]D08/24H[]T08	Calle UVA# 32
DV1-0054234-4	Aguascaliente, Mexico
SWID			FEI# 3002245735

Peppers, Dried	La Bodeguita			Methyl		8/15/07
Ancho			(Jorge Martinez Pasillas)	Parathion
24F-H08		Fray Servando #201
24H-H08		Aquascaliente
423860 SWID		Mexico
			FEI# 3004762074

Peppers, ancho	Natural Alimenticia SA de CV	Epoxiconazole	2/27/2007
24F[]H08		Tomasa Estevez No. 107
24H[][]08		Soledad de Graciano, Mexico
402990   SWID	FEI# 3002663753

Pepper Chipotle 	Conservas La Costena S. A de C. V	Permethrin	10/17/07
Canned		Via Morelos #268
24F[]H08		Tulpetlac, Estado De Mexico
434364 SWID		Mexico
			FEI #11205

Peppers, chipotle	Conservas La Torre SA de CV	Permethrins		4/5/2007
  in vinegar	Km. 24.5 Carretera Puente
24F[]E08/24F[]I08	  de Vigas-tepot
24H[]E08/24H[]I08	Cuatitlan Izcalli, Mexico
24K[]E08/24K[]I08	FEI# 3004254549
411898   SWID

Peppers, guajillo	Natuarl Alimenticia SA de CV	Trans-permethrin	2/8/2007
24F[]H08/24H[[]08	Tomasa Estevez No. 107
402988   SWID	Soledad de Graciano, Mexico
			FEI# 3002663753

Peppers, guajillo		Barrrera Brokerage	Propiconazole	5/28/2007
  Dried			Calle Coliman 18
24F[]H08			Nte. Col. Cruz Azul
24H[][]08			Calera, Zacatecas, Mexico
412379   SWID		FEI# 3005043330

Peppers,		Chilies Y Semillas		Triadimenol		9/19/05
  guajillo dried	Col. Iomas de Plateros Km. 1
24F[]H08/		Fresnillo, Mexico
24H[][]08		FEI# 3005322034
349997 - SWID

Peppers, guajillo		Deshidratadora Y Export-	Procymidone	4/25/06
  dried		 	 adora Reyes Medina S de CV
24F[]H08/			Loreto Km. 1, El Llavero
24H[][]08			Granja Don Jose Carretera
375129   SWID		Aquascalientes
				Asientos, Mexico
				FEI# 3004390106

Pepper, guajillo	Grupo Jaramillo Hermanos	Permethrin		9/7/05
  dried		Calle Iturbide # 399 Ote.
24H[]H08/24H[]H07	Calera de Victor Rosales,
347127   SWID	Mexico
FEI# 3004261863

Peppers,		Jose Reyes Flores			Permethrins		9/15/05
  guajillo dried	5 de Mayo 400
24F[]H08/		San Rafael de Ocampo
24H[][]08		Asientos, Aguascalientes, Mexico
350125   SWID	FEI# 3003966596

Peppers,	Productos Del Campo			Monocrotophos	8/23/05
hot, dried	Centro Distribuidor De Basicoslocal
(Morita)	Aguascalientes, Mexico
24H[][]07	FEI# 3003979478
344687 SWID

Pepper, pequin	Grupo Jaramillo Hermanos	Methyl parathion	9/20/05
24F[]H08/		Calle Iturbide # 399 Ote.
349076   SWID	Calera de Victor Rosales, Mexico

Pepppers, Red	Octavio Lopez Villanueva	Permethrin		12/14/07
Ground in		Emiliano Zapata No. 1040
Brine			Maneadero, Ensenada
24F[][]08		Baja California, Mexico
439220 - SWID	FEI# 2000046266

Peppers Yellow	Agrocomercial De Baja		Permethrin		3/23/07
In Brine		California S.A. de C.V.
24F-P08		Ramon G. Arnaiz No.351
24F-P07		Fracc. Soler C.P. 22105
408132 SWID		Tijuana, B.C.
			FEI# 1000616800

Peppers, Yellow 		Alejandro Carrillo Carrillo	Permethrin	6/21/07
in brine			Calzada Miguel Hidalgo No. 133
(Hot Chile Peppers)	Ex-Ejido Chapultepec
24F[]I08			Ensenada, Mexico
419494 SWID			FEI# 3002758301

Peppers,Yellow	Distribuidora		Permethrin			12/20/06
in Brine		  Agrobaja
24F[]I08		San Vicente S.P.R. De R.L.
24F[]E08		Marcial Escobar 123
396522 SWID		Ensenda B.C.
			FEI# 3004212107

Sesame Seeds      Rafaela A. Ibarra Vega  	Quintozene    	1/24/91
1713501 - DAL     Obregon, Sonora, Mexico 	Chlorpyrifos

Sesame Seeds      Asoc. Municipal de      DDT   	     		2/6/91
1759044 - DAL      Apatzingan
                  Apatzingan, Michoacan, Mexico

Peppers, Ancho	  Rancho Los Leones		Permethrin		12/27/99
(Dried)		  Zacatecas No. 20
DMO-0021809-7	  Dolores, Hidalgo, Mexico
24F[]H08 - DAL	  FEI# 3002655440

Peppers, Arbol	Chilemex				Cis-permethrin	10/12/01
(Dry)			Anador Comaicalcaio No. 2
EJ9-0030057-8	Col. Sanchez Magailanes
137039-SWID(DAL)	Vilhermosa, Mexico
24H[]H08		FEI# 3000162961

Pepper, Bell (Dry)	Impercova SA de CV	Iprodione,		4/17/02
24H[][]04/24H[][]07	Calle Laura No. 2404	Tebuconazole
993-0008251-0		Jardines del Santuario
161316 - SWID		Chihuahua, Mexico
FEI #3003032741

Peppers, Chili	Chilemex				Cis-permethrin	10/12/01
(Dried Puya)	Anador Comaicalcaio No. 2	Trans-permethrin
EJ9-0030187-3	Col. Sanchez Magailanes
139614-SWID(DAL)	Vilhermosa, Mexico
24H[]H08		FEI# 3000162961

Peppers, Chili	Chilemex				Cypermethrin	10/12/01
(Dry Costeno)	Anador Comaicalcaio No. 2
EJ9-0030097-4	Col. Sanchez Magailanes
137564-SWID(DAL)	Vilhermosa, Mexico
24H[]H08		FEI# 3000162961

Peppers,Negro	Desidratadora Y Exportadora	Permethrins		12/13/04
24F[]B08/24F[]C08   Reyes Medina
298036   SWID	Granja Don Jose Carr. AGS-
			Loreto, Km. 1
			Asientos, Mexico
			FEI# 3004390106

Pepper, Pasilla	Jorge Alberto Martinez Lomas		Profenofos	6/26/07
(dried)		Calle De La Uva 22
24K[][]08		Aguascalientes
411390 - SWID	Mexico
			FEI# 3004254634

