Arise O God, Let Thine Enemies Be Scattered!



Traditional Catholic


“Arise O God,
Let Thine Enemies Be Scattered!”
















Papal Heresy

Sedevacantism Reconsidered
Paul IV: Sedevacantism

101 Heresies of Benedict XVI
101 Heresies of John Paul II
John Paul II: Universal Salvation

John Paul II: God Started the Various Religions to Save People In
The Church Condemned Pope Honorius I as a Heretic and Excommunicated Him
Popes have taken Four Contrary Positions on the Fate of Unbaptized Infants
Popes For Slavery
Second Vatican Council was Not Infallible
Right and Duty to Resist a Pope

Texts Condemning Traditionalism

Could the Heresy of Various Popes Regarding Salvation Help Exonerate the Jansenists?

Dimond: The Great Western Schism (1378-1417)
Ibranyi: Bad Books on Salvation
Davies: Short History of the Roman Mass
Coomaraswamy: Problems with New Mass

Gregorian Chant MP3s


Augustine: Grace and Predestination

Augustine and Jansen on Free will and Necessity
Prof. Warfield: Augustine and the Pelagian Controversy

Augustine: Predestination of the Saints
Augustine: Gift of Perseverance
Augustine: The Original Grace of Adam and that Given through Christ
Fathers: God Does Not Want All to be Saved
Council of Carthage XVI
Pius XI: On Augustine
Augustine: Omnia Opera
Augustine: Anti-Pelagian Writings
Augustine: Predestination to Simplician
Augustine: Predestination to St. Sixtus
St. Prosper of Aquitaine: Predestination to Rufinus
Original Sin Stated Contrary to Contemporary Pelagianism
Unbaptised Infants Suffer Fire and Limbo is a Heretical Pelagian Fable
The Invincibly Ignorant are Damned at least for the Guilt of Original Sin
Augustine on Predestination and the Church


Aquinas: Grace and Predestination

Aquinas: Predestination
Aquinas: Providence
Aquinas: Whether the Foreknowledge of Merits is the Cause of Predestination or Reprobation or Election?
Does God Want All to be Saved?
Aquinas on Predestination and Invincible Ignorance
Aquinas on the Extreme Fewness of the Saved
Malone: Fathers and Saints on the Fewness of the Saved
Garrigou-Lagrange: Grace
Garrigou-Lagrange: Providence
Garrigou-Lagrange: Reality


Poetry and Prose of Leonard Feeney

In Towns and Little Towns
Riddle and Reverie
Fish on Friday
Song for a Listener
The Ark and the Alphabet
You’d Better Come Quietly
Survival Till Seventeen
Omnibus: Prose and Verse
Your Second Childhood
London is a Place


Benedict XVI is an Antipope! Sede Vacante! The Seat of Peter is Vacant!



Jansen: Augustinus
Gale: True Idea of Jansenisme, Both Historick and Dogmatick
Unbaptised Infants Suffer Fire and Limbo is a Heretical Pelagian Fable
MP3: Gallican Chant
Sacramental Penance in the Early Church
Prof. Kolakowsky: How to Avail Oneself of the Heavenly Bread
Whether Fear of Hell Suffices for Valid Absolution or Love of God is Required
Jansenists and Jesuits on “No Salvation Outside the Church”
Prof. Kremer: Grace and Free Will in Arnauld
Dr. Radner: Historical Character of Grace
Prof. Kreiser: Jansenist Miracles: From the Holy Thorn to the Origins of the Cult to François de Pâris
Owen: The Convulsionists of Saint-Medard
Bocxe: Teaching of the Italian Augustinians on Actual Grace
Texts Condemning Jansenism
Texts Condemning Jesuits
Pascal: Writings on Grace
Pascal: Provincial Letters
Pascal: Pensées
Pascal: Comparison of Early Christians with Those of Today
Pascal: Letters and Minor Works
Quesnel: Moral Reflections on the Gospels
Ricossa: The Liturgical Reforms of the Jansenists and of Pius XII, John XXIII and Paul VI Compared
Neale: History of the So-called Jansenist Church of Holland
Prof. Kilcullen: Arnauld on Freewill and Necessity
Prof. Kilcullen: Arnauld against Philosophic Sin
Prof. McDade: Divine Disclosure and Concealment in Bach, Pascal and Levinas
Quesnel and the Jansenists
St. Leonard of Port-Maurice: Fewness of Catholics Who are Saved
Pereni: Bibliographia Augustiniana
Akin: Tiptoe Through TULIP
Ibranyi: Damned Infants


