Below is a small collection of test patterns that you can use to setup your CRT projector. All images have been sized to 1024x768 pixels as this is the resolution that i am currently running with my Barco Data 800 projector. Check my Barco site for all kinds of other interesting Barco Data 800 related information and downloads.

If you wish to use these patterns to setup your CRT projector and dvd player, burn them as a SVCD using Nero Burning Rom or similar CDR burning program.

If you require all possible test patterns that exist on earth, checkout the Avia Home Theater or Video Essentials DVD and laserdisc series. And before i forget: In the download section of my Barco Data 800 website you will find some useful pattern generation software.

I noticed quite a few people deeplinking directly to these images in various forum sites that aren't even remotely Barco or video related. What *(#&*! moron links to my video patterns for his forum website background huh? gimme a break. I pay for this bandwidth ya cheap bastards :-)

-- Lynxxx

SMPTE 75 test pattern 1024x768

Color Bars 1024x768

Gamma Test Pattern 1024x768

100 IRE White test image 1024x768

Black test image 1024x768

Circles Aspect Ratio test image 1024x768

Blue test image 1024x768

Red test image 1024x768

Green test image 1024x768

Coarse Grid convergence test pattern 1024x768

Medium Grid convergence test pattern 1024x768

Fine Grid Convergence Test Pattern 1024x768

Pulse and Bar test pattern 1024x768

BBC test pattern video (.AVI) 640x360