Peppers, pasilla	La Bodeguita (Jorge Martinez	Methyl parathion	5/26/05
  dried		  Pasillas)
24F[]H08/		Fray Servando #201
24H[][]08		Aguascaliente, Mexico
326842   SWID	FEI# 3004762074

Peppers, Pikin (Piquin)		(Added product to the above firm)	3/20/06
Sample #326842

Peppers, pequin	Isaias Cordoba Huerta		Methyl parathion	5/16/05
  dried		Domicilioi Conocido
24F[]H08/		Municipio de Huatusco
24H[][]08/		Zentla, Mexico
28A[][]08		FEI# 3004651572
317492 - SWID

Habanero Pepper 	 Centro Distribuidora de	CYpermethrin	11/3/2000
(Dried/Diced)	 Alimentos, SA de CV
DM0-0025528-9	 Dr. Julian Villarreal Nte 317
103892 - sWID	 Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
24H[]H08		 Mexico
		   	 FEI# 1000539525

Nopalitos, (Cactus)	Agro Indutrias Deander	Chlorpyrifos	4/4/02
24T[]E99/24T[]I99		De Delicias SA de CV
AF4-0094832-5/1/1		Km 6 Carr Delicias Naica
162521 - SWID		Delicias, Mexico
FEI #1000269734

Peppers, pasilla, 	Bellos Produce		Triadimenol		4/2/02
  Dried			1567 Brillante Entre Granate
24F[]H08/24H[][]08	Y Cienga
635-1023046-7		Colonia Mariano Otero
SWID				Guadalajara, Mexico
				FEI #3004324645

Peppers, 		 Productos Frugo SA de CV Monocrotophos	12/30/99
Jalapeno (pre-	 Km 1 Carr. Salamanca La
cooked & frozen)	 Ordena
WUL-0005403-4	 Salamanca, GTO, Mexico
24F[][]08 - DAL	 FEI# 10305

Peppers Yellow  	Rancho "La Labor"			Permethrins		6/19/2007
  in brine		Marcial Escobar #123
24F[]E08		Ex. Ejido Chapultepe
24F[]I08		Enseneda, Baja California, Mexico
SWID   420957	FEI# 2000024218

Canned Serrano    Clemente Jacques y. Cia BHC       		4/20/90
Peppers           Queretaro, Mexico
1758343 - DAL

Spinach        	Sabritas S.A. de C.V.    Methamidophos  	6/13/96
(dehydrated)   	Palmas 728 Chipultepec
1964112 - DAL  	Mexico City, Mexico
               	FEI# 1000542209
               	MID# MXSABSA735MEX

dried, 		Congeladora Santa Rosa 	Permethrins		2/27/2007
 Strawberries	 SA de CV
20A[]H14		Avenue Juarez No. 754
20B[][]14		Col. El Porverir
393863   SWID	Zamora, Mexico
			FEI# 3004338800

Frozen            Agro Industrial        	Methamidophos   	12/13/90
Strawberries      Exportadora
1759051 - DAL     Tlajomulco, Jalisco, Mexico

Frz, Strawberries	Alejandro & Fernando 		Methamidophos	4/9/02
ED4-0010176-9	Garibay
131726/20A[]D14	Eleuterio Gonzalez 275 Pte.
SWID -(D)	T14	Zamora, Mexioc
FEI# 3003620559

Frozen            Alimenatos Del Occidente Methamidophos   	4/25/91
Strawberries      de America S.A. de C.V.
1759399 - DAL     Colima, Mexico

Frozen            Congeladora de Zamora   Methamidophos
Strawberries      Zamora, Michoacan, Mexico
Ep. 1513884-DAL

Fzn Canned        Congeladora Morelia      Methamidophos   	11/26/91
Strawberries      Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico

Frozen            Empacadora del Calio    Methamidophos   	5/14/90
Strawberries      Jacona, Mexico
1758197 _ DAL

Fzn Strawberries 	Empacadora Del Celio     Methamidophos   	5/3/91
1527988 - DAL     Jacone, Mich, Mexico

Frozen,		Groupo Freza SA de CV	Monocrotophos,	8/2/04
Strawberries  	Carretera Libramiento	dimethoate
20A[]D14/		Nte. Km. 10.5
20B[]T14		Zamora, Mexico
392-0085018-6	FEI# 3001158872

Frozen 		Importadora y Exporta-	Methamidophos	6/23/95
Strawberries	 dora de Zamora SA
1963498 - DAL	Madero Nte 576
Zamora, Michoacan, Mexico

Frozen            Manuel Carrillo Hanzo   	Methamidophos   	4/11/90
Strawberries      Michuacan, Mexico
1758321 - DAL

Fzn Strawberries 	Proveedora De Frutas     	Methamidophos   	4/16/91
1759359 - DAL     Zamora, Michoacan, Mexico

Frozen            Sabritas                	Methamidophos   	7/19/90
Strawberries      Mexico D.F., Mexico
1758615 - DAL

Frozen            Villa Verde Agricol      	Methamidophos   6/12/92
 Strawberries      Mexicana
                  Irapuato, Mexico

Frozen		Sociedad Cooperativa		Methamidophos	11/2/93
Strawberries	Avenida San Pedro 413
1900798 - DAL	Fraccionamiento San Pedro
Irapuato, GTO, 	Mexico

Frozen         	Empacadora Chapala       	Methamidophos  	3/10/95
Strawberries   	Av. Ferrocarril S/N Pte
1901785 - DAL  	Zamora, Michoacan, Mexico
               	MID# MXEMPCHAZAM

Salsa, Chipotle		Alimentos Naturales		Ethion	6/26/07
(La Sabroza brand)	Sabroza S.A. de C.V.
24K--08			Autopista Mty. Cadereyta KM.11
420828 - SWID		Guadalupe Nuevo Leon
				FEI# 3000135547

Strawberries   	Empacadora Venustiano    	Methamidophos  	2/22/96
(Frozen)         	Carranza                	 Monocrotophos     3/12/98
1963877 - DAL  	Carretera Sahuayo
               	La Barca Km 7.5
392-0050678-8   	Venustiano Carranza, Michoacan
I153094 - DAL  	Mexico
               	FEI# 1000496125

Strawberry     	Mex-Fruit S.A. de C.V.   	Methamidophos  	4/16/98
Pulp (Frozen)  	Ave Sante Fe No. 386
EK7-0011182-7  	Irapuato, Mexico
20A[][]14      	FEI# 3000236589



Strawberries		Mfr: Almonte Marismas	Procymidone		5/14/04
(freeze/dried)		Larache, Morocco
20A[]D14,20A[]H14		FEI# 3004557967
20A[]T14,20B[]H14		Shipper:
H13-0075876-0		Tianjin C.I Food Co., Ltd.
LOS-DO/278317		No. 31 Jintang Rd.
				Hedong District
				Tianjin, China 300171
				FEI# 3003488787

Strawberries	Sokamil			Methiocarb		8/30/99
(Frozen)		Kenitra, Morocco
336-2918959		FEI# 3002727159
20A[]T14 - SEA