Universalism and Ecumenism

Universal Salvation and the Roman Catholic Church
John Paul II: Universal Salvation
John Paul II: God Started the Various Religions to Save People In
Bible: Universal Salvation
St. Therese: Universal Salvation 
Padre Pio on Salvation Outside the Church
Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor: Universal Salvation
Balthasar on Hope, Heaven and Hell
Personal Reflections on Universal Salvation
St. Clement of Alexandria and Apokatastasis
Origen and Apokatastasis
St. Gregory Of Nyssa and Apokatastasis
Evagrius Ponticus and Apokatastasis
Eschatology and Final Restoration in Origen, St. Gregory of Nyssa and St. Maximos the Confessor



Church and the Jews

Feeney: The Point
Feeney: Freemasonry in the Life and Times of Pope Pius IX
Feeney: Designs of the Jews on Art and Architecture
Goldstein: Boston’s Catholics and Jews, 1929-1965
Benedict XIV: Jewish Ritual Murder
Leese: Catholic Church and Jewish Ritual Murder
Civilta Cattolica: Jewish Ritual Murder
Civilta Cattolica: Jewish Question in Europe
Catholic Gazette: Jewish Peril: 1, 2
Photos: Catholic Support for Nazism
Concordat Between the Holy See and the Third Reich
Vatican II: Nostra Aetate
Popes Against the Jews
Malone: The Once Chosen People are Now the Accursed Race
Pranaitis: Talmud Unmasked
Pinay: The Plot Against the Church
John Paul II was a Jewish Antipope / 2 / 3
Dimond: Paul VI was Satanic Jewish Infiltrator
Dimond: John XXIII Was a Jewish Infiltrator Compton: John XXIII Was a Freemason
SPLC: SSPX Anti-Semitic
SPLC: Traditionalist Catholics are Biggest Anti-Semite Group in US
Bishop Williamson SSPX and the Jews
Dimond: Jewish Power and Control Watch
Audio: Ibranyi: Jewish Conspiracy / 2 / 3 / 4
Droleskey: Hating Without Distinction / 2
Cain: The Real Hate Mongers
Holy War
Maurice Pinay Blog
Catholic Voice
Ibranyi: The Jews
Ibranyi: Sin, Guilt and the Passion of Christ
CFN: Why ADL Supports Pro-Gay “Hate Crimes” Legislation
Roddy: How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking
Omni Christian Book Club
Pharsea: Supposed Perfidy of the Jews


No Salvation Outside Church

Outside the Catholic Church, There is No Salvation, Part I
The Eastern Schismatics are All Damned
Outside the Catholic Church, There is No Salvation, Part II

Nineteen-Fifties-ism of Archbishop Lefebvre
St. Cyprian: Unity of the Catholic Church
Boniface VIII: Unam Sanctam
Paul III: Reprobation of the Invincibly Ignorant
Leo XIII: Reprobation of the Invincibly Ignorant
Muller: Catholic Dogma of No Salvation Outside the Church
Fenton: No Salvation Outside the Church
Karam: Reply to a Liberal
Feeney: Bread of Life
Sennott: Exonerating Pelagius
Vatican II: Lumen Gentium
Ibranyi: Final Position of St. Augustine on Baptism

Texts Condemning Feeneyism
Smiths: Life at St. Benedict Center
Father Feeney Online
Open Letter to Br. André: Baptism of Desire and the Council of Trent
Baptism of Desire in Traditional Catholic Writings
Baptism of Desire Essayed in View of the Extraordinary Magisterium
Saint Benedict Abbey