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If You're Serious About Small Vintage Dolls, This book is a Must-Have:


1950's 9 & 10 Inch Dolls

Most 1950's Ginny-types are 7 1/2  to 8 or slightly over 8 inches tall. Most major companies also made a 9-inch and/or 10-inch model. 

A & H Marcie Daily Dolly

A&H made (or at least sold) a 9-inch doll similar to the Virga 9-inch doll.

This one was sold as "Rare Cosmopolitan Gigi"

I don't know if there ever really was such a doll. She looks much like the Fortune, PMA, and A&H 9-inch dolls

Fortune & Fab/Lustre Creme Starlet (made by Fortune)

PMA (Plastic Molded Arts)

made a doll that was was just like the Virga and Fortune dolls (Virga has C-hook, Fortune's has tube arm hook).

(marked Ideal on back)

Reliable (Canadian)

Roberta Walker

Virga 9-inch Fab Premium Doll
was 9-inch Lucy as Fab Detergent's Spokesdoll.

Virga 9-inch Lucy

(Note: The most common Virga Lucy is the 8-inch doll)

Virga Play-Pals 
Virga Doll Co Play-Pals Walking Doll 9 inches tall.jpg (33861 bytes)

Effanbee's Fluffy

This doll is all vinyl. She did originate in the mid-to-late 1950's, but mainly was a doll of the 1960's.

Deluxe Reading's Suzie Cute and Suzie Shopper

Ditto Effanbee

It's amazing how much difference an inch can make! The 9-inchers all have detailed feet and hands (no molded-on shoes!). Most of them are hip-pin walkers. The faces, in my opinion, tend not to be as cute as the smaller ones. The proportions are a little skewed - big eyes, tiny squished mouths, lumpy chins and cheeks. 

Okay, that's just my personal opinion. 

These are an important segment of the Ginny-type doll scene, and deserve their due.


10-Inch Dolls: Next in the size scale above the 9-inch dolls, were, you guessed it, the 10-inch dolls, which included Nancy Ann Debbie, the Arranbee Littlest Angels, etc. Many of these were true Ginny-types, with their chubby toddler bodies.
R&B (Arranbee) Littlest Angels

photo: Ebay listing

Karen the Answer doll (made by Block? anybody know?)

Block Answer Doll
Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls' Debbie

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