Strawberries	Sogelma (aka El Kadiria) Procymidone	9/19/00
(Frozen)		ZI Sidi Bouzekri Lot 76
336-2630170-1	Meknes, Morocco
20D[]D14 - SEA	FEI# 3003048031

Strawberries	Sogelma (aka El Kadiria)	Procymidone		8/22/2000
(Frozen)		ZI Sidi Bouzekri Lot 76		Bupirimate		9/26/2000
336-2630170-1	Meknes, Morocco
20D[]D14 - SEA	FEI# 3003048031

Tomato Flakes     Compania Industrial     	Pirimiphos      7/30/93
1669133 - BLT     Del Lukus               	Methyl
                  Carretera De Alcazarquivir
                  Larache, BP 13, Morocco
                  MID #MACOMINDLAR



Black Currants	SVZ International BV	Tolyfluanid	    6/6/2000
(Boiled, Frzn	Oude Kerkstraat 8
in Cubes)		P.O. Box 27
385-0049931-4	4870AA Etten-Leur
I259275/93950	Netherlands
20A[]T05		FEI# 3000318250

Black currant	SVZ International BV		Tetrahydro-        7/2/2007
  Juice conc.	Oude Kerkstraat 8			phthalate (THPI)
20D[][]05		P.O. Box 27
426531   SEA-DO	4870AA Etten-Leur
			FEI# 3004340175

Cherries, frozen	Van Bon Cold Stores BV		Flusilazole		7/12/04
21G[]D03/21G[]T03	Zandstraat 141
EE1-0018224-9	Beneden Leewen, Netherlands
SEA-DO		FEI# 1000475387

Sesame Seeds   	Di'Pasa Europe, B.V.     	BHC            12/2/94
1711054 - DAL  	Marsteden 56, 7547 TD
               	Enschede, Netherlands
               	MID# NLDIPEUR56ENS

Strawberries, Fzn. 	Oerlemans Foods		Procymidone,	9/26/02
20A[]D14/20A[]T14		Nederland Bv		Tolyfluanid
110-0660878-0		Archimedesweg 19
168402 - SEA-DO		P.O. Box 3351-5902
Venlo, Netherlands
FEI #3002978164

Onion, Frozen		SVZ International BV	Procymidone		2/29/2000
(Silverskin)		P.O. Box 27, 4870 AA
385-0049200-4		Etten-Leur, Netherlands
I246901/82013		FEI# 3000318250
25J[]T25 - SEA



Frozen            Fruit Export NZ Ltd.    Dichlofluanid   4/9/91
Boysenberries     Te Horo, New Zealand
1752322 - SEA     Grower 30856
832431 - SEA

Figs			Taihiki Orchards B681	Chlorpyrifos	5/6/99
713-0125914-0	Glenbrok Road
21S[]C03 - LOS	Waiuku, New Zealand
			FEI# 3001603163



Ogbono Cereal     USIM (Nigeria) Ltd.     Lindane         8/27/91
(Whole Grain)     Aba Ima, Nigeria
1703390 - NYK



Basmati Rice	M. Manzoor & Co. Pak	Pirimiphos		6/23/94
DI 94-019-009	(Pvt) Ltd.			Methyl
NYK			13 Sind Mkt, M.A.
			Jinnah Rd.
			Karachi, Pakistan

Raisins		Gul Products Limited	Chlorpyrifos	12/13/2006
20A[]H10/		34 University Road
20B[][]10		Peshawar, Pakistan
367656   BUF-BR	FEI# 3005059122

Psyllium Husk     Cargil Pakistan Seeds   BHC             4/11/90
1509083 - CIN     (PVT) Limited
                  Lahore, Pakistan

Pepper, Chili  	Majeed Impex             Profenofos     11/1/94
(Dried)        	P.O. Box 17867
1939589 - DAL  	Karachi - 47, F/165 S.I.T.E.
               	MID# PKMAJIMP1786KAR

COUNTRY:          PERU


Ancho peppers,	Suragro S.A.			Triadimenol		7/18/05
  dried		Av. El Santuario N. 1119
24F[]H08/		San Juan de Lurigancho
24H[][]08		Lima, Peru
321804 - SWID	FEI# 3004953572

Chili, Red		Agricola Del Norte SAC		Permethrin		4/22/04
(dried)		Av. Mexico No. 1984
28A-H08		Int. 202 Piso
24F-H08		URB. Lincoln La Victoria
880-0044519-2	Lima, Peru
273894-LOS-DO	FEI# 3004456705

Dried Pigeon	(corporate office)		Chlorpyrifos	8/14/02
Peas			Processadora S.A.C.
B38-0000692-8	Av. Melgarejo No. 580
171679-SJN		2do. Piso Urb. Santa Patricia
24A[][]17		La Mollna
24B[][]17		Lima 12   Peru
FEI #3003764638
Processadora S.A.C.
Calle B Mza. D Lota No. 9
Parque Industrial   Chiciayo
Lambeyeque   Peru
FEI #3001889803

Frozen Green     	IQF Del Peru S.A.      		Methamidophos   10/18/91
 Beans           	Lima, Peru
1796381 - NOL

Guajillo		Agracom Del Peru S.A.C.	      Permethrin       4/19/05
 Peppers		Calle Los Tucanes
 (Dried)		  125 of 401 Bellavista
24H[][]08		Callao
FEI# 3004337404

Lima beans,		Procesadora S.A.C.		Ethoxyquin		1/12/04
  Dried		Ave. Melgarejo 580
24A[]H08/		2 do Piso Urb. Santa Patricia
24B[][]08		Lima, Peru
261-0426457-2	FEI# 3003764638

Peppers, guajillo	Herbo Spice Peru S.A.C.		Permethrins,	6/2/2006
  dried		Av. Alameda Del Corregidor	triadminol,
24F[]H08		  1450				procymidone
24H[][]08		Int. 25, La Molina
375377   SWID	Lima, Peru
			FEI# 3005423192

Peppers (Rocoto)	The Green Farmer S.A.C., 	Profenofos		5/23/05
  Hot, Frozen	Calle Delta No. 182 Urb.,
28A[]D08/28A[]T08	Parque Industrial Prov.
24F[]D08/24F[]T08	Const. del Callao, Peru
324820 FLA-DO	FEI# 3004272511

Strawberries,	Prima Frost s.a.c.		Methamidophos	2/17/04
  Frozen		  aka Prima Farms s.a.c.
20A[]D14/20A[]T14	Av. Republica De Panama 3635
551-3046079-8	San Isidro, Peru
BUF-BR		FEI# 3004268782

Whole Dry Chili   Apolo Eximport S.R.L.  Pirimiphos 	Methyl	6/26/92
 Peppers          Avenida Paseo de la Republica
1870553 - ORL     No. 5709-Oficina 2
                  Lima 18, Peru

Whole Jalapenos		Gandules Inc. S.A.C.	Permethrins		7/20/07
(pickled)			MZ A Lote 4
24F-P08			Parque Industrial Pimentel
24F-T08			Chiclayo, Peru
409198 NOL-DO		FEI# 3004264141		Triadimenol		7/20/07

