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9/12/2006 8:21:00 AM
RAW Report
Raw Emotion
by Myke Hinkley

Trish Delivers in Her Final Match on RAW from MSG!

It's been a heck of a party, and in six days, it'll be over.

With her WWE Women's Title Match at Unforgiven and the end of her WWE career a mere six days away, Trish took to the ring at Madison Square Garden in the heart of New York City, making her final appearance on RAW. Her opponent on this night was a young lady Trish has battled many times in recent months, Mickie James, but although Trish would emerge triumphant on this night, the respect between the two was irrefusable. After Trish took care of business in the ring following an unwelcome cameo from Lita, she took care of some unfinished business with the fans, leaving the fans with a simple message and a whole lot of love...


Trish, sporting some high-tech finery in the form of a scrolling electronic belt buckle that read "100% Stratusfaction", circled the ring with Mickie before locking up collar-and-elbow then after Mickie applied an armwringer, Trish rolled through the pressure and took Mickie to the mat with a back heel trip. Mickie bridged out and scored a nearfall with an Oklahoma Roll, garnering a smirk from Trish, who promptly regrouped and applied a side headlock. Mickie sent Trish into the ropes with an Irish Whip but although Mickie avoided an incoming Trish once with a leapfrog, Trish scored moments later with Air Canada. Trish rained down on Mickie with piston-like right hands then the sultry blonde hailing from Toronto sent Mickie into the corner with an Irish Whip.

Mickie blasted Trish with a back elbow as she charged in but Trish caught Mickie going upstairs, priming her for the StratusFear. Mickie had the maneuver scouted well, though, shoving Trish off and then as Trish moved back in, Mickie secured a headlock with her legs and took Trish over with a modified hurancanrana. The ladies then seemed to get one the same wavelength as they darted towards one another and each Diva connected with a hard clothesline, sending one another to the canvas following the impact.

Mickie got back to a vertical base first and drilled Trish with a low dropkick before deciding to go airborne once again but Trish caught her one-time protégé on the top rope and her second effort at the StratusFear proved more successful than the first. Trish and Mickie traded heavy forearm shots before Trish buried a boot into Mickie's midsection to set up the MaTrish Revolutions headscissor. Trish then sized Mickie up for a Chick Kick but Mickie ducked under the blow and scored with a rollup to earn a nearfall. However, Trish quickly turned the tide back in her favor as she scored with another kick to Mickie's gut and at that point, Trish looked ready to deliver a little Stratusfaction.

Lita looked to put a damper on Trish's plans, though, as she bolted to the ring and hopped up on the apron and the diversion gave Mickie the opportunity to counter and set Trish up for the Mickie-DT. However, Trish showed her resolve as she countered and after using Lita as a springboard instead of the ropes, Trish delivered Stratusfaction for the last time on a Monday night. Trish rolled Mickie over and three seconds later, the former six-time WWE Women's Champion had secured a win and some serious momentum heading into her hometown and her final match at Unforgiven. Mickie and Trish, who had been the best of friends and the worst of enemies, shared a handshake and an embrace at center ring and Trish took to the mic as Mickie took her leave, delivering a very simple but very heartfelt message to her legions of fans with a tear in her eye...

"Thank you guys for… thank you for coming on this amazing, awesome ride. Thank you."

No, Trish. Thank you. From all of us, straight from the heart, thank you.

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