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The history of Amanda

Amanda, the Norwegian film and television award, was established in 1985, and since 2005 it has been a film award only. For the first twenty years, the award ceremony was – with the exception of the Nordic Amanda in 1993 – a co-operation between the Norwegian International Film Festival and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. This changed in 2006 when the Amanda show was produced by Nordisk Film AS and broadcasted on TV2.

The Amanda Award is a figurine designed by the sculptor Kristian Kvakland. The number of categories and prizes has varied from year to year.

Here you can download an overview of the Amanda Award winners from 1985 to 2006 .

Who was Amanda?
This lady has a clouded history. One version of her is sung about in "Amanda from Haugesund" – a woman " like a brig proud and voluptuous" who men have an eye for. The description of Amanda in this tune is probably tailored to the story that the song is built around. The real Amanda was a lone mother during the 1920s. She was a prominent figure in the town life and "reigned over" people large and small in her part of the city. Among other things, she allegedly made a living from selling liquor during the days of Prohibition to sailors of the fishing fleet while they were in port. But the history of the character remains unclear. Several women, in fact, might hide behind the lively Amanda figure.

The Amanda figurine
In 1985 the newspaper Haugesunds Avis announced a competition among Norwegian sculptors to make their version of Amanda. It was won by Kristian Kvakland from Nesodden. At the same time, the Norwegian International Film Festival and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation prepared a Norwegian film and television award, and asked the newspaper to put a miniature version of the sculpture (whose full-size version today stands in Haugesund) to the festival’s disposal. Amanda was definitely a great name for Norway’s version of the Oscar. Moreover, the name is international.

Such was the birth of the Amanda Award. This year, it is presented for the twenty-second time. The Amanda figurine weighs 2.5 kg (the first one in 1985 weighed in at 4.5 kg, however, and to be able to lift it in the air, the girls had to get assistance from Roger Moore). The figurine has a height of 30 cm and the diameter of her skirt is 14 cm.

  Amandastatuen i Haugesund

Amandavinnere 1985-2006

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