				Gandules Inc. S.A.C.
				Av. Del Pinar 198 Urb.
				Chacarilla del Estanque
				Surco   Lima
				FEI# 3003656641

Quinoa			Agro Industria Arequipa 	Parathion	7/19/94
(organically		Av. Camino Real 111-4To.
 grown)		 	Piso San Isidro
1938484 - DAL		Lima, Peru

Quinoa Grain		Agroseninsa				Methamidophos	8/7/98
(Dry)				Calle Manco Capac 413
DT9-0413519-5		Lima, Peru
I 175237 B LOS		FEI#  1000386972



Bitter melon leaves	Erma Industries Inc	Chlorpyrifos	11/29/06
Frozen			115 North Bay Blvd
24T[]D99/24T[]T99		Navotas, Metro Manila
24T[]N99			Philippines
393619 SAN-DO		FEI #3004266993

Frozen Pepper     	Guzent, Inc.           	DDT             1/26/93
 leaves           	Quezon City,
1868960 - LOS    		 Philippines

Tree cucumber	TBN Food Products			Carbaryl		1/15/04
24F[][]99		66 Nene St. Barangay 6
WCJ-0246679-2	Sampalokan St., Sto. Tomas
LOS-DO		Tanauan, Phillipines
FEI# 3004268847



Cherries, frozen	AKO Przedsiembiorstwo	Bitertanol			8/15/05
21G[]D03/21G[]T03	  Handlowe
342241   SEA-DO	Ul. Mogielnicka 30
Grojec, Poland
FEI# 3004261885

Gooseberry juice	SVC Poland Sp. Z.o.o.		Bupirimate		4/24/03
 Concentrate	Ul Lwowska 128, Lubelski
20D[][]08		Tomaszow, Poland
286-0716654-4/5/1	FEI# 3003416823

Green beans,	Agraimpex Spotka Z.o.o.		Procymidone		1/28/05
  frozen		Ul. Podlesna 61
24A[]D14/24A[]T14	Warsaw, Poland
302098   NYK-DO	FEI# 3004288347

Cherries, 		Fructodor				Bitertanol		1/16/04
  frozen		Ul Senatorska 8
21G[]D03		Bolimow, Poland
EE1-0016781-0	FEI# 3003761361

Frozen, Cherries	Kerry Polska Sp. Z.o.o.		Flusilazole		10/28/02
21G[]D03/21G[]T03	Ul. Zagnarfska 97a
336-9974190-8	Kielce, Poland			Biteranol		12/31/02
336-9974191-6	FEI #3003009285
195065   SEA-DO
205524 - SEA-DO

Frozen, Strawberries	Agraimpex Spolka Z.o.o.		Procymidone	  2/5/02
F12-0005761-5		ul. Podlesna 61			Tolyfluanid	12/04/02
152580/20A[][]14		Warsaw, Poland
LOS-DO			FEI# 3003400254
198174 - SEA-DO

Strawberries, frozen	Eurofoods Sp z.o.o. 	Procymidone		7/15/02
20A[]D14/20A[]T14		ul Gdanska 32
221-3523087-2		Kartuzy,Poland
177434 - SEA-DO		FEI# 3003660421

Frozen, Strawberries 	Eskimos Sp			Pyrimethanil	10/22/02
20A[]D14/20A[]T14	16-100 Sokolka Ul
EE1-0013732-6		Balydstocka, Poland
196479 - SEA-DO		FEI# 3003758089

Strawberries, Frozen 	Hortex Zaklady		Procymidone		12/04/02
20A[]D14/20A[]T14		Przetworstwa Owocowo -	Warzywnego
EE1-0013833-2		Fabryczna 2
202069 - SEA-DO		Lezajsk, Poland
FEI #3003393242

Strawberries, 	Kauko Metex Spzo.			Tolyfluanid,	2/14/03
frozen		Ul Sloneczna 35			Procymidone
20A[]D14/20A[]T14	Warsaw, Poland
110-0146341-3	FEI# 3003609288

Frozen Strawberries	Metex Food Ltd.		Procymidone		3/21/02
/20A[]D14			Ul. Kasprzaka 18/20
555-0348740-1/1/1		Warszawa (Warsaw), Poland
FACTS #150914		FEI #3002787136

Frozen Strawberries	Oerlemans Foods Polska	Procymidone,	4/22/02
20A[]D14/20A[]T14		Kardynala Wysznskiego   Tolyfluanid
110-0660878-0		Strezelno, Poland
168402 - SEA-DO		FEI #3003250088

Frozen Strawberries, Pomerania Frucht 		Procymidone		8/20/02
20A[]D14/20A[]T14	   Spoika z.o.o.
144-0945366-1	   Sledziba
176169 - SEA-DO	   Dziwogorze, Poland
	  		   FEI# 1000475177

Strawberries, 	Przedsieb Przemmyslu		Tolyfluanid,	1/29/03
frozen		  Chlodniczgeo			pyrimethanil
20A[]D14/20A[]T14	Pozioma 4
110-0136471-0	Bialystock, Poland
SEA-DO		FEI# 3002948196

Frozen            Przedsiebiorstwo     		Procymidone     10/28/91
Raspberries       Zagraniczne
1753039 - SEA     Lublin, Poland

Frozen            Phz Polcoop          		Dichlofluanid   2/6/90
Strawberries      Warszawa, Poland
1668945 - BLT

Frozen            Prazedsiebiorstwo    		Dichlofluanid   9/23/91
Strawberries      Przemyslo Chlodniczego
1820756 - BOS     UL. Mieszka, Poland

Frozen Stawberries	Sweetpol			Dichlofluanid	5/20/02
20A[]D14/20A[]T14		Przedsiebiorstwo
EE1-0012317-7		Zagraniczne Ostrow 402
171680 - SEA-DO		Przemysl, Poland
FEI #3003596823

Frozen, Strawberries 	Unifreeze Sp. Z.o.o.	Procymidone		10/8/02
20A[]D14/20A[]T14		87-320 Miesiaczkowo	Tolyfluanid		12/23/02
EU7-2202281-8		Gorzno, Poland
110-0136084-1		FEI #3003750330
195673 - SEA-DO
198174 - SEA-DO

Frozen Strawberries	Uren Coldstores Sp Z Oo	Procymidone	 4/11/02
20A[]D14/20A[]T14		Ul Melgiewska 2
718-160954-8		Lublin, Poland
167981 - SEA-DO		FEI #3001570656

Frozen Straw     	Ar-H Canpol         		Dichlofluanid   9/24/91
Strawberries     	Warsaw, Poland
1753020 - SEA

Strawberries, 	Kauko Metex Spzo.			Tolyfluanid,	2/14/03
  frozen		ul Sloneczna 35			Procymidone
20A[]D14/20A[]T14	Warsaw, Poland
110-0146341-3	FEI# 3003609288

Strawberries, 	Przedsieb Przemmyslu		Tolyfluanid,	1/29/03
  frozen		  Chlodniczgeo			pyrimethanil
20A[]D14/20A[]T14	Pozioma 4
110-0136471-0	Bialystock, Poland
SEA-DO		FEI# 3002948196

Gooseberries in	A-Grosik Przetworstwa		Difenoconazole	2/17/04
  Syrup		  Spozywcze I Handel
20E[][]08/		Ul. Piwna 51/53
20E[][]16		Warzsaw, Poland
267-4389748-5	FEI# 3001812048

Peppers, 		P.P.H.U. "Roza" Spolka Z.O.O.	Procymidone		2/17/04
  marinated		Nasiegniewo 40
24F[]P04		Fabianki, Poland
267-4389606-5	FEI# 3004293222

Raspberry juice	SVZ Poland Sp. z.o.o.		Pyrimethanil	2/17/04
  concentrate	Ul Lwowska 128
20D[][]13/		Lubelski
20F[][]13/		Tomaszow (Mazowiecki), Poland
30A[][]01/		FEI# 3003416823


Date paste		Saudi Date Factory		Ethion		11/1/04
21H[][]05		King Fahad St.
300603   DET-DO	Buraydah, Saudi Arabia
FEI# 3004817674

Date Paste		The National Factory		Diazinon		3/16/04
21H- - 05		For Dates Packing
016-1072193-6	P.O. Box 1458
262576		Medina Munawara,
DET-DO		Saudi Arabia
FEI# 1000398370

Dates, whole	Saudi Date Factory		Bromopropylate	12/22/04
21G[]H05/		King Fahad Street
21G[]T05/		Buraydah, Saudi Arabia
21H[][]05 		FEI# 3004817674
305735   DET-DO

Dates, whole	The National Factory		Bromopropylate	11/23/04
21G[][]05/		  For Dates Packing
21H[][]05		P.O. Box 1458
299172   LOS-DO	Medina, Saudi Arabia
FEI# 1000398370

Pine Nut		Ayaz Trading Establish-	BHC			7/8/94
 Kernels		 ment
1827705 - NYK	P.O. Box 18596 Jeddah 21425
Saudi Arabia

Yellow Chick	Ayaz Trading Establish-	Chlorpyrifos	7/18/94
 Peas			ment
1827704 - NYK	P.O. Box 18596
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia



Apple, Milk		Ruey Yann Enterprises	Monocrotphos	5/19/98
Frozen Sweet	Pte Ltd.
20NFD01		Block 5, No. 74
442-1479619-3	Pandan Loop
I160530 - LOS	Singapore 0512
FEI# 1000615134

Cashews        	Mountamount (Singapore)  BHC            11/14/94
1968305 - BLT   	Pte Ltd.
               	1 North Bridge Road
               	#07-07 High Street Centre
               	MID# SGMOUSIN0707SIN
               	(Also see India)



Baby cereal, mix,	Tiger Food Brands Ltd.		Fenitrothion	5/23/05
  w/strawberries	3 Bayete Road, Maitland
40B[][]20		Capetown, South Africa
322227   DET-DO	FEI# 3004299724

Tiger Food Brands Ltd.
54 Oxford Street, Oxford Gate
Durbanville, South Africa
FEI# 3003346630

Baby cereal,	Tiger Food Brands Ltd.		Fenitrothion	5/23/05
  wheat, with	3 Bayete Road, Maitland
  bananas		Capetown, South Africa
40B[][]06		FEI# 3004299724
322395   DET-DO
Tiger Food Brands Ltd.
54 Oxford Street, Oxford Gate
Durbanville, South Africa
FEI# 3003346630

Loganberries	Langeberg Foods Limited	Endosulfan	2/10/94
(Frozen)		1055 Oakdale 7534
718-4040116-	Belville 7530 South Africa
1/1/1 (I100952)



Beans, white	Hdos. De Pepe El Bueno S.L.	Procymidone		6/13/03
 "Faba Asturiana"	Carr. General No. 18
24B[][]05/07	Asturias, Spain
24B[][]10/99	FEI# 3003971233

Pimientos         Angel Camacho, S.A.     Procymidone     		7/22/93
1966715 - BLT     Moron-Sevilla, Spain
                 	MID# ESANGCAMMOR

Peach, juice	Eckes Granimi Iberica	Procymidone			6/16/04
21K- - 13		Traveserra de Gracia
NB2-0003532-8	73 79 3-1
273597		Barcelona, Spain
SJN-DO		FEI# 3004040569

Peppers Red	Ramon Guillen e Hijos		Procymidone			1/14/99
(Roasted)		C Coya s/n Apartado 129
H41-2079619-2	30609 La Algaida
I 198509/39402	Archena (Murcia), Spain
24F[]E08 - SEA	FEI# 1000176946

Peppers, sweet	Vecomar Alimentacion S.L.	Methiocarb		10/16/03
  (Pimentos)	Pol. Ind. San Jorge
24F[]E07/24F[]I07	Las Torres De Cotilla, Spain
N35-0184951-6	FEI# 3003865148

COUNTRY:          Sri Lanka


Gotu Kola 		Mega Trends, 		profenofos		11/20/07
54F[][]13		53, Bellers Lane
436721 SWID		Columbo, Sri Lanka
			FEI # 1000431940



Frozen Black      Polarica                Acephate        		5/17/90
Currants          Harparanda, Sweden      Methamidophos
1745271 - SAN


Apricot paste	Durra Food Products Co.		Parathion		3/18/05
21G[]H01/		Abdel Mouniam Street
21H[][]01		Damascus, Syria
304681   DET-DO	FEI# 3004892059

Orange jam,		Sham Gardens for Food		Bromopropylate	10/4/2006
  Bitter		  Products
20J[][]06		Deer Asafer, Pzaneh Road
DET-DO   389333	P.O. Box 50, Orbin
			Damascus, Syria
			FEI# 3004342265



Fzn Green		Tai Mei Food Ind. Corp.	Methamidophos  		11/8/93
 Beans		No. 43 Hwa-Chang 1st Rd.
3011181 - LOS	Kaohsing, Taiwan

Chinese Green     Chen Shin Food          EPN             		4/6/93
Cabbage           Factory Co., Ltd
(canned)          New Po Li, Chang,
1909871 - SAN     Taiwan

Dehydrated 		Feng Lee Foods Corp.	Chlorpyrifos		10/22/93
Celery		103 Ping Yuan Li
3010465 - LOS	Tunghsiao Miaoli, Taiwan

Chive Flakes	Feng Lee Food Corp.	Methamidophos		4/8/99
906-1133784-2	6F, 664 Chung-Cheng Rd
46604 - LOS		Sihlin, Taipei, Taiwan
25JHH03		FEI# 1000227106

Fzn Chinese Pea   Dragon Gate Food, Corp  Monocrotophos
Pods              Taipei, Taiwan          Methamidophos
Ep. 830822-SEA

Fzn Chinese Pea   Packer: Tai Yang Fzn Food Methamidophos     	5/21/90
Pods                      Industrial Co.     Acephate
832126 - SEA      Shipper: Minnex Frozen
                           Products Corp.
                           King Shan Farms Div.
                           Taipei, Taiwan

Fzn Chinese Pea   Asia Frozen Food Corp.       Methamidophos   	5/29/90
Pods              Tainan, Taiwan
1625029 - SAN
Fzn Chinese Pea   Tai Mei Industries Corp.     Methamidophos   	11/13/90
Pods              Ta Liao Tsun, Taiwan
DI 91-616-427-LOS

Fzn Chinese Pea   Taimei Food Industrial       Methamidophos   	3/24/92
Pods              Kaoshiung, Taiwan
1793834 - ORL

Frozen Lychee     Preamax Trading Co. Ltd.     Parathion       9/13/91
1792079 - ORL     Taipai, Taiwan

Ginseng powder	Bing Han Pharmaceutical		Quintozene,		12/4/2007
54F[][]12		  Factory Co., Ltd.		pentachloroaniline
444064   SEA-DO	81 Cheung Kung St.,
			Kuan-Tyen Hsiang
			Tainan Hsien, Taiwan
			FEI#	3004347309

Milkfish		Bai Xian Wu Enterprise Co., Ltd.	Prometryn	4/6/06
16A[][]53		32 Feng Yu 3rd, Chian Jen Chiu
364132 LOS		Kaohsiung
			Taiwan Republic of China
			FEI# 3005037091

Cnd Mustard       Wei Chuan Food Corp.         Methamidophos   11/20/91
 Greens           Taipei, Taiwan               Triazophos
1719238 - DAL

Fzn Soybean       Taisei Corp.                 Ethion          6/20/91
in Pod            Taipei, Taiwan

Cnd Straw         King Hong Canned Food Co. 	Chlorpyrifos   12/21/90
Mushrooms         (FCE #05940)
(broken)          *Rollin Ensured Business Ltd*
1836130 - SAN     Taipei, Taiwan
                  (*Same FCE numbers)

Cnd Straw         King Hong Canned Food Co.    Chlorpyrifos    8/19/91
Mushrooms         Yuan Lin ChangHua, Taiwan
1774511 - SEA     (FCE #05940)

Cnd Straw         Chiu Cheng Food Factory      Chlorpyrifos    4/2/91
Mushrooms         Changhua, Taiwan
(Whole Peeled)
1837710 - SAN     (FCE #07498)

Cnd Straw         Chi Hsing Products Co.       Chlorpyrifos    9/24/91
Mushrooms         Pih Tou, ChangHua, Taiwan
1753321 - SEA     (FCE #06928)

Cnd Straw         Hon Shin Food Factory Co. Ltd. Chlorpyrifos    10/4/91
Mushrooms         30, Lane 1, Sec. 2, Yuan Shui
(Broken in water) Box 3778
Rolin Brand		Chang-Hwa Yuan-Lin, Taiwan
1838168 - SAN	(FCE #05204) FEI #14571

Frozen            Tienma Enterprise Corp.      Methamidophos   8/19/93
Soybeans          Kaohsing, Taiwan
1940720 - SAN     MID # TWTIEENTKAO

IQF Fzn. Whole Milkfish		Fu-Ming International Fenitrothion	9/17/01
16A[][]53, 906-0306711-8	Enterprises, Ltd.
FACTS #142784			No. 51, 147 Lane 1-Yung Rd
					Ling-Ya District, Kaohsiung
					FEI #3001588895

Soybean (Frz)  	Dragon Foods Corp.           Methamidophos  10/28/97
DI 97068006    	1-15 Da Ho Road
LOS-DO         	Ping Tung Hsien, Taiwan
02A[][]10      	FEI# 12973

Soybean w/Pod	Chen Hsiang Foods Ind. Co.	Methamidophos  8/19/98
(Frozen)		508 Chungshan 2 Road
280-9801029-2	Kaohsiung, Taiwan
I 178309 B SAN	FEI# 3001724745

Spinach Powder	Shipper: Tianjin 	 		Methamidophos    6/6/2000
(Dried)		Machinery Equipment Imp & Exp
XXX-002539-4	3 La Sa Road He Ping District
I247224/82264	Tianjin, China
24U[]H25 - CHI	FEI# 1000254482

Grower: Howenia Ente Co.
15 s F-3 Lane
360 Neihu Road District
Taipei, Taiwan



Betel Leaves,	Ever Top International		Tetradifon		4/19/05
 Dried		  Co Ltd.
28A[][]99		26 15 Moo 12 Nongkhaem
25L[][]03		Nongkhaem, Bangkok 10160
321150 LOS-DO	Thailand
			FEI# 3004259250

Black Eye Beans   T.A.S. Trading (label)       DDT             	5/22/91
1752852 - SEA     TenTip Co. (shipper)
                  Bangkok, Thailand

Cantaloupe, 	Great Food (Dehydration)	Procymidone		9/4/2007
 dried		  Co., Ltd.
22A[]H01/		49/6 Moo 7 Tambon Tasai
22B[][]01		Setakit Road, Muang
432560   SEA-DO	Samut Sakhon, Thailand
			FEI# 3004274234

Cantaloupe,		OFFICE ADDRESS:			Procymidone		10/10/07
 dried		Great Food (Dehydration)
22A[]H01/		  Co., Ltd.
22B[][]01		1158/64 Rama IV Road, 22nd Floor
			Lumpini Office Bldg., Thungmahamek
			Bangkok, Thailand
			FEI# 1000365631

Dried Whole       Jack Hua Co. Ltd.            Profenophos     	7/1/92
Chili             1731/4-5 Near Watsuthi
1804493 - SAN     Yannawa, Bangkok,Thailand

Durian, Frozen	Solana Company, Ltd.		Procymidone		5/30/01
906-0305323-3	273 Soi 53 Rama 3 Road
131461/21S[]D21	Yannawa, Bangkok, Thailand
SEA-DO		FEI# 3001739058

Marigold 		Siagra Company, Limited		Biphenyl		4/24/2000
Pellets (Dried)	89 Moo 4 Lamphun,			(CFSAN)
228-4913821-3	Lampang Rd
71Y[]Y99-SWID	Muang Lamphun, Thailand
`	FEI 3000086078

Red Chili		Green Giant Co. Ltd.		Profenofos		6/4/99
(Pickled)		248 Jaransanitwong 45
WDA-0011527-4	   Arunamirin
28A[]P08 - LOS	Bangkok, Thailand
FEI# 3001048979

Durian, Frozen	Boonmee International Co.  	Procymidone		9/27/2000
144-0126693-9	600/775 Moo 14, T. Kuxot
105438 - BUF	A.Lamkookka
21S][D21		Pathumtani 12130, Thailand
FEI# 3001916127

Durian Fruit	Bophit Development Ltd.		Procymidone		7/14/95
(Frozen)		 Partnership
3036225 - SAN	79-81 Thanurat Road
Vorarat Arcade
Vanawa, Bangkok, Thailand

Frozen Durian     Rayong Coldstorage Co.       	Methamidophos   	9/8/93
1898682 - SEA     Thailand

Durian Fruit   	Sun Shine International  	Procymidone    	9/18/95
3036403 - SAN   	Co. Ltd
               	43/20 Lumloogga Road
               	Tambol Kukod
               	Ampur Lumloogga
               	Pathumthani, Thailand  12130
               	MID# THSUNSHI4320PAT
               	FEI# 1000409461

Durian, Frz    	First World Import &     	Methamidophos  	8/7/96
I107136         	Export Co. Ltd
(CE NI6-       	369/6 Soi Wat Poman
0161209-9) -   	Sathurpradit Road
Seattle        	Yannawa, Bangkok, Thailand
               	FEI# 9247
               	MID# THFIRWOR3695BAN

Grapes, pickled	Green Giant Ltd.			Methyl parathion	3/8/04
20A[]E09/20A[]I09	19/7 Moo 15, Tapa
ANA-0004147-2	Tatchaburi, Thailand
SWID			FEI# 3003564189

Grapes		Green Giant Ltd Partnership	Cypermethrin	8/30/99
(Pickled Young)	1314/24 Dinklao Nakarncharisi
277-0092150-8	Bangkok, Thailand
58281 - LOS		FEI# 1000177360

Pickled Young	Green Giant Ltd. 			Monocrotophos	2/1/01
EK8-0504463-4	1714/24 Pinklao-
21S[][]99-LOS	Nakornchaisri Road
20E[][]09		Bangbumru, Bangkoknoi
20C[][]09		Bangkok, Thailand 10700
FEI# 1000177360

Longan, frozen	Cititex Enterprises		Cypermethrin	11/14/06
21S[]D18		  Co., Ltd.
21S[]T18		40/29 Moo 5
393052 SEA-DO	  Karnchanapisek Road
			Bangbon, Bangkok
			FEI# 3004306362

Longan, frozen	Tanaya International Co., 	Chlorpyrifos	6/29/05
  (Long Goon)	  Ltd.
21S[]D18/21S[]T18	273 Rama 3, Soi 53 Rd.		Cypermethrin	8/4/05
21S[]D99/21S[]T99	Yannawa
335138   SEA-DO	Bangkok, Thailand
FEI# 3004259245

Longan, frozen		Thai Agri Foods		Methamidophos	3/4/02
160579 - SEA-DO	 	 Public Co., Ltd.
N16-1007516-3/1/1		155/1 Moo 1, Theparak Rd.
21S[]D18/21S[]T18		Bangsothong, Thailand
FEI# 3002809249

Longan, frozen	Solana Comp. Ltd.			Metalaxyl,		2/11/03
21S[]D18/21S[]T18	273 Soi 53 Rama 3 Rd.		cypermethrins,
224-4202206-1	Yannawa				methyl parathion
SEA-DO		Bangkok, Thailand
FEI# 3001739058

Lotus leaf,		F.A.I.T. Corporation, Ltd.	Chlorfenvinphos	7/28/04
  Dried		99/222-224 Nontxi Road		Endosulfan S04	5/3/05
24T[]H99/		Sathupradi
24U[][]99		Bangkoko, Thailand
264719 - LOS-DO	FEI #1000256524

Lychee, frozen	Solana Comp. Ltd.			Chlorpyriphos,	2/13/03
21S[]D19/21S[]T19	273 Soi 53 Rama 3 Rd.		dimethoate
224-4202206-1	Yannawa
SEA-DO		Bangkok, Thailand
FEI# 3001739058

Mango, dried	Vita Dehydrate Co., Ltd.	Endosulfan I	3/1/04
21S[]H05/		52 Moo 7 Tambol
21T[][]05		Saentor, Tamaka
928-0034785-5	Kanchanaburi, Thailand
SEA-DO		FEI# 3004268188

Mud fish, frozen	Sethacon Company, Ltd.		Dichlorvos		11/22/2005
16A[]B64/		225 Moo 12 Teparak Rd.
16A[]C64/		Bangna-Trad, Km. 13 Bangpli
16A[]D64/		Samunprakarn, Thailand
16A[]T64		FEI# 1000324312
343398   SAN-DO

Mustard Greens 	T.A.S. Food Products     	Methamidophos  	7/16/96
(Pickled)       	Co. Ltd.
3059226 - ATL  	50/1 Moo No. 12
24T[][]20      	Budhamonthol 5 Road
               	Sampran, Nakornpathom, Thailand
               	FEI# 8749
               	MID# THTASFOO12SAM

Sour Mustard   	Thai World Import Export 	Methamidophos  	12/13/94
1922332 - DAL  	1004/38-39 Rachadapisek Rd
               	Bangkok, Thailand
               	MID# THTHAWOR1004BAN

Sour Mustard &	V R Foods Co., Ltd.		Profenofos		5/15/2007
 Sour Mustard	39/94 Moo 2 Tumbol Bangkhajau
 with Chili		Amphur Muang Samutsakorn
24T[][]20		Samutsakorn, Thailand 74000
419533 &		FEI# 3002818315
419534 - SEA-DO

Tom Yum Paste,	Pantainorasingh Manufacturer	Ethion		10/12/01
Instant 		920/33 35 Ekachai Road
(Sour Soup)		Samutsakorn 74000, Thailand
F23-0704095-6	FEI# 11133


Apricots, dried	Akbas Gida Sanayi Ve Dis	Methyl parathion	6/15/2006
21G[]H01/		  Ticaret AS (Akbas Export)
21H[][]01		Organize Sanayi Bolgasi 4 Caddesi
378352   DET-DO	Malatya, Turkey
			FEI# 1000498318

Cherries, frozen	Eskisehir Plant			Hexaconazole	11/22/2005
21G[]D03/21G[]T03	Bursa Yolu 7 Km.
352595   SEA-DO	Eskisehir, Turkey
FEI# 2000000101

SHIPPER:	Sanex Dried Figs Processing & Trading Inc.
Gazi Bulvari No. 87/308
Izmir, Turkey
FEI# 3000970511

Cherries, Sour	Malatya Kayish Pazari		Fenitrothion	5/6/99
(Dried)		Malatya Apricot Market
AW5-0008719-8	Adnan Guttekin
53002 - LOS	Gazi	Osmanpasa Cad. No. 64/2
21H[]T03		Camidibi, Izmir, Turkey  35090
FEI# 3002668461

Pickled 		Seleuk Gida End. A.S.		Profenofos		2/28/94
Peppers		9A/2 35210
062-2042191-8	Izmir, Turkey
(I100966) - SEA

Raisins		Gida Maddeleteri			Brompropylate	6/21/95
211-0553921-3	 Ithalat-Ihracat
001/002-I104234	San Vetic Ltd. STI
Izmir, Turkey

Raisins        	Sanayi Ve Ticaret SA     	Brompropylate   	10/18/94
211-0458162-0  	Osman Akca Tarim
(I102324)-SEA   	Urunleri Ithalat-
               	Izmir, Turkey
               	MID# TRSANVEIZM

Raisins        	Ram Dis Ticaret A.S.     	Methamidophos  	7/18/96
 (Sultanas)    	Buyukdere Caddesi No. 101
20A[][]10/     	Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul, Turkey
20B[]H10       	MID# TRRAMDIS101IST
2016457 -      	FEI# 1000211396

Raisins        	Serdar Ihracat Tarim		Methamidophos     9/13/96
 (Sultanas)    	P.O. Box 26
20A[][]10/     	Izmir, Turkey
20B[]H10       	MID# TRSERIHR126IZM
2016458 -      	FEI# 1000162058

Raisins        	Beta Gida Foods          	Methamidophos  	1/27/97
 (Sultanas)    	71 Alba Han Kat 6
20A[][]10/     	Istanbul, Turkey
20B[]H10       	FEI# 1000451705
929505 -       	MID# TRBETGID71IST

Tomato paste	Manisa Gida Konservecilik	Bromopropylate	3/22/04
24H[][]50		Karaagacli 45080
101-6507978-0	Manisa, Turkey
SWID			FEI# 3004030054

Tomatoes,		A.V.O.D. Kurutulmus Gida	Bromopropylate	6/22/06
  sun dried		Ve Tarim Urunleri San. Ve
segments  		Tic. Ltd.
24F[]T50		1483 Sokak, No. 51-53
24F[]H50		Doganlar, Bornova
24H[][]50		Izmir, Turkey
375258		FEI# 3004332803


Basmati Rice	Pure Foods Ltd.			Chlorpyrifos	4/19/05
02D[][]07		PO Box No.16872
31879 LOS-DO	Jebel All Free Zone
United Arab Emirates
FEI# 3001248907

Dates, ground	Naseem Al Barari L.L.C.		Bromopropylate	12/8/04
  (paste)		Al Maktoum Street
21G[]H05/		4th Floor, Al Dana Certre,
21G[]T05/		Suite 403-404
21H[][]05		Dubai, United Arab Emitates
304809   DET-DO	FEI# 3004693339



Bajri Flour		F.G.S. Mills Kishan	BHC			2/1/94
1808256 - NYK	 House
24-44 Burfield Street
Leicester, U.K. LE4 6AL

Dehydrated        ECO Dehydrates &        Dicofol      	9/12/91
Spinach Powder     Essential Oils
1760273 - CIN     Lincolnshire, England



Ginseng		Prince of Peace 			Chlorpyrifos	3/14/07
54F[][]12		Enterprises, Inc.
405271 - LOS-DO	3536 Arden Road
			United States
			FEI# 	3004259482


			China National Pharmaceutical
			Foreign Trade Corp.
			No. 20 Zhinchun Road
			Haldian District
			FEI# 	3004277993


Kava, peeled	Laurata Kava Growers Assoc.	Biphenyl		11/5/2007
54F[][]52		PO Box 1472
435950   SEA-DO	South Santo, Vanuatu
			FEI# 3006296145



Chili Pepper	Phu Thuan Company (PT Co)Permethrin		4/6/06
  Frozen		146 No Trang Long St
24F[]D08		Binh Thanh District
24F[]T08		Ho Chi Minh City
28A[]D08		Vietnam
28A[]T08		FEI# 3005191200
364440 LOS

Corn 			Gia Minh Co. Ltd.			DDT		   8/26/99
(Dried broken)	4a Pham Van Hai Binh Chanh
HK1-0100353-9	Ho Chi Minh City,  Vietnam
62432			FEI# 3001708316
24B[]T60 - LOS

Ginseng tablets	Research Center of Ginseng &	Procymidone, 	7/5/2006
  (pastilles)	  Medicinal Materials		pentachloroaniline
54F[][]12		41 Dinh Tien Hoang Street
375742   SEA-DO	Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
			FEI# 3005715901

Longan, Frzn   	Tramatsuco              Monocrotophos  	3/25/97
Pitted Fruit   	8 Tran Hung Dao Street *Methamidophos 	4/23/97*
3090105 - SAN  	Vung Tau City, Vietnam
21S[][]18      	FEI# 1000426463

Longan, Frozen	Special Aquatic (Sea) 	Monocrotophos	7/8/99
EK8-0502590-6	Products Imports & Exports
55442-LOS		213 Hoa Binh Street
21S[]D18		Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
FEI# 3000324883

Maize Ear Corn	Seaprodex Quang Tri 	DDT			2/17/2000
HK1-01040332-9	Hochiminh City Branch
80341 - LOS	82 	Nuguyen Bieu St.
24B[][]60		District 5
Hochiminh City, Vietnam
FEI# 3002862300

Okra, Frozen	Cantho Animal Fishery		Dimethoate	10/30/2000
WRI-00238589-8	 Products Processing Exp	Omethoate
24F[]T02 - LOS	Km 2081, National Road No. 1
102513		Cantho, Chauthanh, Vietnam
FEI# 1000372722

Frozen Soursop		My Thanh Co. Ltd.	 	Difenoconazole	3/21/02
/22G[][]04			B1/16a Quoc Lo,
MA7-0300942-7/025/001	Binh Chanh District
FACTS: 161168		Hochiminh City, Vietnam
FEI #3001224437

Green Soybeans	Cantho Animal Fishery		Methamidophos	3/20/01
(Frozen)	 	Products Processing Exp.
WRI-00238589-8	Km 2081, National Road No. 1
24A[]T13		Cantho, Chauthanh, Vietnam
102512		FEI# 1000372722

Green Soybeans	Cantho Animal Fishery		Cypermethrin	5/30/01
(Frozen)		 Products Processing Exp.
(aka Edamane)	Km 2081 National Road, No. 1
WRI-0023859-8	Cantho, Chauthanh, Vietnam
102512-LOS		FEI# 1000372722

Longan, frozen		My Thanh Co. Ltd. 	Cypermethrin	4/12/02
21S[]D18			B1/16a Quoc Lo,
MA7-0300942-7		Binh Chanh District
161036 - SEA-DO		Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
FEI# 3001224437

Soursop		My Thanh Co., Ltd.		Chlorpyrifos	8/15/07
(Custard Apple)	B1/16A, 1 Highway
22G[][]04		2 Hamlets
430383 SEA-DO	Tan Kien Village
			Binh Chanh Dist.
			Ho Chi Minh City
			FEI# 3004284656

Star Apple     		Investment Development  Monocrotophos  	4/14/98
(Frozen)       		Tourism Science Technique
880-0017550-0  		7476 Nguyen Cong Tev St
I159250 - LOS  		Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
20N[][]01      		FEI# 3000992600



4-Berry Mix, 	Arilje Svetolika Lazarevica	Methamidophos	3/15/04
  frozen		Main Street
21A[]D03		Gora, Yugoslavia
112-4216332-6	FEI# 3004146233

Blackberries	Jive Finance Establish		Procymidone		11/22/96
(frozen)		  ment
3081461 - DAL	UL Lamartinova 18
20AGA01		Beograd 11000, Yugoslavia
FEI #1000577407

Raspberries, 	Tamiska D.O.O.			Procymidone		11/23/04
  frozen		Skadarska bb
20A[]D12/20A[]T12	Panoevo, Yugoslavia
20A[]D13/20A[]T13	FEI# 3004802513
302782   LOS-DO